Antique Table Decor

Antique Table Decor – Using beautiful vintage clothing as inspiration, the soft colors of bottlebrush wood combined with mercury glass accents create a beautiful vintage Christmas table setting perfect for holiday gatherings.

I’m so excited to join my talented friends today to bring you some beautiful Christmas inspiration! If you come from Life by Liana, welcome! I’m glad you’re here! Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post to see another table my friends made!

Antique Table Decor

Antique Table Decor

My vintage Christmas tablescape all started when I was shopping for Christmas decorations with my friend and we found the most beautiful dresses with beautiful vintage interiors. We started talking about how good they would be on a light table… and well, that’s what I thought. I started thinking about soft colors, light wood and mercury glass to create a vintage Christmas table that is elegant but subtle.

Ways To Holiday Up Your Dinner Table

I gathered some of my favorite frosted greens and bottlebrush sticks as a starting point and started piecing them together.

Antique Table Decor

I used a matching table as my base and layered glitter pine and holly in the center of the table. I added a few pincones and soft green flowers across the table to give it a neutral height and width.

I spread the arranged and clear ornaments down the length of the table and then added clear pear and mercury glass ornaments. And of course beautiful cloche ornaments on each side of the table.

Antique Table Decor

Antique Table Decorations: Finding And Choosing The Right Ones

Finally, I grouped five different height clear wood brush bottles in the center of the table to add some height and drama to the look.

I love the soft, vintage Christmas look of the centerpiece and the subtle color palette with just the right amount of sparkle and shine.

Antique Table Decor

Another thing I saw that day with my friend was a pair of mercury glass trinkets with beautiful silver ornaments around the center. Again we talk about how beautiful they would look on a table lamp,

Antique Grey Wood Entryway Console Table With Drawers And Shelf

I wanted a simple place setting with a light element to incorporate a vintage look, so I used vitreous glass chargers as my base.

Antique Table Decor

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I placed a cloth plate on top of the charger and used a simple adhesive tape to coordinate with the table runner.

Antique Table Decor

Best Dining Room Decorating Ideas, Furniture, Designs, And Pictures

On top of each napkin, I placed one of these beautiful mercury glass trinket ornaments. I filled the bottom of each ornament with marshmallows and then added two delicious chocolates on top.

I added a simple piece of tape to the top of the ornament and left it open in all directions.

Antique Table Decor

I love the surprise of the beautiful ornament inside the candy on each surface. It’s a great way to welcome guests and take them with them to remember the evening.

Pc Vintage Picture Frame Antique Table Top Wall Hanging Exquisite Resin Photo Frame Home Decor Supplies|frame|

I complemented each place setting with vintage silverware and glassware for the perfect Christmas table setting.

Antique Table Decor

Each guest has a different part of the table with all the glitter and glass elements, but the overall look is soft and gentle with a different Christmas feel.

Sweets are the perfect gift for all guests and the talk of the table.

Antique Table Decor

Kezevel Abstract Tree Table Decor

This color palette and style is outside of my design style, but I love how it all comes together. I especially use a simple theme as inspiration for all the images.

It’s a great reminder to use things you find beautiful to create everything from table settings to entire rooms! XO

Antique Table Decor

Below are links to some of the supplies I used for this look and similar items when the originals are not available online. No more table runners, but a scarf or two will do just as well. Decorations for the table include lamps, books, dishes, or collectibles. Whether you are decorating a castle or a home, there are many beautiful options for you to choose from.

Beautiful Family Dinner Table Decor Table Stock Photo 1458986402

Decorations can be fun, and you can use any table to create beautiful pictures. Try one of these fun ideas.

Antique Table Decor

If you collect, such as sterling silver glasses, depression glasses, or dishes, you can combine them to create a beautiful table. It’s perfect for an end table near a sofa or chair, and it also works well for a table in your entryway or living room. To avoid a cluttered look, make sure everything on display has something in common.

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Everyone has a few treasures that have been passed down through the generations, and these can be the best things to put on the table. It’s perfect for big family gatherings, when everyone will love seeing Grandpa’s silver candle or the vase Aunt Sarah bought her on her birthday years ago. The key to making this work is to use larger pieces, especially if you’re hanging a long table.

Antique Table Decor

Desk Clock Decor Brass Watch Nautical Antique Table Maritime Marine

You can create a beautiful Victorian centerpiece by using a hobnail vase or other small object and filling it with spray flowers. It is better if you set a small table or arrange for a good dinner for two. Try to rotate as many of your items as possible, so you have time to show off all the little treasures.

Even if an old glass or can is not designed to hold flowers, it looks as beautiful as the most beautiful vase in your closet. In fact, repeating this way is a good way to give them attention, because people will not expect these things to be used as a centerpiece. All you need is a beautiful vase. You can use anything from vintage canisters to antique teapots to create a beautiful table setting.

Antique Table Decor

When choosing antique table decorations for your room, decor can help point you in the right direction. Keep the color of the room in mind and match the wall color or furniture with antique furniture. Also consider the weather. If you are decorating a table in a Victorian parlor, decorations include batteries, paperweights, Strepticons, and lace doilies vases.

Vintage Coffee Table Decor Ideas

If you like certain periods, such as the Art Deco period, let them inspire your table decoration. The charming 1920’s rooms are beautifully decorated with Art Deco decor such as lacquer boxes, Japanese accents, or lamps of this interesting period in the design. This old decoration idea works especially well on outdoor tables or console tables, because you can create small pieces from this time.

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Antique Table Decor

If you are having a garden party or just want to make the outdoor cooking look special, you can use it to decorate the outdoor tables. A good way to do this is to collect some vintage bottles and put some flowers in one. This way, your bottle collection becomes important, but it still looks old and fun.

Decorate your table for Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any other holiday using items from your collection. If you have a picture of a rabbit, let it be your vintage Easter centerpiece. For smaller items, make different vegetables by combining them or use an old bread or bag to add more weight.

Antique Table Decor

Wedding Table Decoration Ideas

A great way to display a few old books and add a sense of history to your home decor is to place a few books on an end table. It brightens up your home, and it’s a great way to display old books that might not get the attention they deserve on a bookshelf. Only use books that aren’t particularly useful or rare, because people can control them.

A group of pictures can make a beautiful table, especially if you combine many similar things. Choose a place that is not likely to be hit, such as a desk in a corner or a small room. Keep at least three photos in a group for maximum impact.

Antique Table Decor

Vintage and antique linen can make a beautiful table decoration for your home, especially if you combine it with simple china or vases. Let the beauty of your old tablecloth show through by reducing the impact of the table. If you’re worried about staining, use a tablecloth on an outdoor table or console table instead of a dining table. You can eat it by its size.

The Antique Table Throwback

Decoration should always consider the size of the table. The items on the table should be according to the size of the table. Basically, the table decoration is big on the table or should be the table decoration. For example, a large vase with flowers will be functional

Antique Table Decor

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