1940’s Painted Farm Table Decorations

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In the 1940s and 1950s, millions of tiny post-war homes were built for all the soldiers, their wives and children (ie the kids who would later become known as the “baby boomers”) (see some examples here!).

1940’s Painted Farm Table Decorations

1940's Painted Farm Table Decorations

Many of these starter homes were so small that they did not have a formal dining room – unlike many larger homes built in previous centuries.

Luke Edward Hall & Duncan Campbell London Home

Large and heavy dining tables and chairs would hardly fit either, so there was a high demand for small, economical and easy-to-clean furniture. A vintage dining set like this was the perfect answer.

1940's Painted Farm Table Decorations

40’s and 50’s serving tables were mostly made of plastic and metal and were usually bright and cheerfully colored – and very popular with newly minted housewives. Smart and informal integrated seats for 2, 4 or 6 and fit in or just around the kitchen.

Here’s a look back at some of the coolest and cutest vintage dinner parties from the 1940s and 1950s! (Looking for more? Check out some dinner parties from the 1960s and 1970s here!)

1940's Painted Farm Table Decorations

Got Legs Used Dining Room Furniture

Vintage 40’s Dining Room 40’s Dining Room Set: Yellow Virtue Chrome Furniture with Duran Upholstery (1949)

To get started – buy as few or as many pieces as you need. Then – add more whenever you want. Likewise, if you need dining space, this versatile piece of furniture is great for your bedroom, hallway or other rooms!

1940's Painted Farm Table Decorations

And always, whenever the mood takes you, you can rearrange the beautiful pieces into literally dozens of different, handsome groupings.

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas

Also, visitors will always be proud to see the clean, classic style and the “craftsman quality” construction. Beautiful chests, cabinets, consoles…side tables and small dining room tables…all in wheat finish hardwood, gleaming gold.

1940's Painted Farm Table Decorations

You will be proud and happy to introduce your guests to the bright new beauty of your Howell dinner set. And you will be happy inside to choose nice furniture so easily

Formica plastic table tops, undamaged by boiling water, alcohol or fruit acids, wipe with a damp cloth. The Du Pone Fabrilite upholstery of the chairs is also made of washable plastic. And the Howell Chromesteel coating resists scratches and scuffs. All in all, there

1940's Painted Farm Table Decorations

Vintage Centerpiece Ideas: Table Decor From Yesteryear

50s Vintage Dining Set from Vintage Dining Sets: Kuene Planter Dining Set with Full Chairs and Planter (1951)

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Gorgeous colors inspired by the spectacular Grand Canyon of the West. Red, blue, green, yellow, brown and gray in patterns with a third dimensional look. Attractive new styles for every taste. Each unique set offers the renowned quality of Virtu Brothers, while still being reasonably priced.

1940's Painted Farm Table Decorations

Micaleite upper resists both winds, seals moisture. Tough Michaelite table tops resist heat and burns – even boiling water won’t damage the strong and colorful Michaelite tops.

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Duran upholstered chairs are specially stitched to maintain shape. Body-conforming chairs provide maximum support and comfort. Chrome hoses for storing elaborate pantyhose — a damp cloth keeps both tables and chairs looking sparkling new.

1940's Painted Farm Table Decorations

A modern dining room with a beautiful Navamar table top will give you a new excitement. In elegantly pure colors and beautiful patterns, Nevamar top retains its beauty for many years. It’s so easy to care for…never worry about food spills staining the shiny surface.

Now read this label and you’ll see why quality furniture makers use Navamar tops. Your Own Furniture Department Store offers you unmatched value in Navamer tables for all purposes.

1940's Painted Farm Table Decorations

Rustic Green 1940s Kitchen Stool Farmhouse Chippy Paint

Chrome dining set, 4 chairs. Table top 30 x 30 inches closed, with 12 inch center extension. Chromed steel legs.

Daystrom top in grey, green, red, blue or yellow pearl design. The table is available in wood colors. Chairs match or contrast.

1940's Painted Farm Table Decorations

Daystrom Coloramic sets start as low as $84.95. Destromite Wonder Top has a wood grain pattern in grey, green, yellow, limed oak or chartreuse.

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The colorful legs come in muted bronze or golden sand. Choice of upholstery in plain or nomadic patterns or brushwood plants — in green, wine, cocoa, chartreuse, red or yellow. Mix or match! Coloramic comes in 3 style tables, 4 style chairs.

