Baby Blue Table Decorations

Baby Blue Table Decorations – When you’re planning a party for one of your friends in the event industry, you know creativity will do the trick! I had so much fun collaborating with my event business family to create this ultimate baby blue baby shower for my friend and photographer, Melody Melikian. We found the perfect shade of light blue and created the entire event design around it. It was modern, monochromatic, minimalist and a lot of fun.

Designing in a monochromatic color palette on this scale requires creative planning and careful thought, but even if I’m designing something small, like a monochromatic flower, there are several concepts that always apply to monochromatic design:

Baby Blue Table Decorations

Baby Blue Table Decorations

You may work with one color, but within that color there are an infinite number of shades! To create depth in your designs, balance several shades of the same color to create a sense of depth.

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Like depth of color, texture is just as important in monochromatic design. It will add character and interest to everything you create and allow your eye to take in layer upon layer of detail. Be sure to choose materials with different textures, not only within your flower arrangement, but also in your surrounding furniture, accessories, linens, china and glassware.

Baby Blue Table Decorations

There is no “perfect” way to organize a monochromatic event; it’s all about being creative! Once you’ve gathered the items you think you’ll use, lay them out on a table or side by side and start looking at everything together. See where your eye naturally goes and feel how the combination makes you feel. If your intuition tells you that all the parts feel right, that’s all you need to start your designs! If there are items that don’t fit, don’t stop. Save them for your next project and go with the flow that’s right for your intuition.

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