1990s Table Decorations

1990s Table Decorations – The era of grunge, staple TV, endless political, royal and celebrity scandals, and the dotcom boom/bubble was also a unique time to decorate. There were so many different trends right away, it’s no surprise that the 90s seemed like a blur. Here are just some of the best looks of the decade that may be making a comeback.

Where have the bunk beds gone? They filled the bedrooms of both children and adults in the 90s (usually four posters) and disappeared after the early 90s.

1990s Table Decorations

1990s Table Decorations

Whether it was the classic hunter green of the early ’90s or the acidic hues of the mid-to-late ’90s, green was one of many era-defining colors. It was not uncommon to see bold greenery in kitchens, especially for paint cabinets.

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When people didn’t paint their cabinets, they let the wood grain show through. They’ve given kitchens a cozy feel that goes well with blue-and-white ceramic accents (always in style, we think).

1990s Table Decorations

The internet has never lost its love for Friends, and Monica’s Place has raised unrealistic expectations for what New York City apartments will look like over two decades. The eclectic decor, part of the early to mid-90s vintage trend, was much more accessible.

The faux finishes, brass accents, and farmhouse tables found mainly in kitchens made everyone feel like they were in a Provence kitchen. While the French look never goes out of style, this trend in the ’90s was really the use of color, especially the (aptly named) French Blue.

1990s Table Decorations

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You could argue they never went out, but Old World and flea market trends both emphasized thin wooden beams that often give character to cookie-cutting spaces.

Think wrought iron accessories, bistro sets, and other garden-inspired decor used indoors. Even if you don’t have a sunroom or sunroom, creatively repurposing these outdoor accents adds so much charm.

1990s Table Decorations

We wouldn’t go for a mustard-green-blue-pink scheme, but we miss the era’s punchy approach to color. These days, with all the neutrals that are “in” right now, it’s a bit boring.

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Almost every sitcom aimed at urban home professionals seems to have at least one character living (or working) in a loft filled with light wood. Inspired by a light Scandinavian design, blondes help to make rooms appear brighter and larger.

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1990s Table Decorations

Furniture was a bit experimental in this decade, bringing new shapes and improving old ones. The Parsons silhouette and more iconic designs were sought after in this 1990s showroom.

We might not go so far as to recombine floral bed linens and white knits, but we miss the pretty fabrics and overall romantic feel of the Shabby Chic mania that defined the late ’90s.

1990s Table Decorations

Why The World Is Obsessed With Midcentury Modern Design

Contemporary themes of minimalism and mindfulness are combined with the ‘zen’ interior of the 90s. The understated design, filled with light, has aged well. photographer : Footage by Jules Photography | event planner: KeAira Chantell Events | floral design: Simon Designs | Location: Private residence

Much like the fashion of the 90s (hello, bucket hats, jumpsuits and pleated skirts), the 90s theme party is making a big comeback. If you’re a millennial, the last decade of the 20th century is probably your favorite, and we totally agree.

1990s Table Decorations

The 90s filled us with our favorite artists (we love you Britney Spears), TV shows (

Themed Parties…. The 90’s!!!

90s themes are like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re going to get (no, we haven’t forgotten that.

1990s Table Decorations

Whether you ask your hairstylist to say “Rachel” or you lean on MJ and the Chicago Bulls, everyone’s favorite ’90s pieces are different and equally epic.

Scroll on to discover a deluge of fun, nostalgic parties (you’re welcome) and get inspiration for your 90s themed party, plus top sellers to spice up the look.

1990s Table Decorations

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Photographer: images by Jules Photography | planner: KeAira Chantell Events | flowers: Simon Designs | decor: Elf’s Prop Shop

That’s a birthday story for an NBA player (and ’90s icon). The new Prince of Bel-Air, aka Will Smith, inspired Rudy Gay’s 33rd birthday party from pool to pool.

1990s Table Decorations

The party took Rudy and his friends back to their childhood. Fashion, photos, themed desserts and fun fonts – these pictures will inspire the most amazing birthday party. Like Will Smith himself, we love a ‘hot party on the town’.

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Who didn’t love Nick in the 90s? Inspired by all this, the party included an epic dessert bar that honored the era. Walkman Cookies, Rugrats Diaper Cakes, a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Cupcake Tower, and Baby Bottle Pops (we remember those too) made this 90s themed party just as much fun.

