Baby Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

Baby Minnie Mouse Table Decorations – What if your soon-to-be one-year-old loves Mickey, but you just want to throw a girl’s first birthday party? Easy: You compromise and throw a DIY Minnie Mouse 1st birthday party with all the pink, polka dots, and flowers you can fit in one room.

Sounds pretty easy, right? No. It was hard work, but it was worth it to see the little girl happily twirling the pink spotted ball her father had tied around her wrist.

Baby Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

Baby Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

Oh, and that cake? He always blew it with a smile on his face.

Mickey Mouse Babyshower Ideas

Planning this party was so much fun. I have never been so creative in my life and seeing it come together late in the day was the highlight of my week (maybe my month). I also used my camera for the first time (the best investment if you want to get great photos of this dessert table), which is a must in this old, brown building.

Baby Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

But it really makes you work with what you have. If you can make a party look good here, you’re a pro!

The tulle skirt really added something to this evening and I’m so glad I took the time. DIYing this requires about $17 worth of tulle and takes about an hour. If you just want to save yourself some time, I linked a tulle skirt here and it’s even better!

Baby Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

Sweet Table Decoration In Children`s Party With Minnie Mouse Theme Editorial Stock Image

Make sure your desk is the right size before you buy. Also consider the sides of the table if you want it included in size!

These letters were among my three favorite details of the evening. I got the paper mache letters from Hobby Lobby. (Similar letters are linked here.) All I had to do was paint them, then use a cross stitch to cut out the circles and bows. They turned out so cute!

Baby Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

At first I wanted to put them on the dessert table, but I thought they would be better suited to the gift table.

Rainbow Minnie Birthday Decor Pink Gold Glitter Minnie Mouse

Streamers really added a lot to this party. Hanging these was a crucial moment in the party’s transition from a hobbyist to a more professional look. Here are the items I used to make it:

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Baby Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

This tulle high chair skirt is a must-have for a fun, over-the-top cake session. It was very simple to do! I still find glitter all over my house and scalp! That’s good. I guess it comes with the job!

First off, the cupcakes at this party were the real MVP. I absolutely loved the cute little oreos and the touch of summer that made them a perfect finish. Is the title a word? Well, I’ve done it both ways.

Baby Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

Decorations Minnie Mouse Theme

My grandma actually made the cupcakes and I frosted them. Then we had my friend Sierra’s team put on oreos and bows.

Man, these cakes were so much fun! Here’s my favorite frosting on any cake: it’s the cutest and easiest way to make a professional-looking cake. I believe anyone can do it and I’m working hard to perfect my “flower-pretty-cake” technique.

Baby Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

I used fondant to make cake pans. The bows tested my patience, but in the end it was so cute! I was pleased with how these cakes turned out. I think Leila also…

Minnie Mouse Cupcake Stand Table Decoration Handmade

What a party! I love how it all turned out and had so much fun using these DIY 1st Birthday Minnie Mouse Party Decorations.

Baby Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

Interested in my help planning your upcoming party? I have options for local Hoosiers and non-locals. Who doesn’t love Mickey Mouse? It has brought fun and joy to the world for more than 90 years. Who is Mickey without the other half, Minnie Mouse? This classic birthday party theme is perfect for any Disney fan!

My daughter loves all things Disney, especially Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and her favorite place in the world is Walt Disney World in Florida. A few years ago I created a Mickey and Minnie Mouse themed dessert station for my daughter Carolina’s 15th birthday.

Baby Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

Mickey Or Minnie Gender Reveal Party

The night started at her favorite Italian restaurant where her friends surprised her! After that they had a fun scavenger hunt at the mall and it was of course Disney themed. Then all the girls headed to our house for the night and of course her surprise sweet treat!

I say I’m surprised, but he saw her before he went to eat. She thought it was just for the client, that’s the life of a party stylist’s kid haha! So he was thrilled when he found out that it was actually meant for him!

