Amazon Mardi Gras Table Decorations

Amazon Mardi Gras Table Decorations – Inside: Want to have fun at a special dinner party? Here are 30 things you can use to make a fun, colorful and inexpensive Mardi Gras tablescape.

Do you like having friends over for dinner? Need a theme to decorate the table around? (

Amazon Mardi Gras Table Decorations

Amazon Mardi Gras Table Decorations

If you’re nodding yes, any of these are great reasons to host a Mardi Gras themed dinner party! Mardi Gras Door Banner Mardi Gras Decorations Masquerade Backdrop Dancing Party Banner Photo Booth Prop For Wedding Birthday Bachelorette Party Purple Green Gold Beads Door Decor Banner (door Banner)

There’s no other place quite like New Orleans – the culture, the great jazz, the slap-a-mum-good food, the laid-back attitude (it’s not called the “Big Easy”). The Crescent City is perhaps most famous for its unique carnival, known as Mardi Gras.

Amazon Mardi Gras Table Decorations

Even if you live miles from Bourbon Street like I do, Mardi Gras is a state of mind. It can and should be celebrated everywhere – just because we’re not at Nowlins, doesn’t mean we don’t love to have fun!

So don’t dismiss this dining table idea because you haven’t been to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, or don’t own any Mardi Gras table decorations.

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Because the Mardi Gras table theme makes a big impact for a little money with its vibrant color. I have 30 different ideas that you can choose from to make this festive and fun table that will bring the NOLA party into your own home.

Since I go to Louisiana and Mardi Gras so often, I “packed” (oh stop) a bunch of stuff to use – way more than most out of state people usually have. Bringing out a little funky, funky decor in my home in Texas really brings joy to the dreary days of February.

Amazon Mardi Gras Table Decorations

This Carnival season I focused everything in the dining room. Here’s a lot — because Mardi Gras can be the time to have more and more. But that means there’s a pantry full of ideas to draw from!

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You don’t need to do everything to make a Mardi Gras table. Maybe you don’t have four storage bins full of carnival style (

Amazon Mardi Gras Table Decorations

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These are the traditional colors of Mardi Gras. Tablecloths are always an easy way to bring in color

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Start with any of the following purples, greens, or golds as a foundation for a Mardi Gras tablescape:

A tablecloth in one of the signature colors, or even white or black to contrast with the vibrant purples, greens and golds above.

Amazon Mardi Gras Table Decorations

A piece of accent fabric under the center piece, either directly on the table or above the table. Use something rich and glamorous, like velvet, satin, or something shiny (sparkle is big at Mardi Gras).

Big Dot Of Happiness Mardi Gras

To color the bottom of this table, I got two yards of purple satin fabric from Hobby Lobby for under $10.

Amazon Mardi Gras Table Decorations

After making Mardi Gras wreaths I had some purple, green and gold decorator mesh left over. So I layered three strips of it over the purple satin to add all the color and add some sparkle. It used to be flat, but after folding and storing, it now has a permanent wave, but I don’t mind. Let’s just say it has more structure and character, lol.

Patterned porcelain in purple, green and gold. In my next life, I will have a plate dining room (plus a Christmas tree cupboard and a personal chef).

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All of my dishes are all white on purpose, but for this tablescape I pulled out the gold rim china. But if you’re lucky enough to keep other colors, wouldn’t purple dinner plates look amazing with gold flatware and green glasses?

Napkins I added splashes of emerald green to the table along with these green satin cloth napkins. Purple napkins would be perfect too. You probably already have some gold napkins lying around somewhere.

Amazon Mardi Gras Table Decorations

Napkins can be a fun touch that nods to the table theme. Or keep it simple with gold earrings that you can use Jiudungs Linen Purple Mardi Gras Table Runner 72 Inches Long New Orleans Mardi Gras Brazil Carnival Masquerade Party Table Decoration For Home Kitchen Dining

Dinner I used a bunch of carnival faces on the napkins at each place:

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Amazon Mardi Gras Table Decorations

Charger plates. This was a great time to use my gold chargers. If you like table settings, I bet you have some too.

