20 Decorator Round Table

20 Decorator Round Table – What’s new in the world of dining table design? Several! Especially if you’re in the market for a high-end piece. Today, we’re rounding up 20 of our favorite finds, from chic marble-top selections to unforgettable showpieces that will breathe new life into your dining room. Enjoy reading the high end dining tables below and happy shopping!…

Let’s start with the Arin table from Retegui. Oak combines with a milled marble top to create a modern work of art:

20 Decorator Round Table

20 Decorator Round Table

Here’s a closer look at the Arin table, this time in black. Note the aluminum honeycomb underlay panels, which help to lighten the piece:

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Carrara marble and brass mix beautifully in the Scalinatella dining table from Jonathan Adler. The sculptural form of the brass pipe base is complemented by the shine of the marble tabletop:

20 Decorator Round Table

Farmhouse style meets a marble slab in this polished marble dining table from Anthropologie. Open oak legs make this marble-topped piece a real eye-catcher.

Taking the compact dining table to new heights, the Band Dining Table from Bethan Gray is a vision in marble and brushed brass. Handcrafted in London, this table is available in both single and two-tone marbles:

20 Decorator Round Table

Best Dining Room Ideas

Check out the two-toned top piece here. Totally on-trend and surprisingly quirky at the same time, this version of The Band Table celebrates the power of bold contrast:

Ready to get sleek?! Designed in the 1950s, the Prouvé EM table from Design Within Reach features tapered legs made of sheet metal. They anchor the piece while providing dramatic flair:

20 Decorator Round Table

The Laurier Dining Table from Anthropologie features a zinc-finished top and distressed wood frame. A rustic-modern take on the farmhouse table:

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We couldn’t post on upscale dining tables without highlighting Tom Dixon’s slab dining table in black. Crafted from solid oak and finished in black lacquer, this attractive piece is also available in a natural lacquer finish.

20 Decorator Round Table

Designed in 1987 by Jesús Gasca, the Deneb Wood Table is currently available through Design Within Reach. V-shaped legs and an elegant wooden top combine to create a carefully crafted piece that’s both classic and modern:

There is also a map table from Design Within Reach, designed by the Air Division. As you can see from the image below, this table is perfect for pairing with metal chairs!

20 Decorator Round Table

Dining Room Design Tips

It’s easy to see where Alexandra von Furstenberg’s Ice Acrylic Dining Table got its name. Crystal-clear polished acrylic has never been so shiny! Below we see the piece in yellow, but note that it’s also available in green, blue, pink, and red.

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The Bond Dining Table from Jonathan Adler is a sleek pairing of wood and metal. Sliced ​​Mappa wood and a polished nickel base provide bold style, while a removable 20″ leaf adds functionality by giving this table the ability to seat up to 10!

20 Decorator Round Table

Horchow’s Blackwell dining table is a little less polished and a little worn. Made from poplar solid and veneer, this earthy piece also works well in modern interiors:

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Ready to get glam?! Why not add a showpiece to your dining room? With its basket-weave base, the “Lilian” dining table from Horchoglistens thanks to gold-leaf-finished metal and beveled glass:

20 Decorator Round Table

For another round showpiece from Horchow, say hello to the Skylar Dining Table, which features an unforgettable stainless steel base with a satin-polished finish:

While we’re talking about round tables that have the power to be the centerpiece of your dining room or kitchen, we have to highlight another well-designed piece from Bethan Gray. This is the brogue table, which consists of a wide leather strip with waxed threads stitched into it. This piece is available in multiple colors.

20 Decorator Round Table

Nella Vetrina Visionnaire Ipe Cavalli Pelleas Italian Coffee Table

It’s hard to miss the Racketeer acrylic dining table from Alexandra von Furstenberg. Maybe it’s the hexagonal form, or maybe the table’s unique black center contrasts beautifully with the clear acrylic legs and trim:

The Ultra Dining Table in Rosewood from Jonathan Adleris is a real standout, thanks to a lacquered chevron grain top paired with two steel bases in a rose gold finish. gorgeous!

