Balloon Table Decor

Balloon Table Decor – Air-filled balloon tables are a great decorative alternative to helium-filled balloon floats. We have hundreds of designs, shapes and colors to choose from – and they can be customized to suit your needs.

We can create air filled balloon displays with mini foil numbers, foil balloons, bubble balloons and mini molds. It is perfect for small celebrations at home, in restaurants or at small parties. Or why not have some that can be used as a centerpiece for big celebrations and events.

Balloon Table Decor

Balloon Table Decor

From birthdays, anniversaries and baby showers to personal names and ages, we can create the perfect table to suit your theme and occasion.

Little Red Balloon

Our air-filled tabletop balloons last for weeks, a great way to keep the party going longer.

Balloon Table Decor

Our most popular selection of air-filled screens. There are hundreds of options in the store and many colors. From birthdays, anniversaries and baby showers to personal names and ages, we can create the perfect table to suit your theme and occasion.

A great choice for any birthday or anniversary. It will be perfect on the table next to the cake or in the restaurant. Available in a variety of colors including rainbow, rose gold, silver, gold, blue and pink.

Balloon Table Decor

Amazing Wedding Balloon Ideas

Prices start from £8 per issue. They can also be personalized with names, starting from £2 per vinyl.

Bubbles and Orbs balloon table displays are a long-lasting decoration for any celebration. Available in a variety of colors including rainbow, rose gold, silver, gold, blue and pink.

Balloon Table Decor

We prefer 24 hours notice for private balloons, but most of our balloons can be made the same day and tables can be dropped off while you wait (depending on staff).

Silver Star Blue Sky Mini Table Balloon Column

I ordered a mini table for my 40th birthday and 1 month later it is still going strong. Great quality and great service – thank you!

Balloon Table Decor

“I am very happy with the Quality Cake Company balloons – everyone comments on them and they last forever!

This air-filled table display is perfect for birthday parties of all ages. Browse the birthday balloons by age page for more balloon decorating ideas.

Balloon Table Decor

Blog For Balloon Wise

This air-filled tabletop display is perfect for a variety of celebrations. Browse our other pages for more balloon decorating ideas. When we were kids, balloons were the hallmark of birthday parties, pep rallies, school dances, you name it. Now that we are adults, why aren’t they getting married (aka the single biggest celebration of our lives)? One thing’s for sure: Balloons are popping up everywhere on the party circuit — from engagement shoots and bridal showers to wedding ceremonies — and they’re showing no signs of slowing down.

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Basically, all the cool kids have grown up embracing wedding balloons, and it’s time for fashion to do just that. “We love balloons for weddings because they are very impressive without breaking the bank. For example, if you have a piece of flowers of the same size, you will have a lot more. And they are more unique than flowers – not so. Many weddings use them for decoration. And every a different piece. Either way, your balloon decor will be unique,” says wedding planner Bree Denman.

Balloon Table Decor

Bree Denman is the owner of The Indigo Bride, a creative wedding planning and design company for modern couples in Central Oregon.

Graduation Balloon Decor

There are no limits to your creativity, from spectacular walls covered in pink mini balloons to hanging from the ceiling. “When it comes to thinking outside the box, I like to build installations in unexpected places,” says Denman. “You can imagine an asymmetrical screen above the door because so many installations have been done before, but I can suggest something grander, like an installation that starts on the floor, goes up to the wall and ends overhead. Or an installation that hangs from the ceiling We have become many ways to Mount this installation that we can make a really big display almost anywhere.

Balloon Table Decor

You’re in luck, we’ve got 25 innovative ways to incorporate balloons into your wedding decor.

Take your portraits to the next level by posing with a group of festive balloons. (The gorgeous desert setting certainly didn’t hurt either). While this couple chose a peach balloon train, you can customize the color and size of your balloons to match your wedding theme and decor. “My favorite brand is Qualatex because the quality is amazing and it lasts for a really long time. They come in different sizes,” Denman said.

