20 Inch Round Decorative Table Covers

20 Inch Round Decorative Table Covers – Skirted tables are a decorative feature that not only adds color and pattern to a room, but can also be easily replaced while providing hidden storage space. In this article, I share a few fabric-covered tables that I think will get you thinking about how they will fit into your decor and storage needs.

Long story short…while decorating a home, there are a few decorating basics or should I say…

20 Inch Round Decorative Table Covers

20 Inch Round Decorative Table Covers

That we often overlook. These elements can help make decor more cohesive, even on a budget.

Free Pillow Patterns

You know those round 3 or 4 legged particleboard tops that screw under the table and are then covered with a round ruffled or lace tablecloth.

20 Inch Round Decorative Table Covers

They have a modern style that can have traditional elegance or country charm. They add a pop of color or pattern and can do something other tables can’t:

And since we all seem to have a lot of things, having a place to store and hide them makes the skirted table piece something you should seriously consider when decorating.

20 Inch Round Decorative Table Covers

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If you’re looking to refresh a room without spending too much money, adding a skirted table can be a quick fix.

Most furniture can be expensive to purchase or reupholster, but the cost of a table skirt is based almost entirely on the cost of the fabric. If you find the perfect fabric at Walmart or an online fabric discount site, you can make a table skirt for less than $30, depending on the size of the table.

20 Inch Round Decorative Table Covers

The table itself is usually inexpensive, or a skirt can be made on an existing table you already have.

Choosing The Right Table Linen Size For Your Wedding Or Event

Or you don’t even need a table and can add skirts where there are no cabinet doors.

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20 Inch Round Decorative Table Covers

I made a round tablecloth to put on my sewing table that looked old and dated, but still worked.

To hide it, but keep it easily accessible, going around the table was the solution. You can read how I made it in this post: How to make a round tablecloth style skirted table

20 Inch Round Decorative Table Covers

Best Wedding Linen Rentals Of 2023

I made a round tablecloth for my table, but that’s not the only way to cover a round table with fabric.

A drum tablecloth is a cylinder-shaped fabric that fits snugly around a table. The top circle of fabric has very straight sewn sides. He is very compliant.

20 Inch Round Decorative Table Covers

For a more fitted look, add pleats to a tambour style skirt evenly spaced around it. Add trim to fit your personal decorating style.

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A rectangular table or console makes a perfect hall table when covered with a tablecloth and is more formal than a round table. For extra softness, place a paper plate in each corner. Trim with bullion fringe, then add a glass topper for extra protection and a bit of shine.

20 Inch Round Decorative Table Covers

The yardage of fabric you choose to dress the table can range from a casual linen look to a more formal silk.

Whatever your decorating style, a fabric-covered table will fit right in. Here they used cheap fabric in solid colors.

20 Inch Round Decorative Table Covers

How To Properly Fold Round Tablecloths

I don’t have a tutorial on how to make a rectangular table skirt, but here’s a good one: How to make a table skirt

Stylish table. A skirted table can be built over any existing table, even a folding card table can take on a whole new personality with a floor table skirt.

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20 Inch Round Decorative Table Covers

Adding a piece of glass to the top of any skirted table will protect it from dust, dirt, and spilled drinks. This will also hold the fabric in place. For larger tables, cutting a piece of glass can cost more than a cloth or table, but if your budget allows it will add a nice finishing touch.

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Don’t stop at the table when it comes to skirting – adding a skirted front to a kitchen or bathroom sink can be very stylish when a neutral fabric is used.

20 Inch Round Decorative Table Covers

This type of skirt is an easy do-it-yourself decorating project that you can make to hide storage shelves.

I added a fabric skirt to the front of the laundry tub in my back house. Even if you don’t own a sewing machine, it’s easy to do. Hems and seams can be made with fabric glue or iron-on tape. Find out how to sew hems and seams in this article: How to Make No-Sew Curtains

20 Inch Round Decorative Table Covers

Small Living Room Ideas To Maximise A Tiny Space

I made it to hide the cat litter box. The skirt is made from two pieces of fabric that overlap slightly in the front. The cat can easily get in and out of this place. As you can see in the two photos above, I have changed the fabric over the years.

A skirted table can fit into the bedroom as a bedside table or dressing table. It can also be used as a side table next to a chair or sofa in the living room, as a festive dining table, in the hallway as a lamp or even in a home office.

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20 Inch Round Decorative Table Covers

Because the skirt will completely cover the table no matter what style or color of table you use.

Festive New Year’s Eve Decorations Perfect For Any Party

Any round, square or rectangular table can be transformed by covering it with a tablecloth or skirt.

20 Inch Round Decorative Table Covers

Place a skirted table next to a sofa or chair where it will add color and impact, or fill a nook between other furniture.

If you need extra space in the bathroom, a skirted table can provide storage space and hide towels, toilet paper, toiletries and cleaning supplies.

20 Inch Round Decorative Table Covers

How To Decorate Tables For A Party Or Wedding

Since the shape of the table itself will be covered, it doesn’t matter what position of the table you use as long as it’s sturdy. Look around your house to see if you can find something that matches your height and size.

After reading this article, have you thought of a place to add a skirt table to your home?

20 Inch Round Decorative Table Covers

A skirted table – it’s a smart piece of furniture – cheap, beautiful and functional – plus, you can change it seasonally or in minutes…and don’t forget – a handy place to hide things.

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