Baby Shower Decoration Table Ideas

Baby Shower Decoration Table Ideas – These days, when it’s time to throw a baby shower for a friend, you can go beyond pink or blue themed parties. In fact, there are many unapproved ideas for organizing a party for an expectant mother. And even if you decide to make it an all-girls party, there’s no reason not to go for unexpected events inspired by bees, ice cream crafts, or your favorite teen detective Nancy Drew in the best game, Candy Land. Of course, it’s important to celebrate moms-to-be—whether it’s the country mom who loves a simple party or the mom who loves to barbecue throughout her pregnancy. If you know a Halloween-loving mom, you’d be crazy not to check out some Halloween baby shower ideas.

Although choosing a theme makes party planning easier, it’s not all! As long as it’s a fun party that your guests will love, great snacks, a great cake, some drinks, and baby shower game gifts that your guests will really want to get, you’re golden! Here are 20 shower ideas to celebrate the birth of a baby girl!

Baby Shower Decoration Table Ideas

Baby Shower Decoration Table Ideas

You’re sure to hit the party with a gorgeous floral theme in a fresh color scheme like these gorgeous cookies from Southern Sugar Bakery.

Best Diy Baby Shower Decorations That Will Make You Smile In 2022

Escape to a sweet nautical-themed bathroom with boats, maps and pink touches to keep the lady going. Check out the DIY Lighthouse for more eco-themed ideas and a recipe for a delicious tulip cake to decorate your dessert table!

Baby Shower Decoration Table Ideas

Try this fun little honey jar project as a thoughtful party favor with a cause. You can use honey hexagon jars as part of a decorative display before sending your guests home with them!

Provide palms, bright flowers and a mocktail for mom and you’re ready for a fun island themed shower! Try creating a backdrop like Lovely Indeed’s beautiful design, she used a plank to hold everything together. You won’t have to scratch the walls, you can place them anywhere in the house to create an Instagram-worthy wall!

Baby Shower Decoration Table Ideas

Baby Shower Ideas

Decorate the house with candy jars and pastels to create a Candy Land themed baby shower. Add a striped background and scarf to complete the look.

This cute theme is sure to please your guests! Hang a delicious ice cream cone with plenty of ice on hand to keep desserts cold and on display. Serve up an ice cream sandwich or keep it simple with a pint of Mom’s Sweet Treats.

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Baby Shower Decoration Table Ideas

This is no ordinary backyard barbecue. Courtney Whitmore, writer, creative designer and digital developer at, and her partner Jenny Thigpen said the B(a)b(y)Q Project Team is the friend you’ve been waiting for.

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Are you expecting a baby on the 4th of July? Try this American style baby shower with fireworks and sparkles as accessories! Bring the baby into the world with a bang!

Baby Shower Decoration Table Ideas

Even if pink is a girly color, try adding fresh herbs to add a new edge. The good people at 12th + White have created this special party with lots of great ideas.

We love a nautical theme that includes candy and desserts. With gear like snorkel masks and swim trunks, the group will actually be swimming.

Baby Shower Decoration Table Ideas

Planning A Baby Shower: Your Ultimate How To Guide

Expectant mothers of girls are sure to appreciate a program based on a love of math and science! Keep the lady sprinkled with pink dogwood anchor in glasses and tubes, like blogger Sugar and Cloth.

Hay barns are a great option if you can’t host a barn party! Hang candles from the ceiling and decorate the tables with flowers for a barn themed party!

Baby Shower Decoration Table Ideas

Beads and shrimp po’boys are a fun yet easy baby shower theme! Use the beads as a decoration or give them as a party.

Baby Shower Themes The Mom To Be Will Love

There’s no better way to celebrate the arrival of a baby than with American flags, cold beers and red, white and blue decorations!

Baby Shower Decoration Table Ideas

There’s nothing better than a crisp white palette full of cookie powder and tea lights. Warm up the place with cups of hot cocoa or choose one of our favorite winter cocktails and plenty of cheese and crackers to nibble on.

A deck of playing cards appears throughout the Alice in Wonderland themed party scene as a backdrop or table runner. Small, hand-printed dessert labels are sure to delight your guests.

