12 Days Of Christmas Table Decorations

12 Days Of Christmas Table Decorations – Today is day 10 of the Twelve Days of Christmas Decoration. Yesterday we discussed the importance of setting the mood for your party with songs that bring joy to the holiday season. Today we’ll talk about how to decorate your table so that the music and decor are consistent. Just like choosing music, choosing decor requires some thought. Here are some photos to help get your creative juices flowing.

1. Red Reindeer (Can I tell you I love you so much? They really unite Christmas and sophistication as one.)

12 Days Of Christmas Table Decorations

12 Days Of Christmas Table Decorations

Like a Christmas tree, stockings are a must. They help set the tone of the space and are the third most attractive thing kids want to touch (first would be the Christmas tree, then the presents, lol). The growth socks were one of my favorite things because you could customize them and make them very special. You can put your name, or just your favorite character, color or whatever. It was the article that said “Hello Santa, this is my stocking”. lol That said, I thought what better way to show you how versatile socks can be by offering up some awesome Pinterest finds that can be both DIY and store bought. Let’s take a look at them.

Gorgeous Christmas Table Decorations & Settings

H.D.I.Y Burlap Christmas Stocking (Red & White Accents) H.D.I.Y Burlap Christmas Stocking with Gold Accents

12 Days Of Christmas Table Decorations

One of my favorite things to decorate (besides the Christmas tree) is our fireplace. I love how you can bring the holiday scents right into your living room with an amazing Christmas tree and even prettier mantel decorations. In this post, I wanted to share some of my favorite ideas that I found on Pinterest. These ladies really nailed it and brought some key elements and ideas that bring the holiday spirit into their living rooms.

A. Candy Pane I love the simplicity of hanging candy canes because candy canes are a party staple and you can’t go wrong with them.

12 Days Of Christmas Table Decorations

Christmas Table Settings And Decor Ideas That Are Beautifully Festive

B.B.D.I.Y Christmas lantern I love the lantern with the berries and the candle inside because once again the lanterns call me coziness and play with the traditional colors of the holidays.

C.D.I.Y. Wreath Ornament I love fun and playing with the wreath. You can play with a multitude of colors or use just two or three. No matter the color choice, you can’t go wrong with embellishments.

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12 Days Of Christmas Table Decorations

DIY Sock Hangers Adding your special touch to the holidays with family photos is always a smart way to go. If they double as sock hangers, well, HEY… that’s great.

How To Set An Informal Table: 12 Days Of Christmas Table Setting

🇧🇷 E. Joy with a mirror I love this ENTIRE montage. I don’t know what I love more, the golden “Joy” that hangs from the red ribbon on a mirror or the mix of silver and gold all around the mantelpiece and mantel.

12 Days Of Christmas Table Decorations

F. Disney Cone Trees Again, this is one I LOVE as well. The colors are so fun and to be honest my first thought was “FROZEN” lol. I know some people might be really tired of this movie, but my daughter loves it and with fireplace decor like that who doesn’t.

G.D.I.Y Apothecary Snowglobes I love this idea because one is fancier than your standard snow globe and two because you can make pretty much anything you want. Great idea and the color possibilities are endless.

12 Days Of Christmas Table Decorations

Days Of Christmas Massive Table Center Piece Decoration All Days / Figures

H. Hanging Decorations Again, just like candy canes, hanging decorations are great. You can make any color, combine them with decorative garlands or play with the texture like they did in this image with glitter, matte, shiny and metallic.

I. Mantel Letters Letters are always a great way to decorate, but my favorite thing about this setup is the combination of letter sizes, colors, and styles. The “O” is a crown that adds some texture to NOEL.

12 Days Of Christmas Table Decorations

J. Rustic Fireplace Basket I love this for three reasons. First the wood and garland say winter. Second, I love it because it’s rustic, and third, because if you don’t have a fireplace, you can still add it to your living room next to a couch or near your front door.

