Acrylic Crystal Table Decorations

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Looking for chic centerpiece ideas that will keep the style going and not overpower your bottom line? We’ve got three secrets to creating spectacular summer and fall weddings without blowing your wedding budget.

Acrylic Crystal Table Decorations

Acrylic Crystal Table Decorations

Central mirrors are one of the unsung heroes of economical wedding decor. Think of them as a versatile budget multiplier ~ they double the visual impact by mirroring your centerpiece in the room.

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The center piece above shows how beautiful and romantic a birdcage, mercury glass votives and a rose on a center mirror can look.

Acrylic Crystal Table Decorations

Similarly, a square center mirror with vases, potted sprinklers, water jelly beads or diamond confetti and votives creates a stunning centerpiece on a very tight budget. This type of centerpiece, mostly reusable, is an easy way to create from your existing supplies for most professional planners and is DIY-friendly even for crafty brides.

Fresh flowers are simply wonderful, and if you can hire a professional florist to make your dreams come true, we’d love to see the photos. And here are such amazing pictures we present.

Acrylic Crystal Table Decorations

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We love everything about fresh flowers. But if you need to keep your budget under control, substituting other stylish items will serve your purpose. You can still have gorgeous centerpieces ~ with little or no fresh flowers.

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This centerpiece showcases another adorable birdhouse, votives and a personal element ~ books are a wonderful thing and there’s no limit to what you can use except your imagination. This bride used a moss pillow to display fresh flowers. , if you have a neighbor with a big yard, you can recreate this look with just about any fresh flowers.

Acrylic Crystal Table Decorations

Another great alternative to fresh flowers ~ and one that adds height and drama ~ is golden sprigs. We love this bright, modern take on a natural centerpiece. This is ideal if the ceilings are high and the venue is outdoors. Pair a tall vase with a generous serving of gold branches and you’ve got a classy, ​​classic centerpiece that’s worth a lot of money. Add a chalkboard to your table number and your reception will be ready to wow your guests.

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A cylinder vase filled with golden branches complements the hall’s strong lines without breaking your budget. Diamond confetti at the base of the vase add stability and reflect a lot of light. Again, a stylish centerpiece on a budget that will make your inner accountant smile.

Acrylic Crystal Table Decorations

No matter the theme, color or venue of your wedding, these two simple secrets will save you money and save money on centerpieces.

The final secret to no-budget bridal decor is to move smartly. While you’re saving on individual desks, add some great end tables to enhance the overall impact of the room without throwing money at every flat surface.

Acrylic Crystal Table Decorations

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The cake table, name table/table assignment table and head table are great places to spend a little extra for maximum impact. They will be the center of attention of “your guests” several times throughout the night, and the money spent in these places will be photographed in a way that will remain in the pictures for years.

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Wondering how to get the most out of your strategic influx? Check back soon for a post on how to get the most out of your decorating spend by choosing the places with the most bang for your buck.

Acrylic Crystal Table Decorations

In the meantime, if you want to save money on centerpieces, contact the friendliest customer service in the industry. We’ll be happy to help you figure out what to order and get everything you need to you on time You can call our real, live customer service staff at 928-855-6075. Get in touch and they can offer everything from ordering help to detailed product advice, and we’re ready to do whatever it takes to make sure you’re getting the best quality for every dollar you spend.

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