4th Of July Party Table Decorations

4th Of July Party Table Decorations – Besides Christmas, the Fourth of July is my favorite holiday. I absolutely love decorating in red, white and blue and celebrating with friends and family. I’m sharing my Fourth of July tablescape ideas and all the details on how I set everything up.

I actually set up and photographed two different versions of this table because I was asked to come on a local TV station to share my scones and honey butter recipe and patriotic tablescape. We taped it three weeks before I created the show twice! I’m sharing all the photos of both setups so you can see some different variations here.

4th Of July Party Table Decorations

4th Of July Party Table Decorations

I am very patriotic and my country means a lot to me. I’ve always had this patriotism, and even after being in a military family I think it’s getting stronger as the years go by. I am proud to be an American and will always respect my flag and country. I thank those who sacrificed their lives for my freedom. I take it to heart. I thank the men, women and families serving our nation right now.

Th Of July Garden Picnic Party Ideas

I set up the first version of this tablescape for a TV segment on Fox 13 The Place in SLC, Utah.

4th Of July Party Table Decorations

I will link the resources at the bottom of the post. 4th of July or patriotic rally is held

When I host a party for the Fourth of July, I like to set up a tablescape with some fun decorations and all the delicious food I’ll be serving. Since this is a backyard party, I set up the tablescape with all the food and drinks indoors since we have shady spots in our backyard.

4th Of July Party Table Decorations

America, America: 4th Of July Printables

The second version of this tablescape and all the food I prepared for our Fourth of July party.

Barbecue is a Fourth of July tradition at our house and my husbands and sons love to use the grill and smoker. I plan the side dishes around the meats we are cooking. I will try to share some of these recipes soon! I have linked the ones I have already shared.

4th Of July Party Table Decorations

When I set a food and dessert table, I always focus on using a centerpiece with some sort of decoration. The centerpiece on this table was the centerpiece, which I made out of galvanized tin cans filled with fake peonies, blueberries, and sage greens. To add a touch of red, white and blue, I added some flags to the center and placed them on an old vintage chest at the far end of the table.

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July 4th Table Decor Ideas

I like to use different objects like boxes and cake stands to add different heights when displaying decorations and food.

4th Of July Party Table Decorations

I used a rustic wooden sign in the center of the table to place other items. It’s a great way to add some color to the centerpiece of the table and incorporate another flag into the decor.

The wooden flag sign has wooden supports on the bottom, which worked better because the sign stood up about an inch above the table. If you have a flag sign on your table that you want to use for this, put some wood or something to give it a little lift. It will make it a little more beautiful. In these photos you can see the supports under the flag.

4th Of July Party Table Decorations

Th Of July Party Idea’s

I placed the drinks on a rustic red tray with star cutouts and a Ray Dunn mug straw that read War Mom. I am the proud mother of a US Marine, a pilot in the US Air Force, and I have been a military wife for six years.

I also found some cute signs on Etsy and some local shops that you can see here.

4th Of July Party Table Decorations

Get creative with your serving pieces and ways to display your food. Some of my favorite items are the Polish pottery serving dishes I collected years ago when my husband served in the US Army. Many military wives collected Polish pottery, and I certainly collect my share. If you want to find this pattern, google Polish Pottery Star Pattern and you’ll find quite a few online. One of my favorite pieces is this large square baking dish in which I made my stars and stripes cake.

Th Of July Decor

I placed my red, white and blue plates and square napkins on different parts of the table. They are useful pieces of decor!

4th Of July Party Table Decorations

Believe it or not this cake was really easy. I will be sharing the recipe soon, so check back for it or check out the dessert section under the recipe tab. I will link it here when I add it to this post.

I kind of made it and crossed my fingers that it would work. I used white cake and baked the cakes in sheet cake pans so they would be thin. I took one layer and put it in a Polish ceramic star baking dish, then added a layer of cream cheese and then another layer of cake. I then made a light layer of buttercream frosting on top and then mixed and piped the stars and stripes to create the flag. It’s a country cake and it’s not meant to look perfect. It was delicious too!

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4th Of July Party Table Decorations

Explosive 4th Of July Party Foods And Patriotic Decorating Ideas

I hope you enjoyed the details of my patriotic Fourth of July tablescape. I always look forward to this holiday. Happy Fourth of July, God Bless America! 4th of July Decoration Ideas I am a patriotic soul who loves her country deeply. I love it for its melting pot. We are certainly not a perfect nation. Although we are a nation of imperfect people, many of us live wonderful lives on the foundation of freedom and equality that our founding fathers wanted. Both took many more years to come to fruition but we are still working on perfecting it.

But getting older has increased my appreciation for the beauty of simplicity, and letting go of the unattainable goal of perfection. {

4th Of July Party Table Decorations

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Th Of July Tablescapes, Festive Decor & Party Ready Finds Now

If your table is beautiful and works with the environment, a natural table is perfect. If you’re looking for a more formal setting, a fabric tablecloth is perfect. But if you’re going to have a lot of kids at a more casual event, a plastic tablecloth is a great way to go!

4th Of July Party Table Decorations

Speaking of plastic, I personally prefer the thinner dollar versions over the thick tablecloths from my local party store.

When you start a table design, you’ll want to choose a runner of some sort. It can be a roll of a gift, a log or a strip of artificial turf!

4th Of July Party Table Decorations

Three Simple Patriotic 4th Of July Tablescapes To Make Your Party Stand Out

Based on the hallway design, it is my favorite table decoration. I love this special burlap runner to add a touch of Americana.

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Flag Pattern Paper Lanterns with a Curly Gift Bow are the easiest Fourth of July decoration! If you’ve ever stressed about simple {

4th Of July Party Table Decorations

Then offset the lights with clusters of decorative fireworks. I seriously thought about DIYing these guys, but in the end it was easier to buy. I have the best intentions, but often don’t have the time. I’m sure this only happens to me.

Decorations For 4th Of July 2018

Regional settings are another great way to add theme details. Printed paper goods, colorful cutlery and layered textures add interest to the table. Adding something unexpected like a star-shaped plate and bagged dishes creates a playful atmosphere.

4th Of July Party Table Decorations

Finishing off the arrangements with the printable design is the fireworks above! The whole thing was inspired by my friend Carolina of Mint Event Design who made the decorated food bags last year. These darling printables were meant to be straw flags and drink labels, but I love how creative she got and had to do.

Decoration doesn’t have to end at the table. What you serve and how you serve make a big difference. Color coordinated foods are my jam. The best party foods are simple, often healthy foods that can be displayed in a fun way or given a great label!

4th Of July Party Table Decorations

Fourth Of July Tablescape Ideas

Another party trick is to display your favors as decorations. This cracker was a hit with the kids. After dinner they can grab Pop-Its, collect sparklers and add poppers to their own bag.

Anything displayed in an apothecary jar automatically feels fancy. As you can see, it doesn’t need to be full. Although this photo jar is after it was already raided! Dress it up with some stars and fans and call it a day!

4th Of July Party Table Decorations

I love this group of fans and use them all

Th Of July Party Ideas: 25 Tips For Hosting & Celebrating

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