20 Decorator Round Table

Anything above catch your eye? Tell us about your favorite featured dining table by leaving a comment below…

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Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love for all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on DIY projects with an interior design theme. Kate’s published writing reflects her particular interest in how design has changed over the decades. Her blog Mirror80 (http://mirror80.com/) explores fashion and […] We know you don’t want to trawl the net (or shop) for hours looking at tables for small dining rooms. So let us present some great options here for you right now.

20 Decorator Round Table

As an interior design studio, we are always faced with small dining rooms. Customers often think that in this case they will have to leave the dining room, but this is not true. You just have to be smart about the pieces you buy.

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It comes down to size, of course, but also shape and material. And the good news is: The dining table may be small but you can still style it with a beautiful centerpiece if you keep it simple.

20 Decorator Round Table

Genius Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

I’m positive once you’ve scrolled through these small tables for small dining rooms, you’ll be ready to snag one. So get your credit cards ready, because they are really awesome!

We’re starting with the Billund Dining Table above because it has to be our favorite of all the tables for small dining rooms in this post.

20 Decorator Round Table

There is a wonderful mix of form and function here; Looks great (of course) but works really well in tight spaces. It is 110cm wide when fully folded but 64cm wide when folded against a wall.

The Complete Guide To Table Dimensions

And it also has three tabletop color options so you can choose the tone that best suits your dining room.

20 Decorator Round Table

The PS 2012 Dining Table from IKEA is still going strong. It looks sensational and has fold-down capability which you’ll probably want if your dining room is on the small side.

As you can see above, two of the sides are folded into it. This is great for those of you who only seat one or two people every day, but need the ability to fold it up to seat four when the times demand.

20 Decorator Round Table

Genius Ways To Decorate An Entryway Table

The bamboo top on this small dining table also brings texture and an organic vibe to your space, which is nice.

Avoid clutter in your small dining room with the beautiful Pinto 4 Seater Dining Table from Fabulous Furniture.

20 Decorator Round Table

Not only does this table have a useful diameter of 90cm, but the chrome details and glass material will make your small dining room feel open and spacious.

Winter Centerpiece Ideas

And, just when we thought this product couldn’t get any better, the price tag is delicious too. We love seeing a fusion of affordability and elegance here at TLC Interiors.

20 Decorator Round Table

The glass top of the Hjordis Scandi Dining Table is a smart material-facing choice. Any amount of transparency you can get in a small room will make the space feel bigger, so we have a winner there.

The legs are also quite slim, which is nice, and the rounded shape makes it easy to move around. The width is 106 cm, which is perfect for a small space. It ticks all the boxes. And the seats are nice, just cool?

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20 Decorator Round Table

Christmas Table Ideas & Inspiration

I love the modernity of the ash colorway on this small dining table, the Coco Dining Table from Life Interiors.

All four legs are also very thin, so visually it does not dominate. The width is also a unique feature; A humble 90cm, which means it won’t dominate the room and you can easily fit four small dining chairs underneath.

20 Decorator Round Table

Well, the price point is a stunner, we have to start there. But once you get past the bargain factor, this tiny dining table has a lot to offer.

American Style Table Flag Nordic Tv Cabinet High End Luxury Modern Simple Coffee Table Dining Table Decorative Cloth Long Tablecloth

Like many others in this roundup, we have skinny legs: check. Bright white top awesome for bouncing light around: Check. And a whopping diameter of 90cm: check.

20 Decorator Round Table

There’s nothing not to love about the Toto 4-Seater Dining Table from Fabulous Furniture. And the chairs that can be paired with it are just too divine.

I’ve never met a tulip dining table I didn’t like. This is probably my favorite of all the small dining tables here. I also used one in my Exhibition Street project above and the result is just a dream. Great colour, great shape and great look.

20 Decorator Round Table

Cozy Window Seat Ideas

The single leg running through the center of this table makes it perfect for small dining rooms as the profile is kept to a minimum. Plus, you can more easily squeeze the seats around it if needed. This is a great luxe option.

The very affordable Ovella Replica Eames Dining Table is made for small dining rooms. At 80 cm wide, she’s perfect for a two-person dining scenario and she’s under $160.

20 Decorator Round Table

The only thing to remember with a small table is to make sure your chairs aren’t too big. If your dining room chairs look bigger and more imposing than the table, you’ll throw off the whole scale.

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Miles Dining Table View

20 Decorator Round Table

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