Ariel Table Decoration Ideas

Ariel Table Decoration Ideas – Mermaid Party Ideas – easy crafts, recipes and decorations for an underwater party!

If we are friends on Instagram, you know that I LOVE anything Disney related and I love creating Disney theme parties for kids. When it was just my son and daughter, we had a special night where my son made the decision. I will create a beautiful table and dinner according to the theme. After the baby boy was born, we were so busy that we postponed our family theme nights. This is what I’m missing and I want to start over. Making the Little Mermaid Party for my daughter made me realize how much fun it was and we should be doing it more often. My plan is to have the kids take turns picking a theme once a month and I’ll prepare a simple table of food to match the theme. We will definitely share the details of our family evening with you!

Ariel Table Decoration Ideas

Ariel Table Decoration Ideas

Tonight’s party is full of little crafts and cooking ideas. The desktop landscape is my favorite! I used a $1 Michaels jar filled with aqua stones and added a Little Mermaid toy inside. Turquoise flowers are beautiful! I like bright and colorful turquoise. For simplicity, I used colored and silver paper plates. It’s an easy way to cut costs and clean up quickly.

Disney Princess Party Table Decorating Kit

We usually make “beach cakes” in the summer and for several years at sea. To make them, I put crushed crackers on one side and chocolate shells on the other. Kids love them and they are perfect for Under the Sea parties!

Ariel Table Decoration Ideas

And we also made oyster cookies with pearls inside. Also known as the most classic mermaid party food. 🙂 They are too cute! To make these, I used two Pepperidge Farms lemon cookies, icing and pearl sixes. I will definitely do it again on Tuesday night to celebrate the release of The Little Mermaid!

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I decorated our foyer/living room with this cheap backdrop, balloons, and craft store netting. Balloons and ribbons are common party items and are not very expensive. You can’t beat dollar decorations!

Ariel Table Decoration Ideas

Crafty & Creative Little Mermaid Birthday Pool Party // Hostess With The Mostess®

At the end of the party, we surprised them with some exciting news… we’re going to Disneyland in a few weeks! The best part of the surprise are tickets to Mickey’s Halloween party, which we’ve never been to. Let the Disneyland countdown begin! My daughter’s favorite Disney princess is Ariel, so of course she wanted to throw a little Mermaid birthday party. If I wanted to host my own daughter Ariel’s party, I looked for extras (like mini forks) to let my guests know it was a Mermaid party. (Check out our latest Mermaid Party here)

The Little Mermaid actress prepared the scene for the party. This is a thin plastic that is very easy to hang on the wall with tape. I added a purple ribbon and added green stripes around the edges to mimic weeds. I put a red tablecloth on the table and added a grid on one side. The last one is a blue glass bead and a white shell I found near the Dollar Tree.

Ariel Table Decoration Ideas

On the archway in the dining area, I hung the Happy Birthday sign that was included in the script for The Little Mermaid, as well as glittery horse ornaments and a half wreath. The girls really liked to run their hands along the sides, and this helped determine the place for the party, because there is a large opening between the dining room and the living room.

Kids Birthday Little Mermaid Party Supplies Decorations Ideas Princess Fish Mermaid Disposable Paper Plastic Table Cloths Covers

On the festive table, I put a green plastic tablecloth with a blue tablecloth with sequins. Also, I added a scorpion necklace and a white shell.

Ariel Table Decoration Ideas

I love planning food for themed parties. Since the guests were 4 years old, I knew it was important to be friendly.

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I like to make sure the games and activities at the party go from table activities to activities that get the kids up and moving. This list is a great balance and the girls loved it.

Ariel Table Decoration Ideas

A Colourful The Little Mermaid Inspired Party In The Garden

Whether you’re planning a birthday party or a little Mermaid birthday party, we hope you’ve found the perfect ideas to make your planning easier. My eldest daughter had a Disney princess birthday party with Ariel as well as a mermaid swimming party which will give you more fun ideas to think about.

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Ariel Table Decoration Ideas

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Fintastic Mermaid Party Ideas

Cookies that may not be necessary for the operation of the website and that are used specifically to collect personal data through analytics, ads and other embedded content are called optional cookies. User consent is required before these cookies can be set on your website. It’s time to dive underwater and live with these mythical creatures at a mermaid birthday party.

Ariel Table Decoration Ideas

The main table has the perfect combination of colors and flavors that really make you feel like you are deep in the sea. You can experience joy just by seeing it. Thank God mermaids can live in water!

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This mermaid tail piñata just screams “hit me” with all its looks. Let’s just look at the tail of a pirate trying to hide like a mermaid and hit it with all our might. There are many delicious dishes to celebrate the day of little adventurers.

Ariel Table Decoration Ideas

Marvelous Mermaid Party Ideas For Kids

Do you see that cake? Just looking at it, you want to swim and dive in it. You can! Because we’re under water! I hope everyone enjoys little Natalia singing her seventh birthday at a fun mermaid birthday party.

Do you need to brush your hair? Go get a cookie and ask Ariel’s daughter how to use it.

Ariel Table Decoration Ideas

Hungry? Take your seat at the beautiful dining table and wait to be served. You can choose between lobster, crab, shrimp, oysters and shellfish. If you are a vegan, you have the most delicious seaweed. Please note that the fun decorations and shell-shaped dishes are not edible.

Little Mermaid Diy Centerpiece

A beautiful star-shaped cookie. It is very wise not to use the perfect star shaped template. Another shape of the star shape gives more realism to the processing.

Ariel Table Decoration Ideas

The turquoise color of the water must mean that we are close to beautiful French Polynesia. The collection of beautiful shells used to decorate these wonderful parties must have come from Tahiti or Moorea. The perfect touch for everyone to take home and remember their time in paradise. What other surprises await guests inside? There’s definitely a lot to remember, but this Mermaid birthday party is sure to be a fun celebration.

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