7 Feet Pol Table Cover With Decoration

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Make your living room or dining room poolside with the Cuel Living pool table. Cuel Living offers a large executive table made of solid wood and walnut veneer, and a quality professional pool table. Have it both ways: a large dining table for social events and a pool table for after-dinner drinks.

7 Feet Pol Table Cover With Decoration

7 Feet Pol Table Cover With Decoration

The Cuel Living pool table is made of wood and has an attractive simple design. Its weight rests on four legs made of wood, keeping the table perfectly aligned. The table has three 2.5 cm thick stones for professional gaming enjoyment. The three-part cover is also made of wood.

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Four legs are the basic requirements for the stable condition of the carriage. Due to the large construction, Cuel Living is of very solid construction. With a Cuel Living of around 400 kg, there is a solid stance for real fun.

7 Feet Pol Table Cover With Decoration

Taiwanese manufacturer Uylin rubber cushions are also praised by professional players. As with normal tournament tables, There is no return system on the ball collection table. The table is covered in fabric sent by Andy 900, our standard of international competition in Asia. If you want a variety of fabrics, you can set the product selection.

We stand at a 7ft 525cm x 425cm table, which is required for optimal play. This measure is the size of the playing surface; Comes from 200cm x 100cm + 147cm sign length on each side + 15cm space to shoot on each side.

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7 Feet Pol Table Cover With Decoration

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We’ve written a detailed buying guide where you can learn almost everything there is to know about pool tips. You can find the article here.

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