Alice In Wonderland Wedding Table Decor

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The best way to plan your wedding is to include your favorite things: books, movies, food, travel destinations, and more. If you like the idea of ​​an Alice in Wonderland wedding, we can help you plan it. There are many different ways you can incorporate this famous Lewis Carroll story into your wedding. Dress up in an Alice in Wonderland-themed dress, gift a Wonderland-inspired cake, order stationery or invest in Mad Hatter-inspired decorations. Tea party weddings and bridal showers are already here because

Alice In Wonderland Wedding Table Decor

Alice In Wonderland Wedding Table Decor

The story’s vivid colors, unique characters, and time-shifting story make for a great adventure (not to mention absolutely delicious wedding inspiration). Have a wedding in a forest or castle, or have a beautiful garden party. (Psst: If you’re looking for more ideas, check out our roundup of Disney wedding ideas.) You’re going to go crazy with these facts about Alice’s adventures. Keep your favorites in mind, then work with a wedding planner to bring your storytelling vision to life.

One Of A Kind Alice In Wonderland Styled Shoot Is A Lighthearted Romp Of Storybook Style, Color, And Whimsical Wedding Inspo!!

Who can forget Alice’s stunning blue dress in the movie? Take inspiration from the movies and wear the same dress on your wedding day.

Alice In Wonderland Wedding Table Decor

Nora looks from the movie in a blue dress. Made of dream tulle, it will look stunning as you walk down the aisle.

For a more elegant style, wear a matching dress. Add elegance with a white lace fabric.

Alice In Wonderland Wedding Table Decor

Luxury Wedding Decorations

For a more edgy look in Alice’s outfit, wear dark blue. A long-sleeved lace top will balance out a sweet outfit.

We are madly in love with this Alice in Wonderland wedding dress. The fitted silhouette, exposed bodice and blue fabric were the perfect surprise.

Alice In Wonderland Wedding Table Decor

We are crazy about this creative cake. The central artist, teapot and playing card design incorporate all the best elements of the story.

This Alice In Wonderland Wedding Went Against The Typical Wedding Trends And Went For Color!

If you don’t want to go all-in on an Alice in Wonderland-themed cake, consider purchasing themed cake decorating. This great quote is based on a well-known story without going too far.

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Alice In Wonderland Wedding Table Decor

If traditional cakes are not your thing, there are many types of wedding desserts (such as cupcakes, cakes or pies). Offer cake pops in the shape of different Alice in Wonderland characters.

Transform any cake with a Mad Hatter-inspired wedding cake decor. It’s a cost-effective way to express your love for stories at the dessert table.

Alice In Wonderland Wedding Table Decor

Jewish Wedding Alice In Wonderland Israel_0071

Your wedding stationery sets the tone for your event. Let your guests know what to expect by sending Alice in Wonderland wedding invitations.

Make your guests feel like they’re falling down a rabbit hole with a twisted checkerboard design from your wedding favors.

Alice In Wonderland Wedding Table Decor

If you wish to use some traditional wedding invitations, put a photo of them on the moss. The end result will be outside the story.

Whimsical Alice In Wonderland Wedding Inspiration Photographed By Kristie Carrick Photography

Our favorite wedding day quotes make sure no one misses your big day with these great ideas.

Alice In Wonderland Wedding Table Decor

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Alice In Wonderland Wedding Table Decor

Alice In Wonderland Theme Party Ideas For A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Take your guests to the Queen of Hearts Palace with this idea. Use playing cards as escort cards.

Get married in the forest for the wedding of your dreams. Your guests will feel like they are stuck in a fairy tale with you.

Alice In Wonderland Wedding Table Decor

One of our favorite ways to personalize your wedding? Customize your list according to your interests.

Prettiest Reception Table Decor From Real Weddings

Hang greenery and moss from the ceiling to create the illusion of being in a wonderland with the Cheshire Cat. Small props will add a lot of magic to your wedding.

Alice In Wonderland Wedding Table Decor

If you plan to create a slightly spooky sound, consider hanging large flowers from the ceiling. They will add a lot of color to your party.

Give your guests their golden key. Add a small key to each escort card so your guests can find their seats correctly.

Alice In Wonderland Wedding Table Decor

Alice In Wonderland Tea Party

Create inspirational articles for your fairytale wedding. Put the book on the table and put an old pocket watch (provided by White Rabbit) on it.

If you’re looking for a clever way to incorporate Alice in Wonderland into your wedding, this is it. Create custom napkins with quotes from your favorite stories.

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Alice In Wonderland Wedding Table Decor

Decorate your wedding dessert with photos of celebrities in the story. Another idea? Offer food that has “eat” as its story.

Alice In Wonderland Inspired Centerpiece

Your wedding gift doesn’t have to be complicated in order to determine the theme. Simply placing a large playing card in front of various flowers reminds us of the adventures of Alice in Wonderland.

Alice In Wonderland Wedding Table Decor

Looking for the ultimate Alice in Wonderland wedding inspiration? Combine wildflowers with greenery and delicate blooms (think: peonies or roses) for a dreamlike effect.

Dress up as the Mad Hatter and host an Alice in Wonderland tea party. Don’t forget to block photography time.

Alice In Wonderland Wedding Table Decor

An Elegant “alice In Wonderland” Bridal Shower

Another idea for your wedding centerpiece? Put flowers in a pretty teapot and add teacups. You’ll make your guests feel like they’re sitting at the Mad Hatter’s tea party.

Swap wedding rings made of flowers for green orbs and moss. They look really good in outdoor areas.

Alice In Wonderland Wedding Table Decor

Instead of using a traditional centerpiece, place moss in the middle of the table and sprinkle colorful flowers on top.

Alice In Wonderland Wedding Ideas

Serve your cocktails in style. Enter the “drinks” box as a story. Don’t worry – your guests won’t be disappointed when they finish their meal. rejoice!

Alice In Wonderland Wedding Table Decor

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Alice In Wonderland Wedding Table Decor

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Alice In Wonderland Wedding Table Decor

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Alice In Wonderland Wedding Table Decor

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Alice In Wonderland Wedding Table Decor

Teaparty In Wonderland

The great part about this subject is that how crazy you are is entirely up to you – whether that means adding fun details like a “drink me” wedding gift, or a tea party at a garden wedding venue that will get your guests wet through. .

We’ve gone completely down the rabbit hole of Alice in Wonderland wedding ideas to bring you all the inspiration you need. Think beautiful Alice in Wonderland wedding dresses, vintage teapot wedding centerpieces and fairytale wedding cakes – all guaranteed to make you smile like a Cheshire cat…

Alice In Wonderland Wedding Table Decor

A tea-length wedding dress is perfect

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