Baby Shower Decoration Ideas For Table

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Last month, we prepared a sweet baby shower for our dear friend who is pregnant with a little girl. Since this was her first baby, we wanted to make sure it was a memorable party! We had so much fun planning and hosting this shower and are so excited to finally share all the details of this beautiful party!

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas For Table

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas For Table

I showered in the clubhouse of a friend’s apartment. We love the clean, modern interior of the clubhouse. It really helped a lot in styling a modern and elegant party look. The shower color is for girls, so I chose a sweet color palette of pale pink and blush to create a sweet atmosphere.

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To welcome the party guests, we set up a small table for guests to make a wish to her mother. We decorated the table with simple flower arrangements, letterboard signs and sprinkled with blush/pink confetti. On the table we made an elegant wooden wreath with fresh greenery and rose gold baby balloons. This is a simple DIY project we did the day before we showered. It was so easy and fun! Check out our step-by-step guide here.

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas For Table

We made a beautiful balloon garland by combining white pearl balloons and peach pearl balloons (you can get the full kit here). Our friend loves the natural, adorable festive look, so we added fresh carnations, seeded eucalyptus and silver dollar eucalyptus on blush to our balloon wreath. The balloon background on the dessert table was so pretty that I got a lot of compliments when guests came!

For matching tableware, we used our “Oh Baby” collection, which included pink star plates, oh baby plates, pretty pink frill napkins and pink tumbler cups. Baby pink tableware with gold accents is so pretty and stylish for this shower! In the middle of the dessert table, I made a simple pink ombre cake and topped it with this amazing letterboard cake topper. You can use this topper to personalize your baby’s name, making the cake even more special for whoever is going to be a mom! We also made popcorn in this adorable food cup which means ‘popcorn’!

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Baby Shower Decoration Ideas For Table

Baby Shower Themes We’re Loving Right Now

We played a few baby shower games including ‘Guess the Baby Bump’, ‘Who Knows Mom Best’ and ‘What’s In Your Wallet’. These are easy games for larger groups of groups. We had so much fun with the ladies!

Hope you enjoy this! Don’t forget to check out our baby shower collection for all the adorable party supplies! Planning a baby shower for your sister, aunt, roommate or best friend? It’s a very exciting time and we want to show our support by hosting a memorable baby shower. Of course, most importantly, perhaps, a comfortable seat for the expectant mother (and a place to raise her feet). But after that, there are so many beautiful and fun party decoration options. We’ve found 15 of the best baby shower decorating ideas to help you start planning.

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas For Table

White with a powder blue or pink (depending on the baby’s gender) sets a beautiful, simple and fresh step for a successful baby shower. To refresh your mood, consider adding a few green decorative ornaments or garlands to your wall or table. The effect is breathtaking and magical… Perfect for celebrating the arrival of a breathtakingly magical little spirit.

Girl Or Boy? Table Decorating Kit

Let’s be honest. Most expectant mothers feel ready to burst by the time the baby shower is on its way, regardless of whether it actually exists (or can be seen). A fun play on this concept is a baby shower themed around a “pop” beat. A bright, vibrant color scheme, simple yet graphic stripes, soda and popcorn bar sets the stage for a baby shower that is not only simple to plan, but also festive and fun to attend!

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas For Table

Baby shower or not, this idea is truly amazing. If you can see lots of beautiful and fresh flowers (or if your mother loves them the most and will appreciate them the I’ve die and go to Heaven way), then let these flowers be the stars of your decorations. A flower wreath hanging from a hanging branch sets a beautiful background for a tabletop tabletop that is equally fresh and beautiful.

To be honest, just because most baby shower décor includes a few obvious décor options doesn’t mean your baby shower has to follow if you want something bold and different. Inspired by the Southwest/Aztec, this baby shower is positively refreshing because of its uniqueness. Arrow-shaped cupcakes, graphic triangular paper wreaths, repeating arrows; Everything runs beautifully.

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Baby Shower Decoration Ideas For Table

Here’s How You Can Make Diy Props For Your Best Friend’s Baby Shower

Since mason jars are so universally versatile (is that so?) we should include them as one of the best baby shower decorating ideas. After painting, lightly sand a mason jar to create an attractive cottage look and fill it with flowers. Pink for girls, blue/white for boys, and yellow for gender-neutral baby showers.

You live in the desert? it’s okay! A baby shower can still look fresh and bold if you stick to the situation and run it together. Minimize classic silhouettes like the saguaro cactus, but keep them bold, and choose a basic color with a few variations for your geometric paper wreath. This desert-themed baby shower setup is enchanting.

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas For Table

There are classic toys that are not aesthetically pleasing but are fun to play with. The red radio flyer mini wagon is one of them. Use this in your baby shower decor to give your kids a classic, nostalgic, retro, vintage and totally unique vibe.

Cute Baby Shower Decorations + Fun Diys To Try

This is a fun literal interpretation of the concept of “shower” in baby shower. White inflatable cloud clusters at the top of the window and colorful tissue paper raindrop-shaped flags dripping from the clouds are sweet, colorful and fun. And the colors of the raindrops of your choice (blue, pink, rainbow, ombre, many possibilities) make it easy to adapt to the rest of your baby shower decor. .

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas For Table

Most moms appreciate all the support and celebration that baby showers provide. Many will take home practical décor like this diaper-based tissue pompom flower. These can be easily changed in height and can be spread all over the baby shower room, or around a central table or a guest’s chair…anywhere! They are large and bright and above all useful when everything is said and done.

After practical decorations… Newborn babies need a lot of diapers. And much more. Prospective moms will probably want diapers the most, so she can even make diapers fun! Roll the diapers and make a charming 3-tier “cake” tied with ribbon and ribbon. This can be for a boy or a girl, or it can change depending on the theme of the party.

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Balancing the décor with the rest of the space can be a challenge in a baby shower, as your refreshment or gathering table may already be full of tasty treats, game components, or baby shower décor. That’s why it’s a good idea to use tissue pompom and paper lanterns to create fantastic hanging centerpieces like this one. The large size instantly makes it feel like a party.

Sometimes baby shower ideas for a baby girl seem very easy, but for a baby boy it can be a bit difficult. I think the idea equalizes the score fairly well. With a little washi tape, you can make a lovely bow tie “decoration” for your refreshment table.

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas For Table

The brown craft paper used to wrap the large cardboard boxes is the main concept of this adorable B-A-B-Y block tower. Use the white cardboard as a template and use paint to create the letters you want on the blocks themselves. If the baby’s name is known, you can also write its name. Adding some color (via balloons, crepe paper, etc.) will be especially fun.

Girl Baby Shower Ideas

We all know that most meetings rely on food to make them feel like success. As a baby shower host, you can embrace and implement this concept. Focus the food on the new baby’s festive content! These sweet fruity baby buggies are adorable and fun, as well as being healthy and fresh, which any shower attendee will appreciate.

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas For Table

The best part of a baby shower is, of course, celebrating with the baby who will become a mother. Her considerable adventure awaits her before her, and it is the love and support of her family and her friends that help her get through her difficulties. Start supporting them with a baby shower that brings together those most dear to them.

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