90th Birthday Table Decorations At Walmart

90th Birthday Table Decorations At Walmart – We officially have a teenager here. Sofia’s 90’s themed birthday party post is long overdue. it finally came true. Ben and I were quite pleased with his choice of subject. Yeah yeah. It’s time to relive our glory days. 😉 Sophia had some fun ideas that she pinned on Pinterest and just a few requests: candy placement + and photo backdrops. I can do it! Throwing a 90s themed party should just grab all the classic processed foods you can find haha. The kids loved it. This theme was fun and easy to put together. Let’s dig into the party supplies, including a $10 backdrop I found on Amazon.

We moved our long arm table from the den to the sunroom. I love that we made this DIY. It was a very suitable piece of furniture to be used for different events.

90th Birthday Table Decorations At Walmart

90th Birthday Table Decorations At Walmart

I found the cutest 90s themed wallpaper on Amazon. ONLY $9.99!! It was exactly what Sofia had hoped for. We wrapped it with a garland of balloons. The balloons were a mixture of Hobby Lobby balloons. Here I did a balloon wreath tutorial on how I make my own wreaths. (This was a little different, but this is the general idea of ​​how I tie the balloons to the string.)

Th Birthday Newspaper Australia 1933 Birthday Gift Au Back

We set the table with our white cake stands and a variety of fun treats for the kids.

90th Birthday Table Decorations At Walmart

Sophia wanted to make an ice cream cake and have a 90’s feel with mini troll dolls that I found on Amazon. She loves Nerds Gummy Clusters and they were the perfect candy color to sprinkle on the base of the cake.

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TABLE SET I covered the kitchen table with a gold tablecloth that we got for Sophia’s 11th birthday, a Hollywood movie theme. I think Walmart is where I found the colorful solo cups. They were the perfect pop of color for our theme. I loved how Sofia put their names on the cups so she could think ahead of time where everyone would want to sit. Some of the girls knew each other and some didn’t…so it was a great way to make sure everyone was comfortable and having fun.

90th Birthday Table Decorations At Walmart

Great Value Jasmine Rice 90 Second Pouch, 8.8 Oz

We found 90’s themed napkins at Party City and placed the ring in bowls in the middle of the table.

Each point also had a fanny pack. they wore them when we would party on the road and go laser tag/bowling. They sang the “Sophia the First” theme so loud in the car.. it was funny and painful at the same time haha.

90th Birthday Table Decorations At Walmart

We had pizzas in the island with fun 90’s themed decorations hanging from the ceiling.

Great Value Lasagna With Meat Sauce, 90 Oz (frozen)

PARTY ACTIVITIES I found a 90’s themed MASH game on Etsy. It’s an instant download and we printed them at home on plain paper. It was a fun activity for them while eating pizza.

90th Birthday Table Decorations At Walmart

PHOTOGRAPHY Girls love taking selfies and taking pictures of their friends, so having a photo booth was a must. 😉 The backdrop was from Amazon and we hung it over my backdrop. (It’s come in very handy over the years. They don’t have mine for sale anymore, but here’s an Amazon bestseller that looks exactly like it: 10-foot Backsplash Stand). on Amazon. The girls had fun with them.

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It was a great day to celebrate our BOY. How we got here, I don’t even know… I blinked and it grew.

90th Birthday Table Decorations At Walmart

Price’s Original Sweet And Tangy Pimiento Cheese Spread, 7 Oz

There is a 10.5 year age difference between our oldest and youngest… and it’s great to see them bond.

We love our Sofia very much. I can’t believe she’s 13 already…but I couldn’t be more proud of the kind + beautiful woman she’s growing into! It was fun celebrating her with a 90’s themed birthday party. I’m so thankful for how sweet she is and how she lovingly puts up with me and Ben dancing to our favorite 90’s music. I mean, she must know the classics safely 😉

90th Birthday Table Decorations At Walmart

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