1940's Painted Farm Table Decorations

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A woman knows what she wants! That’s why we asked thousands of you for the perfect meal ideas.

1940's Painted Farm Table Decorations

West Texas Farmers Battle Them, But Now Tumbleweeds Have Become Trendy Decor

Outcome? This handsome, all new “planter” chrome dining set. Modern… decorative… yet so functional, you’ll thank yourself every day for having it in your home.

You’ll thank yourself for the hard-wearing Kuchon plastic top … the ever-bright glow of the famous Kuene chrome … for the style so refined that it brings a decorative touch to your home.

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1940's Painted Farm Table Decorations

Yes, you will thank yourself for this amazing queen food. And why shouldn’t you? After all, you designed it!

A Manor House With A Sense Of History, Rooted In The Southern French Countryside

Now you can say! The exciting story of the new Queen line… so revolutionary in design and execution, there is nothing like it in the entire United States.

1940's Painted Farm Table Decorations

Wonderful new features built right into these amazing dining rooms that are virtually impervious to wear. Textolite plastic countertops from General Electric are stain resistant, durable.

No wonder the Kuene chrome key line makes all other Dinettes look outdated! See your furniture dealer today. You will be surprised to learn the new Kuehne Chrome Keyline

1940's Painted Farm Table Decorations

Tour A Historic Long Island Farmhouse

Unexpected guests? Virtue Bros. No problem with the new convenient convertible table. No “hairy closet searches”. An additional 12-inch sheet is stored ready in its own niche under the colored Micalite table.

Simply unzip and fold the sheets into place. Small as a small umbrella and convenient as a pocket! Matching chair with contoured back and foam cushioned seat.

1940's Painted Farm Table Decorations

A new dimension in modern life. All the beauty of natural hardwood without the limitations of wood.

Vintage 50s Table Setting Ideas & Inspiration

Attractive Richelain plastic tops in patterns made exclusively for ChromCraft. These glossy plastic tops resist scratches and scuffs, stains and acids and clean easily with a damp cloth.

1940's Painted Farm Table Decorations

So much for the home with today’s smartest styles and many pieces in ChromCroft decorative colors and unique designs.

Unique black rectangular tubular legs, enriched with ChromCraft’s gold spoon finish finish. A bold touch of classic beauty in the self-recognizing plastic top, brass legs and trim.

1940's Painted Farm Table Decorations

A Chinoiserie Fall Table

Chairs have smart decoratively designed plastic upholstery, luxurious foam rubber cushions. Matching buffet finishes… the epitome of modern functional beauty.

This exciting, attractive piece of furniture. A true Howell dining set is not only permanently beautiful… it’s also complete

1940's Painted Farm Table Decorations

The richly colored Formica plastic table top can withstand boiling water, is not damaged by alcohol or fruit acids and cleans with a damp cloth. The chairs are beautifully upholstered with Fabrilite made of detergent.

What American Homes Looked Like The Year You Were Born: 1940–2000

Gold ‘n Bronze is designed with tapered legs, for a tight look and cut. Here too, a fabulous new style of plastic is used… stunning diamond inlays on the table top match the walnut wood grain and bumpers and compartments. at your ChromCraft dealer.

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1940's Painted Farm Table Decorations

No matter the occasion you will be amazed at Destrom’s ability to be beautiful and relevant. A new design that combines grace and function includes this extendable circular table with soft tapered bronze legs and ‘ankle active’ self-levelling glides. New leg design adds grace and provides maximum legroom.

Wood grain destromites survive top burns, scars and wounds; Wipe clean with a wet cloth. Striking “Newport” chairs – the latest design of the season – in your choice of durable, washable vinyl material or Nylo-Saran, pattern shown is Tracery, exclusive to Destrom.

1940's Painted Farm Table Decorations

Dining Room Ideas For Stylish Entertaining

By adding a top and center leaf, this functional side table will be spacious enough for your dinner party and, most importantly, completely stable. Cozy upholstered chairs complement a dining room set or beautify any corner where a unique chair is needed.

From the speed-setting West, Virtue Bros presents the ultimate in modern design. A subtle fusion of East and West in a new muted gold metallic, teak micalite top, subtle brass accents… this is truly dining room furniture with inherent beauty that needs no pampering.

1940's Painted Farm Table Decorations

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1940's Painted Farm Table Decorations

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1940's Painted Farm Table Decorations

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1940's Painted Farm Table Decorations

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