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Baby Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

When planning a Mickey and Minnie themed party, you can’t go wrong with a black, white, red, and yellow color scheme. They are classic Mickey and Minnie colors. I started my table with a black tablecloth and a red polka dot. I paired them with glass cake stands and apothecary jars along with black and white containers.

Mickey And Minnie Mouse Dessert Ideas — Mint Event Design

I just made a plain background using a hot glue gun and pom poms for Minnie’s bow and red and white polka dot fabric! I mounted Minnie on black and white striped fabric and made the perfect backdrop for my table!

Baby Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

The girls were going to watch a movie together (a Disney movie of course!), so I mixed popcorn and candy on this dessert table.

I used a variety of candies including Mickey Mouse candies, red and yellow citrus candies, rock candies, and red gummies. I also paid for the gold chocolates with a special Disney Parks Mickey coin.

Baby Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

Buy 120pieces 2inche Red Black White Minnie Mouse Confetti

Since the girls can’t live on candy alone, I also served strawberries and blueberries in polka dot candy holders.

Our baked goods came from Michele’s pâtisserie. This time we’ve featured Minnie shaped cookies with pretty bows!

Baby Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

Also chocolate and vanilla mini cupcakes, Mickey and Minnie white glove cupcake toppers!

Disney Minnie Mouse 4 Piece Playroom Solution By Delta Children

For her birthday cake, I had a swirly frosted cake that looked like a Minnie Mouse dress. I made a Happy Birthday cake on my Cricutum.

Baby Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

In fact, I did all of the cutouts for this party on my Cricut. Labels on cupcake and cake tins and popcorn tins. I also made straw flags, cups and signs for the lemonade table.

For the drinks table I created a backdrop using red, black and white paper fans. I gave the girls Mason jars, Mickey Mouse decorations, and fresh lemonade!

Baby Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

Minnie Mouse Tablecloth Kids Birthday Party Supplies Party Decoration Minnie Mouse Table Cover Baby Shower Disposable Tableware

What parties are you planning this year? Birthdays, weddings? Let me know in the comments below!

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Baby Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

I know you’ve heard of “glamping” by now, but have you actually tried glamping?! I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not wild in the wilderness, but I can do a boho chic glamping experience in the backyard!

Minnie Mouse Theme Or Mickymouse Cupcake Stand Paper Cupcake Stand Table Decoration Item For Kids For Children Birthday Parties: Buy Online At Best Prices In Pakistan

Thirteen is a big deal. It’s been the first year since you’re no longer a child, no longer “unmixed”, but a real teenager! It’s a real treat if you ask me. So when one of my wonderful clients asked me to help her daughter Lexi throw a surprise 13th birthday party, I was thrilled to make it special for her.

Baby Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

Spring will be here before we know it, and while the pandemic is still going on, we’re all looking for ways to celebrate safely. Open micro parties are one of the best ways to do this! That’s why I’m sharing this beautiful Llama theme

MINT Event DesignMickey Mouse Black And Red Happy Birthday Baby Shower Baby Shower Ideas Minnie Mouse Popcorn Bar Dessert Table Girls Party Branch5 Comments Throwing a baby shower can be as fun as ever because a little girl is coming. . correct subject type. Minnie Mouse is such a motif, beautiful, playful and full of childhood nostalgia. With tons of options for sweet shades of pink, red, and ivory, delicious treats, and lots of fancy decorations, you can’t go wrong with a Minnie Mouse baby shower.

Baby Minnie Mouse Table Decorations 120pieces 2inche Pink Gold Glitter Minnie Mouse Confetti

In soft pink and bright pink, polka dot balloon arches make the perfect party entrance for guests while keeping with the Minnie Mouse theme. Bright pink flags announcing the new baby’s name, black and white ribbons from the walls, and large Minnie paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling make for some really fun decorations. There are so many ways to plan a Minnie Mouse baby shower on a budget!

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Baby Minnie Mouse Table Decorations

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