1980s Party Table Decorations

1980s Party Table Decorations – When it comes to an 80s-themed party, there’s no shortage of visual inspiration. The decade has become one of the most popular and recognizable party themes we’ve ever seen. After all, who wouldn’t want to bring back the bright patterns of the era, neon fashions and overly teased hair? (That is, just for one night.)

A decade that brought us so many staples (hello: Air Jordans, Bruce Springstein, and Pac Man) deserves a night to remember. In the words of Bowling for Soup, we’re still “busy – 1985” and it’s time to bring it back to life.

1980s Party Table Decorations

1980s Party Table Decorations

So whether you’re looking to take a trip for a nostalgic memory or a first-time experience, we’ve rounded up 15 of the best 80s-themed party ideas we’ve seen on our site. Grab your boombox, blast some Bon Jovi, start rolling (and enjoy the ride).

Eighties Party Theme Rental

It’s time to flip your hair, open your shoulder pads and gather your brightest accessories. That’s right, we’re taking him to prom, circa 1980. Click through these party photos for the coolest decor (and outfit) inspiration, including old-school photos and props and an array of sparkly balloons.

1980s Party Table Decorations

This birthday party combined some of our favorite games from the 80s with toned pampa and boho California florals – and the prettiest playroom you’ve ever seen. Our favorite part? Incredible attention to detail; including retro arcade lettering on napkins, ice cubes and custom drink mixers (all in honor of the 40th birthday).

These 80s themed party photos will spark some good ideas. We’re obsessed with the event’s signature cocktails, named after classic ’80s hits including ‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot’ and ‘Bourbon Bohemian Rhapsody’. The celebration continued its homage to 1980s pop music with bars covered in posters featuring legendary artists of the era.

1980s Party Table Decorations

S Themed Birthday Party

This party host gave out the mixtape before the guests even arrived. We are talking about unique invitations that conjure up an unforgettable “pink ball of the 80s” in a retro-chic style. A birthday cake wrapped in tulle, a pink satin tablecloth, and a balloon arch filled with tassels brought older guests back to their high school dance (but no banging this time).

We bet you never thought a country club in the Hamptons would turn into a high school gym. However, this birthday party did just that, taking guests back in time for another ’80s-style ball. Cocktail tables made from VHS tapes, 80s slang and a funky bar backdrop are just some of the reasons why this celebration is the perfect source of fresh inspiration for an 80s themed party.

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1980s Party Table Decorations

Your favorite Halloween costume has turned into a party of its own. “Let’s Get Physical” hits the dance floor with 80s workout inspired dancers and neon platforms to match. We especially love the idea of ​​kicking off the new year with a throwback to the past—like this New Year’s Eve celebration did.

S Theme Party Ideas & Invitation Wording

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1980s Party Table Decorations

If you don’t know where to start planning an 80s themed party, Rubik’s Cubes are always a fun idea. From bar designs to dance floor designs, dessert inspiration and more, we’ve seen them brought to life in all sorts of ways. But this birthday celebration didn’t just bring a decade of games. A neon-striped DJ booth, a dance floor and flower decorations helped the guest of honor 80.

It’s true that clinkers originated long before the 1980s; however, they did not gain popularity until this beloved decade began to unfold. So neon clinchers (with a side of disco balls) were the perfect dance floor decoration at this 80s themed birthday party. We can imagine the neon toys bouncing over the guests as they rock out to U2.

1980s Party Table Decorations

S Theme Party Ideas To Take You Back In Time [photos]

It’s not every day that a Bat Mitzvah girl loves a retro party theme, and this event team loved every moment of it. The kid-friendly ’80s version featured E.T.-inspired wall projections, a Rubik’s Cube sign, and an old-school MTV-inspired logo. Take a look at these party photos and try to convince your little one that this theme is perfect for them too.

We love the bright 80s party decor. But in this case, we like photo ops even more. Provide guests with retro props to take themed photos and encourage attire for an 80s-themed party with a dress code (like this birthday party). After all, is it really an 80s party if no one has curly hair?

