2020 Table Decor

2020 Table Decor – Discover the latest wedding decoration trends for 2022-2023 and plan the perfect wedding with inspiration and decoration ideas from Velvet May designs

With many weddings postponed until the end of the year and doubts about future bookings, wondering when we can call the world without Covid again, I want to provide a source of inspiration for all anxiously waiting brides. to travel in the planning process that, or that will get married in 2022 and beyond.

2020 Table Decor

2020 Table Decor

, by Velvet May design, a wedding stationery studio based in Yorkshire, UK. I have a passion for all weddings, from the first day of engagement (the story of the proposal is so exciting!), the research of the wedding color scheme and the decoration of the place (especially the well-kept table setting makes the heart skip a beat), but above all the paper. product. After all, the guests’ first impression of your wedding is from the invitation, so setting the right tone from the start, and carrying this theme through to all the different elements, is very important.

Christmas Elk Snowman Table Runner Merry Christmas Decor For Home 2020 Xmas Ornaments New Year’s Decor

I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about key wedding decoration trends that stole the show in the wedding industry. It’s a timely style that has been a hit from architecture magazines to high-end stores. Maybe having some extra unplanned time before your big day can be channeled into thinking about additional elements you want to incorporate into your day that you haven’t yet. first considered.

2020 Table Decor

The first trend may be unknown to you outside, but, despite being separated by an entire continent, Japanese and Scandinavian design combines a love of simplicity, warm textures and natural materials.

“(comfort and comfort) and may have seen the translation in home decoration with clean lines, whitened natural wood and pleasant touches. imperfection (term “

2020 Table Decor

Unique Table Decor Ideas To Make The Intimate Weddings Of 2020 Extraordinary

Texture is everything, used with muted colors to create a clean and relaxed design. Hands are also the value of this trend.

For invitations, any textured paper will be perfect to set the scene, but if you can splash out for handmade paper that will give your guests an extra wow factor when they open the place.

2020 Table Decor

Also, simple invitations don’t have to be boring – simplicity is the purest form of elegance, and you can ask your stationery designer to mix and match colors in the same tonal range, or different textures, to add interest to your invitation items. . .To maximize the beauty of handmade paper, why not incorporate a beautiful quote or illustration into your invitations, which guests can frame.

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Best Christmas Table Decor Ideas: Tablescape Inspiration

In your home decor, add texture and pattern. It can be in vases and table centers, get a warm organic feel with runners and linen or cotton napkins, it can be combined with natural plates and rustic stoneware plates.

2020 Table Decor

Flower arrangements should be light and airy. Add height to your center without blocking the view. You can place the pot on a tall metal structure or with an acrylic block.

Cakes can be displayed in the same way – I have seen many beautiful acrylic blocks with flower arrangements inside, and the cake takes the first place on top. Simple and discreet, but very impressive.

2020 Table Decor

How Table Decor Alone Can Enhance The Aesthetics Of The Entire House?

Long table with black lamp in the middle and 2 tall vases on the side – florist: Bloom and Bride

Warm earth tones and pampas grass decorations create a soft and feminine look. The discreet feel of the uneven surface complements the visual appeal of the grain variations, knots and lines.

2020 Table Decor

For a wedding backdrop, macrame knits add a retro, 70s look. Hanging on a metal frame and decorated with flowers, this background is an investment that you can reuse in your home and remind you of the good old days.

Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

Add a playful element with a teepee tent, an area for children to play, or use bouquet hoops instead of traditional flower arrangements. Whether for bridesmaids and bridesmaids, or hung as ceiling and wall decorations, these most popular items look great with dried flowers, with dried flowers and grass taking center stage at home and in wedding decorations.

2020 Table Decor

“Boho wedding is not a widespread trend. However, designers and stylists develop this trend every season to give it new life. For 2020-2021 it is definitely the best! I predict a movement towards dry plants such as sand palm and preserved white Ruscus. And using pastel more fun and richer color combinations.Wedding Decor Trends 3 / Modern Farmhouse

The rustic wedding theme never gets old, there are many variations to keep it modern and contemporary. The wedding venue that offers a barn wedding is also upping the game, with good lighting, the character of the wooden beams is perfect for hanging decorations, and serving food party-style.

