Apple Decor For The Dinning Table

Apple Decor For The Dinning Table – In this post: Decorating your fall table with apples and honey and rustic table decorations is the perfect way to celebrate the harvest or Rosh Hashanah dinner.⇒

One of the most beautiful customs associated with Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, is the pairing of apples and honey. Apple slices are dipped in honey and eaten to celebrate a wish for a sweet New Year. But I am always amazed at the happy coincidence that apples are always present at this time of year, a time of harvest, apple picking, and rituals back to the school So, naturally my holiday table is often built around an apple motif.

Apple Decor For The Dinning Table

Apple Decor For The Dinning Table

To give the sweet elixir the presentation it deserves, you can place every place setting with small mason jars, tie with matching ribbon and decorate with the Hebrew greeting, Shanah Tovah (good year) and date the new year. If you are setting a harvest table instead, you can use the sheep as place cards with the names of your guests printed on labels.

Apple Decor: Celebrating The Fall Harvest With A Colorful Table Setting

Vintage translucent plates add elegance to the look, which mixes rustic table decorations with more refined pieces.

Apple Decor For The Dinning Table

The floral arrangement is based on red roses, special enough for the occasion, but still tied with a casual plaid ribbon and full of berries and stems to evoke a day in town picking apples.

In the center of the griddle is a round kallah, another custom unique to the Rosh Hashanah dinner, when kallah is cooked round (rather than long and braided) to celebrate the cyclical nature of the year. The rose-ship represents the good deeds commanded by God, because it is believed that the fruit has 613 seeds, which is the same number as the total number of commandments.

Apple Decor For The Dinning Table

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Napkin rings are an easy DIY, starting with a simple coin and wrapping soup leaves around it to match the tablecloth and pretty little berries. Red napkins are parallel to the palette of apples.

To enhance apples and honey, apples are scattered on the table, poured from baskets and placed in buckets. As a balance to the bold red pumpkins, they blend in, hinting at the coming season. Rattan chargers enhance the rustic/elegant balance.

Apple Decor For The Dinning Table

On the dresser are creamy white ceramic pumpkin pieces and an old cookie jar, another sign of the coming fall.

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Apple Dining Set Budget Range

A vignette in the center of the table features buckets, baskets and wire shelves to display seasonal elements. If you’re not celebrating Rosh Hashanah, this is a lovely table setting for a fall dinner with friends and family.

Apple Decor For The Dinning Table

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Have you visited the store? Click on the images below to shop my favorite things, my home, and my Amazon store. New items are added weekly. Good buy!! When I posted the Christmas menu a few weeks ago, I got a few questions about how I made the centerpiece of the fruit tree. Even though Christmas has passed, I thought it might be useful to see how it’s done, in case you want to do it next year. Honestly, I think this would be great for any occasion, not just Christmas. So for this Tuesday’s Tablescape, I’m sharing the “secret” to this natural centerpiece, including pine candles on either side.

Apple Decor For The Dinning Table

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For the top of the tree you will need a pineapple. I bought 3 because I love the pineapple candles on each side. And, of course, you will need small Red Delicious apples. I always use Red Delicious because I love their deep red color for this centerpiece.

One of the most important parts is a pattern my friend gave me as a Christmas present 15 years ago. She knew that I had long wanted to make an apple tree like the ones you often see when you visit Colonial Williamsburg. My shape is a cone-shaped wooden structure painted green, with end nails sticking out everywhere. There is one very long nail and three shorter nails at the top. I found similar cones online for sale at the Williamsburg Marketplace…click HERE to access that site.

Apple Decor For The Dinning Table

I didn’t remember to take a picture when I first put the tree together on December 12th…I was too busy panicking about the 25+ neighbors arriving for a cookie party at my house two days later that! 🙂 So I took some pictures last Sunday, while I was taking the tree apart. The product is a bit past its prime in the picture below, as it is a few weeks old… so try to ignore that. 🙂 The apple tree usually looks good for about a week and a half… and then things start to grow a bit.

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When I collect the tree for the first time, I start by putting apples on the tree. I push the apples on the nails, turning the tree around and around as I work. I always start at the bottom and work my way up. If you use apples that are too big, you will run out of space. It just doesn’t work well and you end up with apples that don’t fit properly and stick out way past the top of the tree. Once the apples are in place, I slide the small pineapple onto the nails on top. In the picture below you can see what the tree looks like with only apples in place and no greenery.

Apple Decor For The Dinning Table

Then I cut holly pieces and inserted them between all the apples to hide the shape underneath. I use holly because that’s what I have in my garden; a boxwood would be great too. Holly stays shiny for a long time. It actually looked good before I took it off for this photo.

When I put the tree in the middle of the table, I put the magnolia leaves under the stand. I plant the magnolia leaves so they point out, like spokes in a wheel. This year I tied a bright ribbon/bow around the top of the pineapple. I really like how it looked so I think I will use that idea next year. 🙂

Apple Decor For The Dinning Table

Roasted Whole Chicken And Apple Pie With Christmas Decoration. Christmas Dinner. Thanksgiving Table Served With Turkey Stock Photo

I found a great article online that gives some history of Williamsburg fruit trees/cones. It also shows great pictures of trees using other types of fruit such as pears, lemons, kumquats and oranges. The article, which you can access by clicking HERE, is taken from Susan Hight Rountree’s book,

A few tips: You want to buy a pineapple that is relatively small, for the top of the tree. Otherwise, it will flood the tree itself.

Apple Decor For The Dinning Table

You may have to shop around to find a pineapple that is “nice” without crushed leaves. When I was shopping at Publix, they only had about 3-4 pineapples… I asked the produce manager if he had any more and he brought out a whole box. They looked much better and the roofs were in better condition. 🙂

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Best Christmas Centerpieces

The pineapple candle holders (see photo below) on either side of the apple tree were made with a “kit” I bought about 17 years ago on a Christmas homecoming trip. The home tour was sponsored by Traditional Home magazine, and since I was a subscriber, they sent me two free tickets. 🙂 After visiting this beautiful, historic mansion in Atlanta, we shopped in the “tent” gift shop they set up behind the house.

Apple Decor For The Dinning Table

There is a pad on which you slide the pine. The second piece that you can see in the picture here, is pushed into the center of the pineapple…ta-dah…an instant candle.

Not much information. on the box, but I took a picture in case you want to look online to see if they are still made. They appear to have been made by Carnevale in 1991.

Apple Decor For The Dinning Table

Outdoor Dinner Party Ideas

Tammy from White Iris Designs found a candle base and spike online that works with fruit…it’s at Gardens Etc. Thanks Tammy for sharing this! Just click HERE for the link.

I love this centerpiece and make it every year for my annual Christmas party. An apple tree would be really nice anywhere in the house. I could see it on a large coffee table in the family room…or maybe as a focal point on the kitchen counter.

Apple Decor For The Dinning Table

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Apple Decor For The Dinning Table

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Apple Decor For The Dinning Table

Creating A Fall Harvest Tablescape: Beautiful & Easy

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