Add Decorative Accent To Table

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There is a coffee table in front of the sofa; Next to the final table. Small, practical and often forgotten, a side table can make or break your living room interior. Do you have a living room full of travel souvenirs? Place your latest reading on the mandala table to relive the old days. Can’t be bothered with the extra metro? Instead, rest your cup of tea or coffee on a side table with a geometric or Scandinavian background. Do you think your living room furniture is a bit boring? Spice it up with a small side table sculpted like an elegant peacock. Check out our top 50.

Add Decorative Accent To Table

Add Decorative Accent To Table

Elegant Round Table – Want your end table to be a little more rustic? Assemble this teak tree creation that uses branches as legs.

How To Style A Console Table: 10 Ideas Decorating Console Tables

Teak Wood Side Table – Another teak wood side table stands on a solid log leg. Place your small succulents or coffee cups on top of the faux tree.

Add Decorative Accent To Table

Accent Teak Wood Table – Do you want to combine natural and artificial? This wooden stone supports your last reading under glass.

Coconut Shell End Table – Dare to be different with your end table. This peculiar and seemingly patterned cube is made entirely of coconut shell.

Add Decorative Accent To Table

Accent Wall Ideas For The Dining Room

Rustic Wooden Trunk Side Table – Make your living room look like you’ve just stepped off a 19th century steamship. This rectangular wooden chest offers hidden storage under the hinge.

Leather Trunk Table: Looking for the ultimate trunk table that an explorer would use? Shop it in leather with this coolest travel themed home decor example.

Add Decorative Accent To Table

Aquarium End Table: Let a real school live under your teacup. This glass table has an aquarium ready for fish.

How Many End Tables In A Living Room?

Pet Crate Side Table – Feel like your furry friend needs a place of their own? Place them inside this side table made from sustainable hevea wood to keep their hair out of the sofa.

Add Decorative Accent To Table

Frame End Table – Display your books without building a bookshelf. This framed side table has powder coated steel and a walnut finish.

Contemporary style square side table with storage: Sonoma oak stores your glasses, ornaments and a few magazines in this retro look piece.

Add Decorative Accent To Table

Buy White Marble Floret Art Decorative Plate Showpiece By Posh N Plush Online

C End Reclaimed Wood Finish End Table: After a side table different from the rest? Bring your table edge to the edge with the innovative C-shape.

Side table with space for phone charger – Tired of bulky phone and laptop chargers cluttering up your space? Hide them inside this side table with two shelves in melamine veneer and put your gadgets to the side.

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Add Decorative Accent To Table

Modern Black Side Table With Storage – Not sure where you want your side table to sit? This dark wood find is designed to work from either the left or right side.

Best Choice Products Set Of 2 Decorative Nesting Round Patterned Accent Side Coffee End Table Nightstands

Contemporary long table: Cowhide and rose gold make this narrow end table shine. Keep your collection of favorite books on the lower level, tea and biscuits on the upper level.

Add Decorative Accent To Table

Mid-Century End Table – Step back into the 1950s with the look of this classic side table. White and dark oak finish on solid wood provides a sturdy frame with two drawers.

Modern Scandinavian style side table – Scandinavian furniture makes the style effortless. Add it to your living room with this white and walnut table.

Add Decorative Accent To Table

Yorkshire Living Room Accent Table

Minimalist Nordic Side Table: After the Basics? An unpolished wood table with four legs and drawers is fine.

Modern glass table with wooden base: casual and relaxed, this elegant table with sketched legs is perfect for a variety of interiors. Place its wooden, iron and glass form next to the sofa or bed.

Add Decorative Accent To Table

Sculpted Wood Side Table: Carved from a block of dark walnut, this origami-style side table is certainly different. Use it as a stand and art piece in a dark living room.

Best Decor Accents To Add On Your Home Decor Ideas

Geeky Pi Side Table: Perfect for your living room or patio, this side table is the perfect gift for any math lover. Make your numbers with the legs pressed into their wooden form.

Add Decorative Accent To Table

Geometric Metal Side Table – Make a statement in your living room. This painted metal side table is all about its many legs.

Wrought iron and wood side table: Find something more sturdy with this wrought iron and wood version. A stunning side table (or even a cheeky ottoman) is the next underrated piece of art in your living room.

Add Decorative Accent To Table

The Holiday Aisle® Elf Decorative Accent

Twisted Mirror Table – Not using wood in your living room? Use mirrors instead. This twisted side table offers a narrow shelf and the illusion of more space.

Elegant Round Mirrored Table – Want to make your table legs dance to a different tune? These metallic concentric circles painted in stone offer an unusual base for your lamp.

Add Decorative Accent To Table

Side table with geometric color print – red, orange and box legs will take you back to the 70s with this oak side table. Keep valuables in your glove compartment and seat lamps in your head.

