40th Class Reunion Table Decorations

40th Class Reunion Table Decorations – The idea of ​​a class reunion came to me quickly the moment I walked into the hall for the recent 40th reunion. The mega talented Diane Winton did a wonderful job designing each table with a combination of framed photos, photo spreads, trophies, candles and an eagle (mascot) filled with yearbook photos.

The best thing about any table is a display of yearbook photos, whether scattered on the table or framed, guests will light up when they walk around the room and look at them. You will also find rewards and prizes on the table from various games and other events that are not common.

40th Class Reunion Table Decorations

40th Class Reunion Table Decorations

The good thing about jewelry is that it doesn’t look expensive. Diane did a lot with plain candlesticks and dressed them up with quilts.

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Use a CD holder to display photos of students at a fun music and video event.

40th Class Reunion Table Decorations

The school colors were brown and white, and Diane incorporated gold into the desks. I like that he uses boxes and other things to change the height of the object.

Most of the glasses on the table had glittery brown tulle to tie them all together. Pro tip: Diane put small beads on the tulle to make sure they stayed on the cups.

40th Class Reunion Table Decorations

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Although the people are what make the party so much fun, it’s the photos placed in the decorations that provide the most memories from the high school years. Summer is almost here, and if Pinterest is any indication, most of you are on it. the process of organizing your class session!

Last year I had the pleasure of serving with a great team to put together our 20 year anniversary. Our team has a vision of great fun for friends instead of gym games or club dances (we did enough of those in our school days!). We want an atmosphere that is casual and beautiful, just structured but not over-planned or kitschy. Our committee wants a party like we will have as a host or hostess.

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40th Class Reunion Table Decorations

And of course we have to keep a tight budget to keep the ticket prices down. Our decorating fee is approximately $4 per ticket.

Class Reunion Decor

Is that impossible? No! It’s hard, yes… But with creativity, imagination, marketing and lots of DIY energy, yes, it can be done.

40th Class Reunion Table Decorations

To make the centerpiece, we scoured HomeGoods, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx for tall vases, then bought fillers from the dollar store and fabric scraps from the craft store. Tapes and nets were bought in large rolls at auctions and by passes. We bought black, silver and gold paint and a drop cloth to spray the filler in the color we wanted. The netting is more transparent than we like, so we also spray paint a transparent cellophane roll with gold paint. It doesn’t have to be perfect, it has to be bright and fill the pot well. The recommended tip here is to wear gloves when painting if you don’t want to ruin your manicure and really hide your hands during the session. Ha!

To organize things in the middle, we took small letters from JoAnn, tied them together and painted them by hand. We did the same with the wooden numbers and papier-mâché. (By “we” here, I mean my talented mother, who likes to contribute to the fun as much as she makes time for high school dances at my school. He not only gave his time to this work, but also letters, numbers , mesh and some sewing materials).

40th Class Reunion Table Decorations

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For the rest of the table decorations, my mom kindly let me raid her silk flowers and “borrow” all of her purple flowers. We scour the thrift stores for votive holders and small glass containers to hold flower arrangements. We needed a few more so we bought the rest from Michael. We put hot tape around the glass boxes to make them look the same and to hide the floral foam at the bottom of each one.

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To make small stems, we cut everything from a large bunch of silk flowers we have on hand and arrange them in shape and color (in this case yellow is our general color, so we use different types of yellow to make it look good, we have enough ). We distribute the stems so that each bag is on each table and has a variety of beautiful colors.

40th Class Reunion Table Decorations

Each table has a unique cutlery, ribbon and flower arrangement. Pro tip: It helps to create a kit for each table (we use a plastic shoe box), for faster table decoration – just give a box to each committee member after you clear the first table. We also scattered clear glass beads around the table to add a little sparkle to each table.

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After dark, the candlelit tables made for long conversation while classmates were able to catch up with each other.

40th Class Reunion Table Decorations

We take out 2 small vases (Marshalls) and fill them with a net, and yellow and white flowers remain on the theme. We painted some wooden candlesticks black and held painted papier-mâché letters at the end of each table.

For the memory board, we use 2 trifold foam cores and some long pins. Only in the committee we have souvenirs that travel, who are satisfied with football jerseys, boards and many photos and ask our classmates to throw away anything they want to share and use tape Cover the back of the photos to restore them. untouched.

40th Class Reunion Table Decorations

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Adding the finishing touch to the memory board – bring sturdy pins to hold things like clothes, letters and numbers to the foam board so they don’t fall off!

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To honor and remember our lost classmates, we added a table at the end with a framed 4×6 photo of each classmate. We placed yellow and white flower arrangements in green and added black lamps to allow us to place frames very high on the table. We got frames from the dollar store and placed tea lights in front of each photo, along with name cards.

40th Class Reunion Table Decorations

We added a floral arrangement to the reception table, using yellow and white flowers and some greenery, with simple black tablecloths.

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And that’s it! We hired a DJ to host the event and our photographer provided background photos and lots of props, which made sure everyone had a great time.

40th Class Reunion Table Decorations

In the end, we chose to accommodate difficult guests in a welcome bar to keep ticket prices down and encourage attendees to share rather than have a sit-down dinner. This space provides space for indoor and outdoor gatherings, and the outdoor parking space creates an atmosphere that encourages connection. One of our classmates said it best: “I feel like I went to my friend’s summer party and ran into everyone from high school while I was there. It’s great to see everyone else, reconnect and make new friends. “

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