Artificial Christmas Table Decorations From Overstocked

Artificial Christmas Table Decorations From Overstocked – There are few chores more fun than pulling Christmas decorations out of storage and turning your home into your very own winter wonderland. There are traditional holiday decorations every year, like pruning your Christmas tree and sprinkling a bunch of outdoor Christmas decorations in your front yard, but there are other areas of your home that you may have forgotten to decorate. Take your dining table, for example. Even if you’re not hosting a big Christmas dinner party, you can still enjoy Christmas table decorations, and we have plenty of ideas to help you turn your kitchen or dining room table into a holiday masterpiece.

If you’re constantly looking for more ways to bring the joy and festivity of the holiday season into your home, decorating your table is a great way to make the most of any available space. From decorations you can make with the kids or by yourself to beautiful centerpieces that you can put together without breaking the bank, there are lots of Christmas table decorations you can create. Read on for the best Christmas table settings, centerpieces, and other table decor ideas to try this year.

Artificial Christmas Table Decorations From Overstocked

Artificial Christmas Table Decorations From Overstocked

Some winter stencils, craft paint and a plain piece of fabric are all you need to create your own festive tablecloth.

Indoor/outdoor Potted Misty Pine Mini Christmas Tree With Lights

Little festive touches make a big difference, and these cute tree ornaments add the perfect and elegant touch to your Christmas table.

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Artificial Christmas Table Decorations From Overstocked

Turn a dollar store into festive table decor with the help of a simple vase and some gold spray paint.

Want to add some color to your table? Create a series of rainbow gift boxes that you can then place in the center of your table.

Artificial Christmas Table Decorations From Overstocked

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Help everyone find their reserved seat with these clear acrylic decorations that your guests can take home.

Scatter a few frosted candle holders around your table to give the room a magical, warm glow.

Artificial Christmas Table Decorations From Overstocked

Looking for a fun way to add fresh color to your tables? Opt for pink plates and multicolored bush trees, then make your own Christmas village in pastel colors to use as a tablecloth.

Artificial Christmas Tree Tabletop Pvc Premium Full Tree On Sale Overstock 32321394

Fill orchid pots and candle holders with bright red cranberries to add contrast to the white flowers and candles. Then place your ships in the center of your table on a bright red tablecloth.

Artificial Christmas Table Decorations From Overstocked

Create sweet decorations for the backs of your dining room chairs with DIY mini vine wreaths and evergreen branches.

Who said Christmas table decorations had to be red and green? Turn things in a more colorful direction by displaying a rainbow of bottle brushes in the center of your desk. Hang Christmas decorations on a chandelier and brightly colored stars on the backs of chairs for an extra festive feel.

Artificial Christmas Table Decorations From Overstocked

Lighted Holiday Centerpiece With Bottle Brush Trees

Fill everything from miniature trees to reindeer with basic salt and pepper shakers and add a festive twist to your table.

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You’ll definitely earn creativity points from your guests if you present your napkins with an easy (but impressive) Christmas tree napkin fold.

Artificial Christmas Table Decorations From Overstocked

Nothing makes your table shine like glittery gold details. Go with a burlap table runner, then decorate your runner with mini gold trees, gold pompoms, twine balls, and pinecones.

Easy Christmas Mantel Decorations

Your kids will love helping out with this DIY project. Place a small column-shaped vase inside a larger vase and fill the space between them with marbles (or gum balls) with a festive pattern. Then fill the inner pot with a mixture of anemones, garden roses and evergreen branches.

Artificial Christmas Table Decorations From Overstocked

For a personal touch, leave a small gift box wrapped around it, which you can fill with candies or just make for decoration.

For an unexpected centerpiece, replace the traditional flowers with pretty wheat stalks. For elegance, secure your bundle with ribbon and place in a clear vase on artificial snow, then surround the container with almonds and evergreens for some color.

Artificial Christmas Table Decorations From Overstocked

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Turn your table into a giant candy cane in shades of red, pink and gold. To make, decorate with a bright tablecloth, striped napkins, gold cutlery, and candy cane-shaped branches.

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Artificial Christmas Table Decorations From Overstocked

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Artificial Christmas Table Decorations From Overstocked

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Artificial Christmas Table Decorations From Overstocked

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