1980s Party Table Decorations

This cocktail party celebrated Pride month with an 80s theme. The celebration ensured that every guest experienced 80s inspired elements from start to finish, right down to the drinks. We know the post-disco decade was all about color, and these drinks detail just the right amount of theme.

S Party Theme

| venue and catering: Dish Food & Events | rental: Patina | DJ: Rob Kelley | photobooth: Flux Photobooth Company | cinematographer: Elizabeth Mealey | Donuts: Underwest Donuts | drag queen: Lauren Ordair

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1980s Party Table Decorations

If this party’s cake doesn’t say it all, the photos of the gang in Ghostbusters costumes will. This birthday party was authentically 80s, from the full tube neon walls to the LED furniture, arcade games, and of course perfectly themed desserts.

| band: Rubix Kube The Eighties Strike Back | dj: Pure Event Group | video walls, lighting and A/V:

1980s Party Table Decorations

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This ball from the 80s has a different stamp – and not just because it satisfies our childhood taste buds. Click through and you’ll see massive balloon arched entrances, cheeky signs and a corporate “yearbook”. Tassels, tinsel and cheerleaders framed the guests as they picked up their bodices and entered the grand celebration. If you need us, we will send these party photos to our company’s holiday party organizer.

Board games, chalkboards and the best of 80s fashion are just some of the reasons why we love this party’s retro inspiration. If you’re not obsessed with neon, these photos offer muted ’80s inspiration that will still make you and your guests nostalgic.

1980s Party Table Decorations

There are so many reasons we wish we could attend this party, one of them being the arcade style of “Pac Mac N’ Cheese”. We especially love the LED mixtape centers, the epic Lite Brite wall, and the floating Rubik’s Cubes on the glitter stage. Trust us: you have to see it to believe it.

Retro 80’s Themed Props & Furniture — Funky Event Hire

When it comes to an 80s themed party, fun is all the rage. There are many ways to go when it comes to your look. Think anything from shoulder pads and tousled hair to off-the-shoulder tops and edgy side bangs.

1980s Party Table Decorations

When it comes to her outfit palette, the ’80s were all about bright colors (especially neon) and let’s not forget big accessories (including chunky jewelry, square-framed glasses, and swingy leg warmers).

The first step in planning an epic 80’s themed party is finding a venue. Here you can browse event spaces by location, equipment, style and venue type.

1980s Party Table Decorations

S Party Ideas

Once you’ve found a venue, it’s time to choose a party planner. Discover the best designers in your city through the directory, then browse their portfolio to make sure their work matches your style.

The same goes for caterers, bands, DJs, florists, invitation designers, and any other vendors you need for your event. one place to find, save and book your dream event team. The 1980s began when Pac Man achieved his first Pac-Point. A decade of neon fads, Nintendo, and mix tapes filled with one-hit wonder songs followed. Everyone wanted MTV and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles taught us the importance of good pizza. So, if your kid is up for some fun and ‘likes to totally chill’, check out our 80s party guide for some wild ideas.

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1980s Party Table Decorations

Get your guests excited and excited for an absolutely amazing party with cool and funky themed invitations. Encourage guests to come dressed in their favorite ’80s attire, such as oversized t-shirts, tulle skirts, high-top sneakers, and off-the-shoulder sweaters.

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Collect the decade’s most iconic items by raiding attics, borrowing from friends and visiting thrift stores. Integrate these pieces with our Totally 80’s Partyware for a wild party scene.

1980s Party Table Decorations

The decade’s popular confections take center stage when grouped on black serving trays and placed on VHS tape jacks.

Use some extra neon tape to create a quick and themed dish holder. Glue the cartridges together and then add the foam core cut to size. Fill it with our Totally 80 cookware.

1980s Party Table Decorations

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When guests first arrive, stop by the accessory bar and dress up in the day’s hottest fashions.

In addition to Rubik’s cubes, a giant inflatable mobile phone and a glass must not be missing. New wave sunglasses, permed wigs and leg warmers further elevate the ’80s fashion trend.

1980s Party Table Decorations

Finally, don’t forget to include some memorable movie quotes. Guests will be happy to find their favorites and pose with them.

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Send your guests home with any accessory from the accessory bar

1980s Party Table Decorations

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