Australia Day Table Decorations

Australia Day Table Decorations – Words:: Kibo Photos:: Lisa Atkinson Happy Australia Day everyone! To get into the spirit of the day and celebrate who we are, where we’ve all come from and where we’re all going, I’ve created my Australian outdoor environment.

I’m a proud Aussie, but another reason Australia Day is very special to me is because it’s his second birthday! I’m so excited that what started as a way to share my love of home, food, and nature has turned into this amazing site filled with all of you lovely readers. It makes perfect sense that our birthday falls on Australia Day as I feel my site has a distinctly Australian feel; Whether it’s in the recipes I share or the table settings and crafts I create. Let’s kick off year three with a fun Australia Day table setting – perfect for an outdoor gathering to celebrate this wonderful country of ours.

Australia Day Table Decorations

Australia Day Table Decorations

It’s so easy to make an Australia Day table like this. Use red, white and blue to reflect the Australian flag as a color theme. If there’s one store I love, it’s thrift stores! These stores are a goldmine when it comes to dressing tables, especially for themed events like this one.

Grazing Table Ideas To Help Style Your Spread

A navy tablecloth is perfect as a blank canvas for a layered themed table setting. Mine is just a few meters of Spotlight fabric – if you don’t want to use a flat colour, there are plenty of print options to choose from. Placement with white threads, with bright red plate. The top creates a stand for an iconic Aussie item – and what’s more Aussie than a thong! Bright thongs (Australian slang for flip flops) make a fun talking point on the table, and you can even go a step further and guess the size of your guests’ feet so they can take a pair home as a gift. . The strap can also be used as a place card or menu of the day. The straps are the feature of the table, so I kept the glasses simple and added a little fun with the flowers and cans. Everyday boxes covered with an Australian flag sticker feature bright red leaf geraniums. Plants or flowers always light up the table and these colors just pop on the sea canvas.

Australia Day Table Decorations

Don’t just leave the fun to the table; Decorate the garden with strings of flags for a fun environment. By filling a small side table with a collection of silly props, you can also enjoy some fun photography moments on this special day. I found my stash of classic Aussie accessories via Pinterest and printed out my favourites, an easy thing to do to make your day a little more fun. And best of all, it’s free! So start decorating, it’s time to celebrate!

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A navy tablecloth from Spotlight, plates from Pottery Barn, and a variety of Australian decor and accessories can be found at local thrift stores. When you live underground, it can sometimes be difficult to decorate for the holidays, which are often influenced by the northern hemisphere. .

Australia Day Table Decorations

Give Your Table A Patriotic Makeover For The 4th Of July! In Nov 2022

It’s understandable if you don’t want snow-inspired decor in your home or songs about roasting chestnuts when it’s 40 degrees outside.

But that doesn’t mean you have to resort to kitschy surfer Santa decorations or cover your Christmas tree with koalas.

Australia Day Table Decorations

A stylish Australian Christmas is possible and it’s all about embracing the warm weather and making the most of the season.

Tips For Hosting An Unforgettable Holiday Party

It could be colorful, like the traditional red and gold, or something more uniquely Australian, like a beach setting.

Australia Day Table Decorations

While you don’t want to be too strict about the table setting, mixing different styles will be distracting and not very effective.

A great way to liven it up with an Australian touch is to use our beautiful Australian natives including Kangaroo Paw, Banksia, Worta, Wattle and Eucalyptus.

Australia Day Table Decorations

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Why not mix some waratas with some of our native flora for a classic Australian Christmas red and green?

Alternatively, sometimes the best option is to keep it simple – you can make a statement by not cluttering up the table and placing a eucalyptus wreath in the centre.

Australia Day Table Decorations

While those living in colder countries can’t imagine spending Christmas near the beach, most Aussies wouldn’t mind.

Easter Table Styling With Janelle Gonyea

Why not bring this Australian tradition to your Christmas table setting? The possibilities are endless – you can go full tropical or go for a more subtle seaside effect.

Australia Day Table Decorations

To get this look, choose organic and natural tableware in neutral colors, throw in some woven rugs and incorporate some pops of color like blue, turquoise or green.