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2020 Table Decor

Dining Table Decor Ideas For Fall

Keep the table decoration simple by using a dark colored table runner, even more elegant with a long table, rather than a more classic one. Only flowers from the top instead, if you can, fill the entire space in the room from floor to ceiling. Without large flower arrangements on the table, you will have more space to prepare shared dishes, especially with appetizers.

Long table with ceiling flower installation – florist: Bloom and Bridal; Planning and Styling: Emily K Weddings; photography – Caitlin and Jones

2020 Table Decor

Italian style tables and snacks are perfect for guests to interact with and maintain a cheerful and lively atmosphere. The concept of sharing food can also be applied to the main course, with an amazing public carvery and all the trimmings. For dessert, why not take this with a fun cake cart and cupcakes.

Top Wedding Decor Trends For 2020 And 2021

Choose a modern table top and print it on a canvas that can be hung on the wall. It adds structure and provides a nice contrast to the exposed wooden beams or brick in your surroundings.

2020 Table Decor

Additional wooden decorations can be used for a unique table top – look at this beautiful staircase and imagine vases and props (from small jam jars with flowers or succulents), with A5 chair sheets scattered or hanging from shelves. Again, it’s easy to bring back to your home – office, bathroom, hallway.

Lighting is also an important element – from metal chandeliers to strings of fairy lights in the house; think about which is the best light in your place at different points of the day, for drinks and canap├ęs, or even a fire outside in the evening, if possible with your place, to maintain an indoor-outdoor connection that your guests will enjoy. separate. of

2020 Table Decor

Valentine’s Day Table Decor Ideas

Many of us are plant-crazy women these days, aren’t we? This is because we are naturally drawn to our environment as humans, but in our daily busyness, we sometimes forget our connection with nature. Integrating nature into our environment has been considered many times to reduce stress and blood pressure levels, while increasing mental well-being and creativity.

Foliage is an inexpensive way to create a beautiful decorative arrangement, but even plant pots can be DIYed, try your local garden center. Table numbers can be modeled with glass frames that add foliage to the interior – and you’ll have to keep the frames to see all the stunning party favors. picture later.

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2020 Table Decor

Tall plants, which appear in the forest are very fashionable for this aspect, as well as a background that adds height to the decoration of your space. Or as a backdrop for your top table or ceremony, choose a garden wall with plenty of greenery.

How To Style The Best Christmas Coffee Table Decor

With plants taking the focal color point of your scheme, the rest of the decor can be kept neutral, or mood colors can be incorporated for a 1920s art deco look.

2020 Table Decor

The look is still a popular choice for wedding themes, with its sharp geometry and luxury, and you can easily incorporate your biophilic theme. Geometric installations are an interesting way to provide an interesting background.

Blue and Gold Cake – style: Knots and Kisses; cake designer: Essential Edible; photography: Maxi Photography Devon

2020 Table Decor

Dining Room Trends

Use different mirrors in different sizes to top the table, like in this arrangement. Mirrors add depth and space to any environment, and gold-effect frames add luxury and elegance.

For stationery, white and gold will give an elegant and subdued combination – add geometric elements to the invitation to elevate the look; or the black and gold palette always makes people “wow”, especially with the texture of plush velvet ribbons or where written calligraphy is added as an addition.

2020 Table Decor

Finally, with this theme think of incorporating all the senses – candles, essential oil diffusers, or even spraying stationery with your chosen party scent.

The Harlow Stand: Elevating Wedding Table Decor

The stores offer free wedding fragrance consultations, where they help brides (and grooms) find the perfect fragrance that will mark the beginning of their new life together.

2020 Table Decor

Trends are the perfect source of inspiration for you to find a mix of elements that suit your personality. I hope you found at least one or more style tips that you will like

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