4th Of July Americana Table Top Decor W Bold Eagle

4th Of July Americana Table Top Decor W Bold Eagle – Last month I did a little DIY breadboard paint to give it a more “subtle” gray washed look. This small change has had a big impact on the design of tablet centerpieces and tablet tables in the garden room. I like to use more than one element in tablet groups, but I don’t want them scattered all over the place. I love fixing up those crazy knives and old items!

In mid-June, it’s time to do a patriotic theme in the garden room and in this farmhouse, which can be seen from the kitchen and fireplace. You know I love seasonal decor with some vintage items, so I started looking for a focal piece to use with a cream wood that always makes a flower bed.

4th Of July Americana Table Top Decor W Bold Eagle

4th Of July Americana Table Top Decor W Bold Eagle

I filled my antique bucket with white geraniums, hydrangea and viburnum (with a few sticks thrown in for fun). I’ve collected a bunch of “souvenir” flags over the years, so I put 3 vintage flags in a flower basket arrangement. These are pre-1948 vintage flags as there are 48 stars as opposed to the post-1950 flags which are the current “50 star” version.

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I wanted to find a patriotic style metal purse for a colorful focal piece, so I did some hunting on Etsy and Ebay. I found this piece on a 70’s pottery piece from the Sunny Biscuit company. In the mid-70s, many bicentennial souvenirs were produced, and I think this is one of them.

4th Of July Americana Table Top Decor W Bold Eagle

The Patriot you usually see is a slightly different shade of blue and in nice shape with only minor signs of wear. Creates a clear and pleasing sentence for the tablet.

I have a few thermos pieces, but I usually only think about them during the Christmas season. I grabbed and used them both to create another small set of blue/mason jars, flags and a red painted clay flower pot.

4th Of July Americana Table Top Decor W Bold Eagle

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I looked through my old postcards and found these two “resort” souvenir packs; one from the Grand Canyon and the other from Big Springs near the Ozarks of Missouri. The Missouri Pack was published in 1939 with beautiful color illustrations.

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My husband and I recognize some of these popular shots and camera angles from our recent trips to southern Missouri and northern Arkansas.

4th Of July Americana Table Top Decor W Bold Eagle

About the Townhouse and Follow the Yellow Brick House on Monday Inspire Me in an Unusual Part of the Suburbs 4th of July The week continues with something we’ve both been very excited to share over the past two weeks…all cottages, 4th of July Tiles Get ideas and inspiration for decor and celebration! As we mentioned in our post on Tuesday about all things 4th of July style for him and her, 4th of July celebrations are work in these parts, and in our family, that means backyard BBQs, we’ve got to eat food as much as a week. . time, a lakeside party and a patriotic holiday. But if cottage life and July 4th week at the lake are anything to go by

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, that’s great. So when it comes to planning and preparing a 4th of July party, everything should be fuss-free, crowd-pleasing, and easy to pull off. A laid-back, sun-kissed, lazy lifestyle is what we strive to achieve as often as possible. There’s no shame in our ultimate party prep game!

4th Of July Americana Table Top Decor W Bold Eagle

So here we not only bring you all the classic US inspired party, table and general decor, but we also give you a slice of all the food and entertainment tips/advice. / hacks you see here in the picture. We hope this helps inspire your celebrations this year and make your life a little easier as you prepare for the 4th! To be honest, this tablet took me about 4 hours to complete, from buying all the supplies to finishing it, so you can do everything and make a good spread in half a day, or just your favorite items. You can pick and choose a few and impress your guests/friends/family/neighbors with party favors. We love love love everything classic Americana that makes us want to decorate and get ready for this holiday season, so we’re having a hard time picking our favorites. And if we’re being completely honest, foam pigs in a blanket are high on our list. Like a fruit flag. Watermelon skins. And those coke bottles. Okay, okay, we won’t influence your decisions – go with your gut!

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As a general note on setting the stage for a great tableau on the decorating front, one of my favorite things to do, and something I love to do when I’m entertaining or entertaining for any festive tableau, is mixing of prints, patterns and textures. really fun, charming, cozy feel to the cottage. There are many creative and affordable ways to do this! Here I used some very inexpensive blue and white chinoiserie canisters as little serving plates (which you can also find at a flea market or antique market), and this print is so fun to make. mixed with red and white. and blue (like this skirt), polka dots, and more, for a really playful, eclectic cottage vibe. Then, to keep it cozy, use warm fabrics like woven seaweed, rattan or cotton (like this gorgeous tableware box), or even wooden objects and holders (this gorgeous pedal, this cake stand and this tiered cake stand ). I love the layers. to show the best! Again, these are all things you can pick up at flea markets, antique/mart shops, or Target and use on your next holiday table or party!

4th Of July Americana Table Top Decor W Bold Eagle

Patriotic White Metal Vase With 15 Inch Red White And Blue Flower Arra

Okay guys, since I know you like to jump right into the good stuff, let’s dive right in and tear it all down, shall we? Forward!

Red Striped Light Pillow Fishing Beaches | Blue Acrylic Drinkware | Red, white and blue hand towels Lobster glasses | Red, White and Blue Runner | Woven Fabrics Light Blue Striped Pillow Mini Twisted Flags | Beverage Dispenser Red Stripe Melamine Dessert Plate | Watermelon Paper Plate | Processing and wood grade bread | Blue and Red Striped Melamine Dinner Plates Red Striped Napkins and Woven Napkin Rings Assorted Red, White and Blue Melamine Dinnerware Blue and White Water Bottles

4th Of July Americana Table Top Decor W Bold Eagle

We’re just going to go ahead and say it – a backyard watermelon is a 4th of July must. FORCED! A great way to make it easier for guests to enjoy is to cut it into 1- or 2-inch-thick pieces and place them on a tall stand like this one so they can hold or keep. for easy access!

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The Vintage Style Home Decor Guide

The classic coke in a bottle is one of the coolest fun moves you can make, in our opinion. Seriously…if you don’t like classic coke in a bottle, what person does?! It’s also such an easy way to add a festive touch to your tablet with a pretty ribbon that takes almost no time to make. A simple cut and tie (I have two knots) and you’ve seriously upped your lady game. If I had made more of an effort, I would have definitely used a galvanized cold bottle like this and put the bottles on ice to keep them cool for the guests, the display would have been just as sweet, but I kept these in the fridge. and I taped them so they were very cold when I left. For longer party purposes, there is an ice rink. This trick is said to work on almost any bottled beverage of your choice. IZZE red bottles or an old fashioned cherry soda bottle would be so much fun!

4th Of July Americana Table Top Decor W Bold Eagle

Adding candy to an indoor party table or bar is one of the easiest fun ideas in the book, and with great presentation/containers (like this tree post and these festive jars), plain old candy gets a boost. instantly with little effort. For July 4th, we want:

Pretzels, popcorn, and similar tasty treats are another way to instantly spruce up any landscape or yard area with pretty containers, and you won’t have to put in any extra effort.

4th Of July Americana Table Top Decor W Bold Eagle

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This is one of my favorites because it is so delicious! This is another no-fuss 4th of July that takes a little work but will have the biggest impact on your guests. Hot dogs are almost a must

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