80s Theme Party Table Decorations

80s Theme Party Table Decorations – This past weekend, our friends broke out their fish tanks, tousled their hair like there was no tomorrow, and honed their tight rolling skills. We had an 80’s Halloween party this past weekend and it was awesome!

One of my best friends, Jenny from Vivian Elle Invitations designed the invitation. You can see the other invitations she made for me here and here. I just ordered our Christmas cards from her as well. She has some of the best Christmas card designs I’ve ever seen. You can check out her etsy shop here.

80s Theme Party Table Decorations

80s Theme Party Table Decorations

The parties I host are usually planned months in advance. This was planned a little over a month in advance. I knew it would be difficult to collect all the addresses and post the invitation, so I opted for an email invitation. Jenny is very talented. She designed this invitation in no time and it looks ordinary.

Totally Bodacious Ideas For Your 80s Theme Party

I couldn’t have an 80’s party without a Rubik’s Cube. I’ve seen Rubik’s Cube cakes and cookies, but I wanted something different. Mike had four tall boxes left over from something he got in the mail, so we painted them black, attached them, and then took pieces of neon cardboard to make the cubes.

80s Theme Party Table Decorations

It is currently in our living room. I can’t divorce him. If you like it and live in the Atlanta area, let me know. I want it to go to a good home! p

Our dining room is a cooking area. I was able to change this by using black bulletin board paper. The fun part was making the splashes. ;p The paint I used was just acrylic paint from the craft store. I was going to make my light black by adding laundry detergent, but the glow in the dark/black light acrylic was the same as the regular color. I cut out the 80’s characters from poster board and painted them on.

80s Theme Party Table Decorations

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Since the tablecloths are white, I wanted to add some color. Those neon accents are just fragments left over from my rubik’s cube.

You can see that it has the black light effect fully on. I bought some black bulbs at a hardware store and replaced them with the regular bulbs in our dining room chandelier. I was surprised how well they worked.

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80s Theme Party Table Decorations

This was a fun project that took less than 10 minutes. This was the tutorial I followed. It’s that simple. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees. Place an oven-safe bowl on a cookie sheet and place the post on it. After about 8-10 minutes, the record will begin to fold over the bowl. Remove from the oven and immediately shape with oven mitts.

What To Wear To An 80s Theme Party

My love for ranch dressing dates back to the 80’s, so I thought it only fitting to offer healthy veggie options and ranch. I always try to offer a healthy alternative at my party, but I always end up with leftovers. p

80s Theme Party Table Decorations

The lovely chevron green mugs are from Pick Your Plum (see the link on the side button of the website).

The bad serving dish is a $10 serving set I got from Ikea a while back. I knew I wanted sloths between tiers, but most sloths I found were $6-$7. It didn’t work for my efforts. When I ran across these at the dollar store, I got excited, said yes, yes, and grabbed them in no time. When I did, there were little kids around and they gave me a look that said, “Evil!” p

80s Theme Party Table Decorations

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Another staple in our house in the 80’s was Doritos! In the 80s, you couldn’t have a party without Doritos. In fact, I remember my mom being one of those role models at the grocery store. One time she brought home these brand new cheddar jacks and oh my god they were delicious. I was so proud when I went to school the next day with a bag for lunch. I told all the kids that they are brand new and you can’t buy them yet. I was lucky to have a bag. Much to my humiliation, one of my friends took a bag from lunch. Guess they weren’t as special as I thought. p

At Mike’s Mad Men party, I worked in the kitchen until the last minute. Thanks to my mom, sister, and JoAnn (a colleague), I would never have finished it. I wanted to spend less time in the kitchen for this party, so I ordered a pizza and added my own 80’s themed toppings. I just took the pepperoni and cut out a thin triangle to make them look like pac men.

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80s Theme Party Table Decorations

Cake pops that taste like bubble gum. Oh yes, it did and they were adorable. They were really easy to make. I made the cake as usual except I added red food coloring to the cake to make it pink. I added bubble bath flavor (just over $1 on Amazon) to the frosting and mixed it into the pink cake.

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The cupcake stand is just old boxes (if you don’t have one at home, ask at work…they often throw away tons of boxes) painted black. The tapes were part of Goodwill’s audiobook series. There were about 50 tapes and I got it for $3. First I primed the cassettes, then spray painted them in flour colors. A little hot glue and I had a cupcake tower.

80s Theme Party Table Decorations

The cupcakes were just vanilla and chocolate with vanilla frosting, but I sprinkled in some sticks to add something fun.

The orange, pink and yellow background art was made from white foam board. I got out my frog tape, created a design and went to town with my spray paint. Wham-bam-thanks-ma’mm 80s art! 🙂

80s Theme Party Table Decorations

Eighties Party Theme Rental

I made the “candy” sign by printing the letters on cardstock and coloring them. The yellow neon glowing dots were in the dark. It was fun to see them pop in the black light.

Several months ago, Gail, who runs the talent agency I’m a part of (Houghton Talent), gave me a bunch of goodies she found in her basement. She had a lot of party supplies left and asked if I wanted to take them off her hands. To help her clean and organize, I happily pulled out these cute little boxes along with a few other things. Many of the boxes had a small round sticker on them because they were left over from their granddaughters’ weddings. All I have to do is slap on a strip of neon tape with a regular post-it sticker I had in our office stash.

80s Theme Party Table Decorations

Here are some pictures of my candy: pop-rocks (the ones that went FAST!), candy buttons, wax bottles, pixie sticks, candy bracelets, airheads, and all sorts of nerds, taffy laffys, gobstoppers, and smarties. I already had the glassware so they were cheap. I spent a few bucks on some 80’s VHS tapes from Goodwill to increase the height.

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After Jenny did such a great job on the 80’s invitation, I asked her if she wouldn’t mind just sending me the outline of the invitation so I could make the labels for everything.

80s Theme Party Table Decorations

I called it the Pretty in Pink punch. For the glasses, I used simple plastic cups and strips of duct tape to give them an 80s feel. It also allowed guests to raise their own cup by adding their name.

I don’t think about party games, but I like to offer something interactive to relax people who feel uncomfortable when the evening is full of conversation. I ordered the 80’s Scene-It game from Amazon for under $10 and split the girls v. they are guys. The guys brought home the glow-in-the-dark award. I ordered a set of glow in the dark sunglasses from Oriental Trading Company for a few dollars.

80s Theme Party Table Decorations

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We also had a costume contest. I like to give out good prizes, but I don’t like to spend a lot of money (surprise, surprise). I bought Groupons as prizes at our Halloween party a few years ago and they were a huge hit! This year was even better because I had a big credit from Groupon (from a referral and a credit from a problem with Groupon). From the 80’s to the best dressed winner received a $50 gift certificate to La Grotta (a very nice Italian restaurant here in town), the best dressed winner received a gift certificate in hand, and the winner received a $10 Chipolte gift certificate. The best part…I didn’t spend $$ on them!

I was surprised that our little Guinness punk rocker didn’t go home with one of the costume prizes. 🙁 I gave him some extra amenities to keep this up!

80s Theme Party Table Decorations

Here are some pictures of some of the great costumes. I tried to get the whole picture but still

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