1st Year Birthday Table Decorations

1st Year Birthday Table Decorations – If you’re envious of those beautiful Pinterest party tables and don’t know where to start, follow these 5 easy steps to decorate a great table and look like an expert:

This is how you get started. Once the theme and color palette are set, you’re free to move on to the next step and start capturing your decorative elements. Enjoy mixing and matching your style with some patterns to bring visual interest and style to your party setting! Make sure your outfit has a cohesive color story throughout.

1st Year Birthday Table Decorations

1st Year Birthday Table Decorations

They add beauty, color and volume to any table or decoration, so don’t miss out!! Choosing the type and color of flowers depends on your theme and color palette, as you have to adapt them to get a harmonious result. If you’re not sure how to arrange a flower, keep it simple and add dozens of similar flowers to one vase.

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For size and quantity the size of the table and accessories should be followed. Make sure you have at least 2 tall flower/leaf arrangements. Feel free to add medium and small arrangements on the side if you have flowers left over (groups of 3 vases always look better than 2 or 4!).

1st Year Birthday Table Decorations

You can also add flowers or leaves to a bouquet or as a background texture. In the image below, for a wildlife birthday party theme, different sizes and types of leaves are chosen to decorate the table with balloons and three numbers made of cardboard covered with freshly picked leaves are used to form the center of the background. in the forests. Simple and effective!

Adding dimensions is very important so your desk doesn’t look flat and dull. Try to create a composition of elements in different heights and make sure to keep balance in your table. The main items to create volume on the table are: flowers and cakes and various pastries and various sweets displayed on plates, boxes or other recipients and decorations related to the birthday theme.

1st Year Birthday Table Decorations

Beautifully Decorated Sweet Table For The 1st Birthday Of A Little Boy Stock Photo

Use a cake holder for the birthday cake (if you don’t have one, buy a neutral reusable one). And to display cakes, cookies, and other delicious treats, use a nice ceramic tray (or small baking tray) or neutral plate you have. They can be placed at table level, just remember to follow your color palette, add the cake and distribute it to cover the “empty” space on your table.

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If after finishing you still feel that your table decoration looks too flat, you can also try some simple but beautiful boxes or plates placed on top and bottom and place your tray or plate on top of it. A nice or decorated, open or semi-decorated box with cookies inside can also add decorative charm.

1st Year Birthday Table Decorations

It is the simplest background you can have and looks beautiful. Same tips here… Follow your color palette and get creative! Create a stylish display by hanging multiple products together behind the main table (pompoms, balloons, foliage, garland, wall stickers, origami, the options are endless). If you want to make a great impact, we suggest you focus on your decor rather than scattering it around the room or area.

Unique First Birthday Party Themes That Are On Trend For 2023

Get a beautiful table without adding to your budget! Always look around your home and see what matches your skin tone and color and add a special touch to your desk. Bags for parties are a great way to decorate a table or console back.

1st Year Birthday Table Decorations

If you are planning a children’s party, there are also lots of fun items (like party hats, masks, piñatas, etc.) that can serve as decorations when not in use.

Don’t forget to check out our complete collection with matching plates, towels, cups, tops, party bags and a variety of options that can make you party plan like a great and stylish host without the usual stress. There is a new trend that I have absolutely fallen in love with, it might be the hidden rainbow trend. Don’t get me wrong, I love bright and energetic rainbow colors like no other, but there’s something about the soft boho feel of colors that hide more that make me feel relaxed and happy. That’s why I was recently excited to design a rainbow dessert table for a client’s daughter’s first birthday party. Filled with calming colors and beautiful organic elements, this dessert table style is perfect for a shower birthday party or any celebration. Read more for details!

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1st Year Birthday Table Decorations

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P.S. You can purchase the entire Muted Rainbow Party Print Package in my store to create a muted rainbow party for only $7! Printable packages include 6 different bottle labels, 13 different party flags (good for straw wrapping!) and 12 different sweets. Each other!

Bonus: My customers can access the Muted Rainbow One banner for free just by becoming a member! If you are already a subscriber, you can find it in the Subscribers Lounge. If not, sign up for my newsletter for exclusive access!

1st Year Birthday Table Decorations

I love setting the scene and sound for the reception area and the party decorations. For this party, I used an A-frame clipboard made of light natural wood with the simple words “Happy First Birthday Maila” written in white on brown paper. To emphasize the closed rainbow theme, I added a macro rainbow in the corner.

Baby Boy First Birthday Party

Under the dessert table, I added some more themed decorations. I stacked a few bamboo baskets of different sizes and added another rainbow weave. Then in front of it I placed a palm painted with good muted tones and cardboard letters to spell out the birthday girl’s age – one.

1st Year Birthday Table Decorations

On the table itself, I made sure to add baskets, plates, bins and shelves and a variety of extra rainbows. I also added some pretty flowers in a soft blush color to add to the organic look of the party. Some pink fabric adds to the fresh feel of the table.

In the center of the table is a beautiful cake from Sweet Carousel Cakes painted with a rainbow top, perfectly sealed and surrounded by beautiful macarons and ice cream in matching colors. Gold accents and a pale pink “1” on the sides add elegance to the boho feel of the cake. I place it on an overturned rattan basket for height and prominence on the table.

1st Year Birthday Table Decorations

Sweet Little Sunflower First Birthday Party Inspiration

Besides cake, I have identified several delicious desserts that go well with party colors. Front and center, I used a wooden tray to display the small sweets, almost like a dessert plate.

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However, some desserts are too beautiful to mix up and deserve to be singled out. So I set up some little stands to display some of the adorable themed cookies from Westlake Bakes.

1st Year Birthday Table Decorations

To add more themed elements to the entire dessert show, I used cute sealed Rainbow Desserts (you can find these in my store) and cute “one” lollipops from Luna Lollipops.

St Birthday Decoration Items Combo For Boys

I also set up a few places with different sizes and heights to showcase more desserts – donuts and dark chocolate covered pretzels.

1st Year Birthday Table Decorations

To make it easy to get a drink for the dessert table, we’ve set up a small water bottle wrapped with the rainbow logo with a cell interface rainbow straw flag with a straw cover. Both of these come in a hidden rainbow party set that you can purchase in my store.

The final piece to filling this dessert table is a place for guests to enjoy it all! We decorated her high chair with a rainbow-colored banner, a pretty gag, and some cozy tassels. On the back of the chair we painted a rainbow of onesie’s sweet personal masks from Kiss Hug Designs for Myla to wear to her party.

1st Year Birthday Table Decorations

Diy 26 Letter A Z Balloons Box Transparent Name Box First 1st Birthday Party Decor Macaron Balloons Box Baby Shower Balloons Supply

Don’t forget you can get free rainbow muted banners if you become a member below! It is perfect for a high chair or as a backdrop on a wall.

If you’re in or around Austin, TX and need help styling any or all of your parties, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

1st Year Birthday Table Decorations

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