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It doesn’t have to be a shabby beachy look and can certainly be chic and elegant with subtler touches like gold flatware or colorful crystal glasses.

Australia Day Table Decorations

How To Make A Last Minute Christmas Table Setting

While most Christmas candles offer strong aromas of cinnamon, plums, cloves, allspice and other cold Christmas scents, they can be a little too heavy and overpowering in our warm climate this time of year.

Try embracing brighter notes traditionally associated with the Australian summer, such as a coconut and lime candle, to enhance the setting.

Australia Day Table Decorations

Whether you’re looking for an Australian Christmas table setting or not, a good table setting should incorporate a variety of layers and textures.

Where To Buy The Best Christmas Centrepieces In Australia

Think bedding, rugs and table settings, along with some foliage, a height feature and a few smaller pieces to add interest (resin nuts are a nice Aussie touch).

Australia Day Table Decorations

Join for free, a new way to discover and find your dream home, connect with experts in the real estate community, and stay up-to-date on market trends when buying, renting or selling property.

Our artificial intelligence will create a personalized list of relevant properties for you to rank from over 100,000 available listings. While the Christmas tree tends to take pride of place in the home and is the most important when it comes to decorations, there is another part of your home. that deserves a seasonal makeover: your dining room table .

Australia Day Table Decorations

The Gala Dinner 2005

And just like your Christmas tree, there are countless color palettes and holiday themes to decorate your Christmas table.

Use traditional Christmas colors but give them a fun Aussie twist by using red waratas as a floral centrepiece. Create a warm and rich tablescape with red linen napkins and red crackers.

Australia Day Table Decorations

Create a snowy landscape on your Christmas table using artificial snow foliage combined with touches of silver and gold. Place a sprig of white berries on top of each decoration and mark the table with tea lights and white star decorations.

Dining Table Decor Ideas: 10 Tips For Beautiful Tablescapes |

Create a cozy woodland setting by layering natural fabrics on a tartan tablecloth. Use pine cones, evergreens and berries for a table runner and sprinkle with glittery gold balls for a touch of glamour.

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Australia Day Table Decorations

Use popsicles or pinks, yellows and blues to create a vibrant Christmas dinner table. Use a colorful floral table runner on a white tablecloth and cover with round yellow coasters. Wrap small gifts for your guests in coordinating colors.

The red and white color scheme creates a fun scene at this table. But instead of decorating with candy canes, keep things sophisticated with a shiny red apple as the centerpiece. Simply write each person’s name on a leaf-shaped card and tie to the stem.

Australia Day Table Decorations

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Create a relaxed beach environment using lots of different layers and textures in a nature-inspired palette. Start with white linen surfaces and layer with an arrangement of woven ovals for contrast and texture. Give your guests something to take away with a small potted succulent anywhere.

Keep things simple with layers of white linen and decorate the table with strings of gold lights and white paper and star garland. Combine with gold trays, bowls and champagne flutes.

Australia Day Table Decorations

Use a bright pink, peach, yellow and yellow color palette and combine it with gold and copper elements for a touch of shine. Use single-stemmed tropical leaves to create a striking table runner, and place a pineapple in the middle. Sprinkle with shiny ornaments for a festive touch.

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Keep things Christmas Day with simple white linens and use one silver dollar eucalyptus branch for each place setting. Combine with a green and navy color palette for subtle sophistication.

Australia Day Table Decorations

Use Christmas colors to anchor this calm table setting by layering a white linen tablecloth with a red napkin. Wrap a bunch of gum leaves in the center of the table and sprinkle with walnuts and gum flowers.

Incorporate coastal textures with seashells, rope, driftwood and starfish combined with more traditional Christmas decorations in silver, blue and white. Add blue mesh glass floats for beachy glam.

Australia Day Table Decorations

Absolutely Stunning Ideas For Christmas Table Decorations

Check out this fresh farmhouse look. Use any vegetable from your garden as a centerpiece and punctuate with pine cones for a rustic look. continue

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