70s Table Decorations

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Calling all free spirits and flower children. It’s no secret that the 70s are having a big time – bell bottom jeans, flowy dresses, colorful suits and muted neutrals are everywhere. If you want to check the trend, we collected 32 ideas to help you throw a 70’s themed wedding.

70s Table Decorations

70s Table Decorations

The key to pulling off a vintage-themed wedding is to focus on the details. Choose a retro-inspired color palette, incorporate vintage furniture and clothing and rock a nostalgic wedding day outfit. When all these small elements come together, the end result will magically transport your guests back in time.

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We love these 70s inspired wedding ideas because they’re on theme but still stylish. Whether you want a subtle nod to the disco decade or want to fully unleash your inner hippie, we have something for every type of couple. Scroll through and save your favorite items to showcase your wedding ring so they can clearly see your vision and bring it to life. With just a few deliberate decisions, you can take your wedding from a simple celebration to a very 70’s one. How stupid is that?

70s Table Decorations

Nail your 70s themed wedding with this nostalgic color combination. Mix blush and blush with cream for a themed palette.

Nothing says ’70s more than disco. Set the tone by incorporating disco balls throughout your reception area. Not only will they look amazing, they will also encourage your guests to hit the dance floor and show off their best disco moves.

70s Table Decorations

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Bright colors and fun patterns were popular in the 1970s. Get the look by swapping a solid-colored cotton shirt for a model made from a funky fabric, like satin.

The 1970s were all about shiny suits. Bring the old school trend to life by rocking your own colorful outfit on your big day.

70s Table Decorations

Pulling off a themed wedding is all in the details. Set up a cocktail area with a nostalgic van and peacock chairs for a late 70s vibe.

Disco Party Supplies

Need some 70s wedding inspiration? Orange, teal and cream mixed together will transport your guests back to the disco decade.

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70s Table Decorations

If you’re a self-described flower child, this 70’s wedding idea is for you. Rock a colorful flower crown for a fun, playful accessory.

Welcome your guests to the party in 70’s style. Use the protective card wall as an opportunity to highlight your wedding theme.

70s Table Decorations

Wedding Table Decorations And Centrepiece Ideas

Jumpsuits were all the rage in the 70s. Join the trend by changing yours. Make it even more whimsical by adding a flowing, child-inspired flower.

Channel your inner hippie by rocking this gorgeous wedding hairstyle. Add extensions for an ultra-hip vibe. Hoping to let your hair down? Wrap the front of your hair for a look of movement.

70s Table Decorations

Velvet was very popular in the 70s – especially when it comes to interior design. Set the scene so your guests don’t make it into your reception area.

Vintage Centerpiece Ideas: Table Decor From Yesteryear

Transport your guests to Woodstock with a vintage truck as your photo booth. They will not be able to post objections on Instagram.

70s Table Decorations

Although brightly colored suits were popular in the 70s, there were also earth tone colors. Lead the style by rocking models, dress quietly on your wedding day. Psst: Add a pop of personality to your look with a colorful pair of socks or shoes.

Is an RSVP card with meal options really necessary? Chicken, beef, fish or vegetables – do you have to choose in advance? Here are the pros and cons.

70s Table Decorations

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What to find in the New Issue of the Knot We have the top trends and tips for you.

Capture the free style of the 1970s with this gorgeous wedding hairstyle. Ask your stylist for long, loose waves.

70s Table Decorations

Live tradition and skip the white wedding dress. Instead, incorporate your theme into your outfit. Pick two popular retro-inspired colors and wear them. When you join the ceremony, you will look completely forward.

S Themed Party

Instead of wearing headphones behind their ears, people in the 70s wore them on their heads. Get the look by wrapping a smart headband around your head.

70s Table Decorations

In the 1970s, environmental awareness began to grow. Unleash your inner flower child with a symbolic tree planting ceremony, which symbolizes putting down roots.

If you love ’70s style but don’t want to make a full commitment, invest in a themed accessory. A flowing cape will add a nostalgic vibe to your wedding day outfit.

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70s Table Decorations

Saturday Night Fever Themed Party

Warm pastel colors will instantly transport your guests back in time. Pair it with cream colored accents for a totally groovy party.

Together, bronze and velvet bring back a positive vibe. Incorporate it into your reception and ceremony decor for the ultimate 70s themed wedding.

70s Table Decorations

While there are no period gadgets, a themed wedding welcome sign is the next best thing. Upon entering the venue, your guests will feel transported back to the disco decade.

Wedding Decorations Your 70s Inspired Wedding Should Have

If you are looking for the perfect vintage wedding dress, look no further. This 1970s themed wedding dress will look amazing set against your nostalgic decor.

70s Table Decorations

Get an instant 1970s vibe by using warm sunset colors: yellow, orange, blush and pink. Refer your guests to your chosen theme by using the tones of your paper as well.

Speaking of warm sunset tones, we love the idea of ​​incorporating them into your flower arrangement. It’s a unique twist on the popular theme.

70s Table Decorations

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So you want a 70s themed wedding, but you want it to be interesting. Just adding some dark tones (think: burgundy, black or purple) makes it happen.

Maybe you’re a flower child but you don’t like the idea of ​​a flower crown. Consider wearing a flower wreath made of greenery instead.

70s Table Decorations

You don’t have to go further to achieve a 70’s themed wedding. For example, just switch out traditional chairs for those retro peacocks and it will instantly transport you and your guests back in time.

Set 70’s Disco Dancers Disco Ball Centerpiece Cake Toppers

If you like the velvet furniture trend from the 1970s, follow it. Create a larger beverage area where your guests can sip and mingle.

70s Table Decorations

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70s Table Decorations

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70s Table Decorations

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70s Table Decorations

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70s Table Decorations

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70s Table Decorations

There are some great invitation ideas that welcome the 1970s! Here are some of the best:

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Disco and music

70s Table Decorations

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