This is where the real fun begins. Fill the center of the table with as much or as little Fat Tuesday as your heart desires! Here are some Mardi Gras decoration ideas to use as centerpieces:

Amazon Mardi Gras Table Decorations

Mardi Gras Foil Burst Decoration

Pearls If you only use one of these ideas in addition to the Mardi Gras color scheme, stick with it. I put them everywhere. I filled two tall tower pilsner wine jars with layers of purple, green and gold pearls.

I draped pearls across the center. Pours from a bowl and hurricane glasses onto the cupboard.

Amazon Mardi Gras Table Decorations

SH&H Tip: For a fun party favor and gift, place a mask at each place for guests to take home that can double as table decorations. Sparkling Comedy/tragedy Mardi Gras Sprays

Wreaths My two carnival wreaths that usually hang on the front door will easily start with my table centerpiece:

Amazon Mardi Gras Table Decorations

My favorite easy filler is Feather Boss. I used them as a “garland” on the table.

Flor de lis decoration. Fleur de Lis is now home decor (I couldn’t pass up anything from a store with FDL without buying it).

Amazon Mardi Gras Table Decorations

Beistle 50805 Mardi Gras Gleam ‘n Burst Centerpiece, 15 Inch

Be in style in Louisiana. Pull out any old house decor with fleur de lis, paint it gold, and you can reuse it in this tablescape.

Cocktail glasses. There is quite a bit of drinking during Mardi Gras, so cocktail glasses make appropriate and easy decoration. Use hurricane or martini glasses. I have some hurricane glasses outside Pat O’s on Bourbon Street on the side board:

Amazon Mardi Gras Table Decorations

Christmas decorations. Fill it with purple, green and gold Christmas decorations. Mardi Gras season is a great time to shop for these after the Christmas clearances! These border decorations do not look like Christmas, even if they are perfectly made. 30 Pieces Mardi Gras Decorations Party Supplies Mardi Gras Tinsel Garland Hanging Swirl Decorations Colorful Garland Crown Mask Sign Ceiling Decor For Mardi Gras Masquerade New Orleans Party

Hats. The hats are a fun and whimsical touch. I added a cheap plastic one from Party City to the dining table centerpiece. And a fun cap to the center of the buffet:

Amazon Mardi Gras Table Decorations

Funny people. Big jokers in wreaths brought some friends to the table. I alternated little purple and gold shooting faces in each place.

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Mardi Gras moments. Every time I go to Mardi Gras, I keep a few souvenirs from each parade. So it was fun to show off some of my memories of past Endymius, Bacchus and Muses parades.

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Ribbon is an inexpensive and easy way to add any color to a tablescape. I wove a purple, green and gold ribbon around the center and hung some pearls on the sideboard mirror.

Parasols I can’t believe I haven’t brought one of these home yet, but they are a big deal at Mardi Gras parades and line parades. They are so fun to decorate!

Amazon Mardi Gras Table Decorations

, not just Tuesday. It starts on January 6th (King’s Day) and ends the day before Ash Wednesday – Shrove Tuesday is the last blast before Lent. But a Mardi Gras party is fun any time of year as a party theme! Jiudungs Linen Mardi Gras Table Runner 72 Inches Long New Orleans Mardi Gras Brazil Carnival Masquerade Party Table Decoration For Home Kitchen Dining Room

If this gets you in the mood for some good Louisiana food, check out my Short Cut Chicken, Sausage Gumbo, Boudin Dip and Air Fryer Biscuit Beignets.

Amazon Mardi Gras Table Decorations

So we don’t want to miss the party and celebration of Mardi Gras. No matter how far from New Orleans, let the good times roll in the comfort of our own dining room with some of these ideas.

As always, I appreciate your visits, comments and shares on the blog! I would love it if you would follow along with me on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook so you never miss my inspiration and ideas.

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Amazon Mardi Gras Table Decorations

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