Asian Table Decorations

Asian Table Decorations – Traditional and Modern Chinese Weddings are two aesthetically pleasing settings that combine Chinoiseie with wedding designs by Wendy from Asian Fusion Weddings and Carmen for You. We asked Wendy, the producer, about the ideas behind the two concepts and how they reflect both modern and traditional frameworks.

Q: Chic Wedding: As a wedding planner, you can participate in stylish shoots that explore different themes. What influenced the choice of Chinese New Year?

Asian Table Decorations

Asian Table Decorations

A: Wendy: Chinese New Year is celebrated at home with friends and family, and eating together is part of the celebration. Food is a very important element of these gatherings, but the visual and aesthetic experience for our guests cannot be overlooked. That’s why Carmen and I wanted to show you two different looks that anyone can do at home. These modern and traditional decorating ideas are really easy to implement, but they really enhance the dining table.

Designing A Tablesetting

A: Wendy: Thinking about family Lunar New Year dinners over the years, I was inspired by two of the most popular Chinese porcelain patterns my grandmother used in her childhood, one with a traditional red palette and the other with a gold palette. . It is inspired by vintage Chinese Mun Shou Longevity porcelain. Red symbolizes happiness and joy, so it is traditionally used for all Chinese celebrations, such as weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries.

Asian Table Decorations

The other model has a more muted modern palette with different shades of pink and blue. Qing Tong’s blue and white porcelain designs are inspiring and their beauty has captured the hearts of Westerners for generations. The French call it “Blanc de Chine” and it’s trending right now. A variety of blue and white porcelain patterns create a Chinoiserie aesthetic that remains popular in design and decoration. The different florals and decorative pieces you see in this shoot could easily be interpreted as a bridal shower, baby shower, or even a watercolor or pastel wedding.

Q: Elegant Wedding: What is your one piece of advice for couples looking to design their own event?

Asian Table Decorations

A Fun Easy Chinese New Year Party!

A: Wendy: My constant inspiration comes from my clients’ cultural identity, their personal taste and impeccable style. Hence, the company was named Asian Fusion Weddings. It brings me great joy to be able to translate their desires into a creatively detailed and cohesive design. Be it a home gathering, an intimate affair and/or an extravagant wedding. The key to designing a modern or traditional celebration is to keep the color scheme, use different textures and remember what the purpose of the event is.

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Concept Design & Production: Asian Fusion Weddings | Concept Design & Associate Producer: For You| Photo: Pepper and Light | Cinematography: Summerfield Films | Flowers & Decorations: Social Rose | Contemporary Sweet Table: Truffle Cakes and Batters| Traditional sweet table: Le Dolci | Stationery: Maison Maquette | Contemporary Asian Table Rentals: Plate Hits | Traditional Asian Table Rentals: Event Rentals Group | Chairs for Rent: Divine Furniture Rentals | Custom Fellowship Bar: EPD Engineered Plastic Design Inc. | Location: Estates of Sunnybrook (McLean House) Ashley Knierim has over ten years of experience in content writing, editing and strategy. He has held positions at Time magazine, AOL, and JPMorgan Chase. She is also a home decorator and DIY enthusiast and spends her free time decorating (and renovating) her home.

Asian Table Decorations

Here’s a secret: You don’t need an excuse to decorate your home for an occasion. A beautiful centerpiece is the icing on the cake in the dining room, and the right centerpiece can hold up all year long. Whether you’re decorating your dinner table or just want an eye-catching centerpiece that can always be left out, no table is too full of centerpieces.

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Choosing the right table decorations starts with a few decisions: Do you want something minimalist and understated, or do you want a centerpiece that really sings? Are you reaching for natural flowers or handmade ceramics?

Asian Table Decorations

Here, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite key ideas that you can use throughout the year. Read on for the best dining table ideas.