Themes For Christmas Decoration Ideas And More

Having said all that, I’m still not sure which one I love more. To be honest, I think they’re all amazing. I hope you enjoyed Day 3 and stay tuned for Day 4. If there’s one thing we’re not going to let the pandemic take away from us, it’s dinner. Suggest the delicious spreads, off-Zoom conversations, and the chance to open the door to friends again. And while these bagels are their own model of carbs, a festive tablescape—and more specifically, a sensational centerpiece—sets the tone for any gathering. Do you want your guests to feel at home? Enjoy the ambient lighting in Chloe Mackintosh’s boxwood line of Boxwood Avenue. Looking for a more glamorous feel? A dash of glitter might be all you need (Emily Traxler of Le Cultivateur will tell you all about it). Whatever your setting and whoever your guests are, these 35 table settings are sure to be the inspiration you need for this season’s most fabulous party. Disclaimer: Food not included.

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12 Days Of Christmas Table Decorations

A round table is a great addition to a dinner party, as no one is left out of the conversation. For her circular table, IDCO Studio founder Anastasia Casey created just the centerpiece, an undulating basket of flowers in warm tones, offering all the drama without sacrificing precious table space. “I started with an airtight container inside the basket and placed a wire balloon in the container to hold the shape of the centerpiece,” says Casey. “I started with half a dozen chocolate faux cosmos, then added the larger branches and thick-stemmed dahlias. This adds more structure to the arrangement and distributes the weight.” Pro tip: don’t forget to remove the leaves from the flower stems for a tidier look.

Few know how to set a table fit for royalty like designer and Prince’s Trust sponsor India Hicks, whose latest dinnerware set is proof that more is always more when done right. “No reason to be less, in my opinion,” he says with a laugh. For Hicks, it’s about layers galore, from traditional Christmas cookies (which she carries home to the Caribbean) to candles, cups and napkins. Your main source of greenery? “OKA foliage is very convincing, which is hard to find,” he says. “Mixing in some pheasant feathers from the garden makes it look a little wild and certainly not predictable, I hate predictable.”

12 Days Of Christmas Table Decorations

Best Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas & Pro Secrets!

🇧🇷 This table served by Emily Traxler of Le Cultivateur is a woodland scene gone glam in every way. “I like to create spaces that feel magical and festive, yet warm and inviting,” says Traxler. “This festive table was loved by my family and guests.”

Set the stage for a change of seasons by basically bringing the pumpkin patch right to your table. Here, Veronica Olson opted for a warm-hued floral arrangement with matching candles and SFERRA linens. “We wanted to set the stage for those moments when time slows down and we really get involved with the people we love most,” says Olson.

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12 Days Of Christmas Table Decorations

Ellie Cullman and her partners at Cullman & Kravis know how to make a room as inviting as it is stunning. They didn’t feel the need to contain themselves in a large space like this dining room in horse country New Jersey. An oversized arrangement of alliums, set beneath an opulent Louis XVI chandelier, is appropriately proportioned to the ambience and style.

Absolutely Gorgeous Christmas Table Decor And Setting Ideas

In this charming wood-tone display by event designers and producers Jane Schulak and David Stark, flowers take a backseat to serving utensils. Our favorite detail? The antique-looking wooden bucket that looks like its own centerpiece. Paired with a wacky patterned tablecloth, this quilt looks bold and timeless.

12 Days Of Christmas Table Decorations

Tablescape’s mastermind designer, Alexandra Kaehler, has an eye for understated elegance, as evidenced by her latest project. A natural extension of the surrounding glassware, the evergreen centerpiece and pink linens complement the room’s existing color palette. “I wanted a festive table that felt festive, but not in the obvious sense,” says Kaehler. “Rich details like velvet bows speak to the holiday season, while pink berries and anemones keep things soft and feminine.” To add warmth, she paired sconces with mini table lights that create a layered lighting effect.

Syrian glassware and vintage plates in the kitchen of this Lebanese house in the mountains are enough to transform any room. However, interior designer Maria Ousseimi broke the all-blue design scheme with cream and orange roses, proving that sometimes a pop of color is all you need for a finishing touch.

12 Days Of Christmas Table Decorations

Diy Christmas Centerpiece Ideas To Create A Festive Table

Green on green on green never looked so good. In this dinner-changing moment, the centerpiece adds softness to the crisp lines that surround it. An additional tree branch can draw attention upward to a deeper dimension.

Centerpieces don’t have to be limited to the dining room table. In the pantry of this Houston home, Elizabeth Young created a space for the true lady of the house: a classic

12 Days Of Christmas Table Decorations

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