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1990s Table Decorations

Photographer: Jenny Quicksall Photography | Location: City Market Social House production, lighting and a/v: VOX Productions | rental: Premiere Party Rents

One look at this LA party and you know you’ve had 30 years off. Soiree seems to have taken the stage fashion of NSYNC and turned it into a scene. Lattice lamps were hung with gold chains, and heavily patterned linens paired perfectly with color-blocked place cards and menus.

1990s Table Decorations

Seder Table Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

Photographer: images by Jules Photography | planner: KeAira Chantell Events | flowers: Simon Designs | caterer: Sensory Delights Catering

If you’re looking for a holiday menu guide, these are the photos for you. We couldn’t complete a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air themed birthday party without giving the food a big thumbs up. From poolside appetizers to a 90s candy wall and fully themed dessert designs, this party was all about food and a bag of chips (literally).

1990s Table Decorations

The 90s started with Princess Jasmine as the first racially diverse Disney princess (Pochachantis and Mulan would soon follow). What better way to celebrate the 90s than with an Aladdin-inspired twist?

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The eclectic flowers and neon lights of this themed wedding suit the colorful era — and the event itself is as romantic as they come. Show a whole new world.

1990s Table Decorations

Millennials love this explosion from their teens. Bring your acid wash jeans, tracksuits and cell phones bigger than our heads (if you’re lucky). The photo from this 90s vacation has seen it all. The guests’ Seinfeld-meets-Backstreet Boys fashion will inspire your future party with the best of the past.

Photographer: Joshua Dwain Photography | planner, design, decor and flowers: Exhilarate Experiential | Location: Dream Hollywood | Cake: Brie Cakes

1990s Table Decorations

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NBA player Draymond Green threw an epic surprise party, but the legendary theme was no surprise. Guests walked through a time-warping tunnel with Missy Eliot-inspired decor and found themselves on the other side of a 90s nightclub.

The event was filled with booths, each featuring everything from their bedroom to their favorite 90s video games, activities, gadgets and more. shows different aspects of the star’s childhood. A 6 tier birthday cake summed up the party (and the 90s) perfectly.

1990s Table Decorations

Photographer: Joshua Dwain Photography | planner, design, decor and flowers: Exhilarate Experiential | Location: Dream Hollywood | photo collection: Vision Scenery

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Draymond Green’s 30th birthday brought ’90s TV back to life (literally). If you’re looking for photo ideas that will take you back to the 99, this party is packed with them. There’s a set up photo booth waiting for us to sit back, relax, and replay sitcom reruns (or VCRs).

1990s Table Decorations

There is only one dream team and every kid of the 90s knows exactly who was in it. Dream team member Michael Jordan was a true star of the 90s, so it should come as no surprise that something from Jordan will be perfect for your party.

Jordan’s iconic Jumpman logo will be featured on napkins, plates, photos and more at this Bar Mitzvah party. distributed by We love the matching bubblegum sneakers on the rim of each drink (truly a slam dunk detail).

1990s Table Decorations

S Throwback Party Table Decorations 1990s Party

Photographer: Michael Jurick Photography | planner: Gourmet Advisory Services | design, decor and flowers: Diana Gould Ltd | Location: SECOND.

We never want to take a break from Friends, a fan favorite party theme of the 90s. This Bat Mitzvah celebration took the band’s iconic Central Perk couch, famous theme song props and coffee shop decor to create a of the most iconic TV shows of all time. Photos inspire your own reboot.

1990s Table Decorations

Photographer: Osh Images | planner and design: TINSEL Experiential | Location: The Manhattan Club NYC | lighting: Sebass Events & Entertainment

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We tell you what we want, what we really want – and it starts with our favorite CDs (hello Spice Girls’ Spice).

1990s Table Decorations

There was no shortage of 90s party favors, with a cascading CD installation streaming through the center bar of the party. Cars, TVs and events from our favorite decade didn’t stop there, scattered around the venue.

Photographer: Mikkel Paige Photography | planner: Color Pop Events | Location: Flatiron Penthouse | cocktails: JPO Concepts Catering

1990s Table Decorations

I Love The 90s Birthday Bash Party Centerpieces 90s Party

When you’re a 90s baby, there’s nothing to remind you

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