Balloon Table Decor

Yoy】led Light Balloon Column Stand Holder Kit Base Table Support Wedding Birthday Party Decor

This rainbow installation is a true work of art. Take advantage of the exclusive Geronimo Balloons group and tick decorations off your to-do list. If you really want to impress your guests, place Arch balloons directly above the reception table and they will be the talk of the night!

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If you don’t already know, garlands are having an important moment. Take it a step further by throwing mini balloons into the mix to start a conversation that won’t be seen. Feel free to combine muted and bright tones with eucalyptus, flowers or greenery.

Balloon Table Decor

Along with your grand entrance, you will want your exit to be just as impressive. Add a balloon to the back of a vintage car or tie it to a vespa for a chic getaway. Now is a great time to use big balloons – this arrangement of pink, white and gray balloons is simply breathtaking.

Centerpieces — Inflated Creations

Go big or come home with a wall covered in balloons. In order not to overwhelm your guests (and rob you of your shining moment), stick to a palette that stands out, like the pale pink here. But feel free to mix up the size of the balloon; it will look like you blow each one yourself (even if you don’t).

Balloon Table Decor

A summer wedding is not complete without a pool of levitating white balloons. This idea is just perfect for modern pool bars and open bars. Tip: Add a light or floating candle to make the display glow after dark.

Now, if you look closely, you’ll see that these are paper lanterns, but don’t worry. You can easily make this design using balloons. We love the ombré color and asymmetrical design as a backdrop for your photo booth or entire reception.

Balloon Table Decor

Boho Rainbow Party

If you and your groom are known as party animals, this is for you. (We will consider this wedding reception a

). For the same aesthetic, tie tassels to the balloon and let it float to the ceiling. Just be sure to choose a palette that matches your decor. Here, a variety of blue balloons go well with a striped linen tablecloth for a seaside theme.

Balloon Table Decor

Be sure to point guests in the right direction (ahem, the dessert table) with a super sweet balloon display. What’s so charming about this rustic-chic set with its white vintage dresser and matching balloons? For an ethereal touch, insert a garland of greenery and voilà.

Balloon Table Décor

Do it for the gram! Follow the lead of this happy couple as they take a moment to joke around in front of the camera. Whether you’re creating a colorful V-balloon backdrop or installing a ceremonial arch, the options are endless.

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Balloon Table Decor

While weddings are often associated with a more muted palette, don’t be afraid to embrace all the colors of the rainbow. This bountiful balloon garland for a wedding at Brasada Ranch can be admired from near and far. The way the door frames the place makes it perfect for photos.

If the forecast calls for strong winds, remember to add a strong anchor point to prevent the balloon from floating on its own. “Outdoor installations are beautiful, but they oxidize quickly in the sun, so the balloons look more cloudy than vibrant,” says Denman.

Balloon Table Decor

Creative Balloons Decoration Ideas For Your Party

Now that’s how you go out in style. Go out with a bang by attaching a train of balloons of various sizes to the back of your sports convertible to pop. Talk about the perfect photo to celebrate your bridal status.

. Add height to your reception table by sprinkling large white balloons down the center. We love the simplicity of the balloons and the rustic wooden table. Use fishing line wrapped in foliage to hide the string.

Balloon Table Decor

Let your guests know they’ve come to the right place by decorating the ceremony entrance with a giant balloon cascade. Along with a happy welcome sign, this combination will get guests ready for the party.

Ways To Use Balloons In Your Wedding Décor

Roll out the red carpet: We have elegant and modern ceremony backdrop ideas for you. Display giant light marquees with your initials on silver pedestals for a glamorous affair. Add large white balloons floating at different heights for fun.

Balloon Table Decor

Instead of carrying a basket full of petals, send your flower girls out with a pair of large fringed balloons in your wedding color palette. This gesture will not only capture the hearts of your guests, but also make for amazing photos.

Be sure to include balloons during the rehearsal ceremony to ensure everything goes smoothly. In order to prevent everything

Balloon Table Decor

Wedding Balloon Decoration Ideas That Pop!

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