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Home Accent Furniture

Colorful Mandala Tables – Tap into your inner Hindu and Buddhist peace with these colorful and fun tables. Handmade in Turkey, their floral borders are sure to bloom.

Add Decorative Accent To Table

Futuristic Cube White Side Table – Continue with this futuristic side table. The white-stained wood cut into many grooves adds a sophisticated touch to the minimalist living room.

Triangle corner table: Place your coffee or magazine on the triangle stand. The iron frame supports a mixture of ash and pear wood.

Add Decorative Accent To Table

White Marble Top Table

Sphere Base End Table – Let your table legs shine with a glass top. These chrome spheres add the perfect accent to a metallic themed living room.

Modern Curvy End Table: Don’t want your magazines on your lap or desk? Place them in the specially designed grooves of this whimsical side table.

Add Decorative Accent To Table

Geometric Origami Style Glass Side Table: Flip the glass one way and the other for an alternate piece of art. This side table is suitable for white or silver accessories in the living room.

Sagebrook Home Marble Triangle Table Accent Sculpture

White Versatile Side Table: Melamine-coated and water-resistant, this table works around your decor, not your decor. Place it next to a low sofa, or place it high enough to reach your arm.

Add Decorative Accent To Table

Stacked Book End Table: Book lovers can’t go past this stacked end table. Place your latest read and cup of coffee on top of its ancient form.

Peacock End Table: Feeling a little smug? Show it off loud and proud with this brass peacock decor piece under your shrimp sandwiches.

Add Decorative Accent To Table

Home Decor 101: How To Decorate End Tables

Reindeer Side Table: These brushed brass antlers make a statement in your living room. Place this side table in front of the door to show off its tempered glass.

Deer Accent Table for Storage: Also available in a lighter brown, this deer with shelves is laser cut from multiple layers of wood. Use as a side table or computer desk.

Add Decorative Accent To Table

Sculptural Maharaja Elephant End Table – Want to bring an Indian feel to your living room? Add elephant decor with this hand-crafted crushed stone piece.

Home Decorative Display And Accent Table Center Table Wooden

Octopus End Table: Let the octopus curl up next to your sofa. Its metal legs hold the glass octopus in this unusual piece of decor.

Add Decorative Accent To Table

Mermaid End Table – After the mermaid decor? This aluminum side table offers shells in hand.

Guardian Dragon End Table: Fantasy fans will love this whimsical piece of dragon home decor. He places his monstrous form in front of the hall door and scares away unwanted guests.

Add Decorative Accent To Table

Table Decoration Ideas 2022 — Chic, Easy Tablescape Ideas

Wood-shaped end table: after something closer to nature? Place your glass top on the painted metal cypress.

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Arc De Triomphe Sculptural Side Table: Crushed stone covered in resin creates a side table reminiscent of France.

Add Decorative Accent To Table

Industrial Style Side Table – Do you have an industrial living room? This wood and metal table resembles a designer chair from a century ago.

Buy Linz Side Table Bp6067 Wb Wjy15186

Steampunk Style Coffee Table: Wrap your coffee table in this steampunk style invention. Perfect for bringing breakfast to a loved one, it looks great next to a worn leather sofa.

Add Decorative Accent To Table

Nuts, Bolts and Bolts Glass Top Table – Only steampunk decor can create a table with nuts and bolts. Stand by the handle while watching TV.

Metal Clock Table: Want to see the time under your teacup? This nautical home decor desk with clock has a perfect solution.

Add Decorative Accent To Table

Add Accent To Your Décor With Side Tables That Are Versatile And Chic

Decorative wood side table: Get a pile of fireless wood. This voluminous semi-round table is perfect for a glass of wine.

Elegant wooden table with side pockets – give your living room a quick order. This wooden side table has side pockets to hide your belongings.

Add Decorative Accent To Table

Rattan Round Table: For someone who uses a lot of natural living fabrics, this rattan side table completes the look. Complete the look of any space with versatile tables and home details. From living room accent tables to media consoles, our wide selection of traditional and contemporary tables are perfect when you need extra storage or just want to add style. Best Choice Products Metal Accent Table, Set Of 2 Decorative Round End Tables Nightstands, Coffee Side Tables For Living Room Bedroom Office, Nesting

The ultimate multi-purpose, ottomans add style, comfort and versatility to any home. Give your living room a modern look with a cocktail pouf or use storage ottomans to store toys and games. From durable microfiber ottomans to velvet ottomans and genuine leather poufs, you’re sure to find a look that matches your unique style.

Add Decorative Accent To Table

Also known as console tables or entryway tables, these tall, narrow tables offer a sleek design that’s perfect for placing behind your sofa or against a wall. Modern console and sofa tables are added

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