Adirondack Table Decorations

Adirondack Table Decorations – One of my favorite features of our home is the front porch, with its beautiful columns and coffered ceiling. It may seem strange to some that one of our favorite things about our home is the front porch, but it’s so beautiful! I tend to change it up each season, a few basics that last all year. Then I sprinkle new decorations according to the season. In the spring of this year we added two great new additions! Today on the blog I’m sharing front porch decorating ideas with the perfect Adirondack chairs.

I think by now most of you know that I am a former Southern California woman who now lives in the Midwest. Now that winter is over, I am very busy with indoor/outdoor living. I was wrong though, I was desperate for good Adirondack chairs and I bought the plastic ones. They didn’t even finish the summer! The photo below is from early summer, before it broke. It broke their backs, which was very frustrating. I love the classic look of the chairs and I really liked the bright colors I had chosen. So first on my list of things to do was to change them. Then Wayfair contacted me about their Sit Back and Relax campaign, which featured these amazing Adirondack chairs! Guys, it was a decoration for the future!

Adirondack Table Decorations

Adirondack Table Decorations

Then the package arrived, and these are true, they smell like freshly cut wooden chairs. But all the pieces scared me, even though they came with instructions I wasn’t sure I could make them into real chairs. I won’t give a step-by-step tutorial for these, they come with detailed instructions. However, I will share some pointers and tips that I used when compiling.

Shtuuyingg Set Of 4 Mini Adirondack Beach Chair Ornaments For Coastal, Ocean, Nautical Home Decorations

First, wood glue! You recommend using wood glue and I totally agree with this. Other than wood glue and a screwdriver, nothing else was needed to assemble. The quality of the wood is amazing and you can see that it is all individually cut and hand painted.

Adirondack Table Decorations

Another tip I’m going to share can be used when it comes to assembling any piece of furniture, go step by step. Don’t jump ahead or try to get the big picture. It all feels overwhelming when you have a lot of pieces and none of them look like a chair. But, the instructions went to everything, make the back, the legs, and finally the arms.

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Another tip is specific to Adirondack chairs, they have a ton of small boards. Most of these chairs already have holes for screwing the boards into them. However, there was a part of the seat that didn’t have the holes set, so with the seat design with gaps between each plate, we wanted them to fit as well as possible.

Adirondack Table Decorations

Sundown Treasure Outdoor Adirondack Chair And Ottoman With Side Table Dream Decor

I did this by placing them all in a sitting position, then marking where each one sat once evenly spaced.

I was able to take them all out and screw them in one by one, still have my marks.

Adirondack Table Decorations

Dale and I worked on it as a team, he did one and I did one. Of course I stopped by the pictures.

Folding Wooden Adirondack Chair Accent Furniture W/ Natural Finish

Two seats! Please ignore the messy garage, it’s been a long winter and our garage is being organized…slightly. Once everything was built, the next step was to paint the seats. Nothing too extreme, removing dust or rough parts of the wood.

Adirondack Table Decorations

When planning outdoor decor, I like to be bold. I like to decorate with bright colors inside my house, but outside you can take it up a notch or two. There is so much color outside that bright colors don’t overwhelm the space like they can inside. That’s why I chose a beautiful bright turquoise, the Dutch boys, The Big blue! When choosing a paint, the most important part is to find one that is exterior friendly. This will allow the furniture to withstand the weather for a long time. For these seats we chose Pittsburgh’s satin exterior UV-protected paint, which is durable and resistant to peeling and cracking. I have an amazing paint sprayer that I used to paint these beauties.

Silence my heart! Have you ever had that moment when you’re doing something and you know you’re rocking it? I loved the color and knew the bold choice was perfect.

Adirondack Table Decorations

Ottoman For Adirondack Chair: Sea Aira

The quality and detail of these Adirondack chairs is amazing. Wyafair is killing it with patio furniture, lots of different styles to choose from.

There is no danger of these kids breaking after this summer. They are so beautiful! I have learned my lesson, quality of furniture is always the best.

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Adirondack Table Decorations

I need to decorate my balcony! Every year I pick a few new flowers to plant in large barrels on the front porch. A simple console table I made years ago is the only support for this space. It hasn’t left this spot since I kept it.

How To Style An Outdoor Coffee Table

I have sprinkled on some decorations over the years. Next week I’ll share details on how I made this space come together, explaining the staging process I go through to make the space feel decorated.

Adirondack Table Decorations

Here is our new addition, these are actually small oranges. We don’t know how this will work out, but we’re excited that maybe we got some new oranges from this little tree. I’ll let you know how it goes.

These pillows are also from Wayfair. I often decorate with blues, and whether it’s trendy or not is beside the point, it’s a deep obsession that I have no intention of changing. When I’m decorating outside I like to add greenery to the mix, it feels like a nice extension of the natural elements of nature. Also, blue and green is a good color combination.

Adirondack Table Decorations

Sunnydaze Plastic All Weather Outdoor Adirondack Chair With Drink Holder, Brown, 2pk

I had intended to use painters tape and do some sort of design on the Adirondack chairs, but once they were built I loved their vintage look. I also started making room for these and then used busy patterns and colors. So we felt that the timeless simplicity of the chairs would be the best.

If you’re decorating with bright colors or busy patterns, it’s important to make sure you don’t go overboard. No crazy texture explosions here. I will explain further next week how I mix them all.

Adirondack Table Decorations

This has nothing to do with decorating, but I had to share. While I was preparing all this, my daughter Nora set out to make this lovely flower pendant herself. He made a funnel and found fake tulips in my supply room. Let’s ignore the fact that I have room to decorate and just enjoy the fun of this personal touch for my little decorator.

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My front porch is in perfect shape, it’s on a corner with only two sides exposed and a full roof; I can add a lot of decorations to this small space without worrying about the weather.

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Adirondack Table Decorations

I have to be careful how I place the furniture for this space, although the porch is a good size, it doesn’t have a lot of space.

Organizing decorations to make it easier to get in or out of our home is important. There is no beauty worth walking into something strange. We are a family of 5, we look like a bunch of clowns getting out of a small car when we leave the house. One after another, and definitely with children, there are a few more “things”. It could be toys, backpacks, soccer gear, baseball gear, musical instruments. This front porch gets a lot of foot traffic, so it’s important that it still functions as a walkway.

Adirondack Table Decorations

Signature Design By Ashley Sundown Treasure 1xp012 703+2xp012 898 2 Adirondack Chairs And End Table Set

Decorating a porch is a difficult balance, you want the space to feel decorated and welcoming, but not overwhelming. However, it is rare and it feels postponed. Next week I will share the transformation it has gone through over the years. I finally found the best use of the space and now I trust my instincts enough to decorate with bright colors and patterns.

Today, however, the stars of the show are front porch decorating ideas with beautiful Adirondack chairsĀ I’ll start explaining how to layer this next week. In the meantime I can sit back and relax enjoying the view from my cozy front porch in these extremely comfortable chairs. They may have been more work than the plastic ones I had before, but they will last a lot longer now! I can also rest easy knowing that they will catch my kids and anything they might throw at, climb on, jump from these seats, or pile into these seats. This weekend I have more plans for gardening, enjoying the sun and spending time with my family. I love it

Adirondack Table Decorations

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