50’s Table Decorations Ideas

50’s Table Decorations Ideas – There is something about diners that makes it feel like home. Of course, incredible comfort food has a lot to do with it, but inviting bar stools, bright colors, and nostalgic memorabilia are also part of the experience. What better way to bring that cozy, retro look to your kitchen? Don’t worry, we’re not talking about spending thousands on remodels, we’re talking about presenting an old-fashioned American meal with thoughtful yet practical details that will recreate that vintage diner vibe.

For a truly retro look, start with a checkered floor. (For a similar look, try The Home Depot’s Villa Lagoon.) Choose a fresh white paint and all the retro accessories you add will pop up. The homeowner started with Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace on the wood and plank walls and open shelving and added a retro SMEG refrigerator.

50’s Table Decorations Ideas

50's Table Decorations Ideas

In addition to the food, the most important part of any restaurant is the comfortable booths. Those comfy red leather armchairs almost say, “Sit down, stay a little longer.” If you really want to go retro, indulge in a classic red cabinet for your kitchen. For a more affordable option, try red, black, or mint green bar stools or chairs.

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If you don’t want to splash money on a retro fridge or oven, add splashes of color around the room. Here, yellow paint instantly brightens up the room, while classic red tones stand out on cabinet handles, chairs and hoods. The retro look is complemented by mint green tables. Even old pendant lamps sparkle.

50's Table Decorations Ideas

Any kitchen can have a dining area with the right chairs. (Try these bar stools for a similar look.) Bright red on light blue island paint (Benjamin Moore’s Rhine) for a striking finish.

Update your wardrobes with a restaurant-inspired makeover for a more pronounced dinner vibe. Colors like plant green or powder blue are perfect hues to enhance your dining area.

50's Table Decorations Ideas

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You’ve probably noticed that your foodies have a lot more old-school gadgets than you. A 1950s Smeg refrigerator will definitely add decorative appeal to a small kitchen. But since these expensive appliances come with big price tags, you may also want to consider smaller appliances like the Smeg toaster, popcorn maker, old can opener, ice cream maker, or pop-up hot dog toaster. (Yes, that last one is the real thing.)

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Have you ever noticed that your restaurants have the cutest hours? From odd expressions to neon-lit clocks, diners have mastered the art of telling time. If you want to go back in time with a more classic option, a red dinner hour will never fail.

50's Table Decorations Ideas

Decorating your walls is an easy way to reinvent your kitchen. Display word symbols like “Eat”, “Eat” or “Kitchen” for a bold look. (The brighter the colors, the better!) If you want to go the real route, display advertising posters, road signs, old license plates or framed vinyl albums, all of which can be found on Amazon or eBay.

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Even if you don’t drink soda, you can’t deny Coca-Cola’s permanent place in American culture. From cans to coolers and syrup dispensers, the logo has made it an iconic brand, so it’s a constant presence among old-school diners. Incorporate the iconic brand into your decor with a Coca-Cola straw, kitchen tablecloth, and napkin holder, or find retro soda pop finds at the flea market.

50's Table Decorations Ideas

It’s hard to find a dinner party without memorabilia (posters, vintage records, miniatures, etc.) that pays homage to ’50s icons like Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean or the Beatles. Add a small framed photo to your growing collection of wall art for your kitchen.

Who doesn’t love to find their favorite song on the jukebox after lunch? Music has become a beloved part of the classic dining experience, and there are easy ways to bring it home. Go for jukebox-inspired electronics like a Jukebox radio or Bluetooth Jukebox speakers, as a full-size jukebox will cost thousands of dollars.

50's Table Decorations Ideas

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The quickest way to return your kitchen to the Golden Age of dinnerware is to have the right accessories. From vintage cookie cutters and custom cutting boards to ketchup and mustard dispensers and dinnerware mugs, adding a stylish dinner party touch is easier than you think. This post may contain affiliate links that may earn commissions at no additional cost to us. As an Amazon partner, we earn from your purchases.

I’ve always wondered what the 1950s would have been like. I look at all the pictures of my grandparents and then I make history beautiful. How much fun would it be to go Sock Hop? My mother-in-law was celebrating her 60th birthday and it was the perfect opportunity for a great 1950s Retro Sock Hop Party to go back to the 50s when she was born.

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50's Table Decorations Ideas

I started the party by imagining a color scheme. Everything I do is fixed around red, turquoise, pink, black and white. We added some gold to make it a little more appealing, but overall we tried to stick with these 5 basic colors.

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One party trick I’ve had over the years is to buy a cheap linen tablecloth from Amazon. You can actually get a monochrome tablecloth for about $9. A plastic tablecloth usually costs between $3 – $4 unless you find it super cheap at a dollar store. I have made so much use of my basic black and white tablecloths and even my black and white checkered tablecloths!

50's Table Decorations Ideas

I started with a solid tablecloth, then put a sequined runner on top. Again, these runners are about $7! I highly recommend getting a pair of gold or black stamps that you can use for almost any occasion!

During the race, we arranged an old record, stuffed dice, retro sunglasses, and ice cream cups filled with clove flowers. We also had some vintage cars that we placed around the table. One of my favorite finds was this delicious pink popcorn. I like to buy candy from Amazon because you can get things you wouldn’t normally find in stores. Black and white popcorn boxes are also a must at my parties. They’re perfect for snacking and they’re so cute! I used popcorn boxes at my son’s Star Wars birthday party!

50's Table Decorations Ideas

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Our main dining table is pretty big, so we were able to make large fabric ice cream centerpieces. It was so much fun creating these! The base or “glass shake” is a white painted garden for gardening!

We used a PVC pipe and duct tape to create the straw, and a styrofoam ball to make the cherry. Our entrance was one of my favorite parties. We have reused the dinner entree and the large dice a few times. The dice are just boxes covered with white paper and black dots! It’s simple, but I think it adds something extra.

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50's Table Decorations Ideas

The treatment table was an absolute pleasure to put together. I’ve been wanting to make mini pineapple upside-down cupcakes to top them with 50’s candy, but I’ve run out of time. Instead I went with traditional desserts and decorated some cakes as well.

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Milk Duds, licorice, Whoppers and sugar cigarettes were perfect accompaniments. Sugar cigarettes were a huge hit and definitely made a few people think of fond childhood memories. We also decorated some cupcakes to look like mini milkshakes from a soda shop. Add cute wrappers, straws and cherries and you can turn a store-bought cupcake into a special one!

50's Table Decorations Ideas

Our final sweet addition was these beautiful note-shaped sugar cookies. If you’re looking for a quick sugar cookie cream tutorial, you can find my recipe here! I have my secrets for perfecting the bakery-looking cookies every time.

I wanted fun cocktails for the bar. I immediately thought of Roy Rogers and Dirty Shirleys. They both have grenadine syrup and are garnished with maraschino cherries, so they worked well together.

50's Table Decorations Ideas

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If people don’t know the cocktail recipes, I printed it out like a big bar menu. I also decided to serve a variety of spirits in glass jugs for a more retro look. For some reason I always think 50s cocktails are pouring out of fancy jugs.

After dancing and eating, we offered the guests a classic box of Cracker Jacks. Honestly, these are one of my favorite snacks! I was delighted to find it packaged on Amazon.

50's Table Decorations Ideas

We also decided to dress completely wrong for the night! It was so much fun to go back in time and pretend!

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50's Table Decorations Ideas

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