A rustic kitchen or dining room doesn’t have to feel old or too earthy. Decorate your natural wood table with a bouquet of dried lavender flowers and a few white linen napkins to give your dining table a touch of French provincial flair.

Asian Table Decorations

Kitchen Interior Detail With Asian Decorations And Bonsai On The Table Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 3256408

Head to your local thrift store to find handmade vases and vases that are cheaper (and more attractive) than big box stores.

Eucalyptus is a perennial favorite in our home. It offers a refreshing, minimalist, modern vibe and lasts much longer than fresh flowers.

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Asian Table Decorations

Make a DIY table runner with eucalyptus stripes and place a few candles or small vases to make it nice enough for the holidays but simple enough for the rest of the year.

Chinese Wedding Traditions

Tired of replacing your flowers every time they die? Instead, consider dried herbs like dried grass or pampas grass to decorate your dining table. They don’t emit any scent, but they add a great Scandi vibe to any home.

Asian Table Decorations

Whether you fill them with flowers or keep them empty, large vintage bottles are perfect for casual table settings. This look works best with understated furniture and decor, but the bigger the better.

Sometimes you need a central idea that doesn’t take up a lot of physical space, but takes up a lot of visual space. Consider filling a vase with large branches of flowering trees such as magnolias and olives. Thin branches don’t overwhelm the space, but are large enough to make a statement on your dining table.

Asian Table Decorations

Delightful Chinese Home Decorations You Will Love

Sometimes the best main ideas are the simplest. A fruit bowl should not seem like an old-fashioned idea, especially in a bold dining room that does not want to be separated from the rest of the decor.

What’s better than a vase in the center of your table? Several vases can be combined to create a beautiful display that has a purpose and an interesting feel. Find three or four similar (but slightly different) vases in a simple color palette to fill the centerpiece of a large table.

Asian Table Decorations

Why not decorate your kitchen table with art? We love the idea of ​​displaying some beautiful sculptures as centerpieces on your dining table to give your room a creative, artistic look and feel.

Chinese Table Setting Photos

For many of us, the kitchen island is not only a place to prepare dinner, but also a space to serve food, especially during evening parties. Decorate your breakfast bar or kitchen island with a large vase filled with flowers or greenery.

Asian Table Decorations

If you have a green thumb (or, let’s be honest, even if you don’t), you’re probably looking for an excuse to buy more houseplants. Place potted plants in the center of your table instead of flowers to add greenery and vibrancy to your space.

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Sometimes there is no substitute for a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. An easy way to transition your dining table from brunch mode to party mode is to place a large bouquet in the center. For a more modern look, stick with one type of flower or for a bigger and bolder look, try a flower arrangement.

Asian Table Decorations

Chinese New Year Family Dinner Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

If your table is a little empty, place a sculpture or candle around the center to act as a visually interesting runner. It adds visual interest and is a great way to fill out a table if you’re not using it but still want some sparkle.

Browse your local craft boutique to find a handmade mug that can sit in the center of your dining room table year-round and become a practical and beautiful centerpiece.

Asian Table Decorations

If one large vase is too formal for your table, choose three or four mini vases and repeat the look several times to create a simple but beautiful repeat.

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Sometimes you need a large centerpiece to complete the dining table. If you have a simple dining room or kitchen, a large vase or decoration can be a focal point and add a lot of texture to the room.

Asian Table Decorations

Even if you love a neutral color scheme, it’s hard to deny that color can work wonders in any space. Weave color into a handmade mug or vase for a focal point.

A beautiful vase can often stand alone, but pairing two pieces together can add a little more depth to your table. Choose contrasting colors instead of two matching pieces.

Asian Table Decorations

Dining Table Centerpiece Ideas To Set Your Table From The Rest

A good rule of thumb is that a large centerpiece should be more than 24 inches tall, but you can mix up the look by sprinkling in several pieces of varying heights. Add a cake stand, fill it with fruit and flowers, or mix and match several vases of different sizes.

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