Baby Shower Decoration Table Ideas

Prettiest Baby Shower Ideas & Decorations For Your Big Day

For a relaxed ceremony inspired by nature, choose glass vases filled with ferns and greenery. Decorate your dining table with sea green plates in a simple setting and keep the menu in season.

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Are you expecting a baby girl in the spring? Use seasonal flowers as a theme and display them as a centerpiece as shown here.

Baby Shower Decoration Table Ideas

By Paula Pryke. You can also draw the palette for the rest of the party from pinks, yellows and greens to a good floral arrangement.

Baby Shower Dessert Table Decoration Ideas

If mom’s favorite color is blue, don’t be shy, even if it’s a girl! There are many ways to make blue look feminine, like these cute earrings or turquoise glass vases filled with sunflowers.

Baby Shower Decoration Table Ideas

Nothing says “summer fun” like this gorgeous pink tablecloth draped over an outdoor dining table. Let the outdoors be the backdrop and flowers are picked from the garden to prepare the table.

Sometimes it’s good to stick to a solid color palette for a party like this red and white palette. You can write food, drink, decoration and parting gift ideas based on the color combination. Get your color codes from Amy Atlas Events. The days of “pink for girls, blue for boys” are over. Baby shower decorations for a girl can be anything you want! Many moms are breaking away from tradition and throwing gender-free beauty showers… or going all out with a baby shower theme. No shame though

Baby Shower Decoration Table Ideas

Sweet Halloween Baby Shower Ideas For A Themed Party

If you’re looking to throw together an ultra-feminine baby formula for a girl, there’s no shortage of inspiration to feed your imagination without forgetting your team. From masses of flowers to pinks… and all the sparkles and metallics her heart desires, there are plenty of baby girl shower decorating ideas to help new mom’s day as she celebrates her daughter-to-be.

Do not retain a lease or tenancy; Have fun creating a beautiful landscape with beautiful decorations for the mother-to-be you are celebrating. Here are some of our favorite baby girl shower decoration ideas…

Baby Shower Decoration Table Ideas

Incorporating paper, silk, or pearl beads into your baby shower decor will make a mom-to-be’s heart flutter. A simple scatter in the background and one around the cake set the scene for the cute little girl, seen here.

Wow Guests With These Baby Shower Table Decorations

Balloon crafts and creations are trending right now and are perfect for baby showers or parties. Create an entire wall of pastels and gold or silver accents for a dreamy backdrop that will take a girl-mommy’s big day to the next level.

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Baby Shower Decoration Table Ideas

This idea is just like a baby shower that is a wedding! And why not? A white tent with linens and candlelight, and elegant red and gold tablecloths make this Mom of the Hour dinner unforgettable. Balloon polish doesn’t hurt either!

Mixing/decorating/decorating/partying! Set up a flower crown station that visitors will see when they enter the space: flowers in small vases or placed on plates with string, scissors and other accessories on the side of the jar Then, everyone sits inside, making crowns together and dressing up while it lasts the rain. Or, take the shortcut and make or buy it before the party and display it on an armchair or side table near the entrance for guests to pick and carry as they walk in.

Baby Shower Decoration Table Ideas

Shabby Chic Pink Baby Shower Decorations On Table Stock Image

The elegant scroll and burst of white roses make this baby girl shower so elegant. Add a gold room divider as shown, or a youthful curtain as a backdrop, to make the current open space beautiful.

Disco balls are a weird but really cool option. Pick a fun palette and go wild, like this one. The background is a musical ballad inspired by 1970s style in the best way, while the cherry blossoms and red and pink balloons are sweet and elegant.

Baby Shower Decoration Table Ideas

Make baby shower games fun by decorating your craft table with cute details. Write instructions or details in the glass paint marker and fixings in the glass jars or containers, found here.

Winnie The Pooh Baby Shower Ideas That Are So Cute

Mason jars can be adapted to any environment or theme! In addition to decorating rustic weddings and beautiful homes, it is also perfect for decorating a “girly” baby shower. Vases painted with pastel chalk are a lovely touch in a girl’s bathroom.

Baby Shower Decoration Table Ideas

This baby shower is bursting with good news! Light theme, navy blue and mermaid tails and coral rocks create a stunning combination for

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