Baptism Cake Table Decorations

Baptism Cake Table Decorations – Your child’s baptism is a big day for you and your little one – you take him to church and make him a child of God. But let’s face it, planning a reception for a child’s baptism can be a bit much, to say the least. From food and drinks to decorations and parties, it’s hard to keep track of all the details, but try to manage a new baby and choose a parent and things can get hectic. To make the process a little easier, we have put together some great christening decorations that will give you a little inspiration and make the planning process less stressful for your child’s christening party.

Whether you want a traditional white look or a more rustic inspired wedding, there are baptism decoration ideas for every style.

Baptism Cake Table Decorations

Baptism Cake Table Decorations

Looking for table decorations that are on the minimalist side? This amazing table runner is the perfect choice.

Dessert Table Ideas From Real Weddings

These pink sleeves easily turn anything from a water bottle to dinnerware into a christening party accent.

Baptism Cake Table Decorations

This banner is the perfect addition to your mantel, table or wall and will give your baby’s christening a cozy yet polished feel.

These party boxes are adorable and will do double duty as table decorations until guests take them home.

Baptism Cake Table Decorations

A Modern Classic Green & White Autumn Christening

You can write your baby’s name with a beautiful decorative bowl.

This beautiful gate will look great at the entrance of your wedding or can be added to the design with the special tapestry shown in the previous slide that is hung in the center.

Baptism Cake Table Decorations

What’s a wedding without a cake? These cupcake toppers will take your decorations to the next level and make the perfect addition to your party dessert table.

Christening Baptism Themed Blue Celebration Event Party

This special plate is not only cute and functional, but also makes a great keepsake after your baby’s christening.

Baptism Cake Table Decorations

Every party needs balloons and these white and gold cross balloons are sure to add a festive element.

If you’re looking for the perfect table setting for your baby’s christening, this tablecloth is a great choice and can be purchased with matching napkins and cups.

Baptism Cake Table Decorations

Baptism Cake Stock Photos

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Baptism Cake Table Decorations

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An Elegant Shabby Chic Baptism Dessert Social {+ Tips On Incorporating Printables In Your Next Event}

81 Christmas Wreath Ideas for Christmas Tree Shops from Woman’s Day 6 Ways to Update Your Holiday Decor This Season? Don’t know where to start? Let’s keep it simple and start by finding a design or theme that you like. Next, we will examine where you should focus on decorating and installing this theme.

Baptism Cake Table Decorations

Usually I will start with something that is my “dream” shot (or my client’s “dream”) or if the theme is like “tropical” I will pick one or two tropical things for me and go from there. Covered with various tropical ideas.

A lot of things are scary right now, I have to admit! But there are usually one or two things that inspire a wedding design. These invitations can (and should) be graphics I see, fabric patterns, fruit, flamingos (!), cake boards, animals, or any other cute prop I find. Color is almost always another factor!

Baptism Cake Table Decorations

Decorations Decorations Table Baptism Stock Photo 1225374838

The key for me is to find something (or things) that you love and incorporate it into other key elements of the party – graphic design, dessert table (desserts, linens, background), flowers, table settings and favors. These are the main things to remember when guests arrive, during the event, and when they leave.

It doesn’t have to be super expensive. This christening was not a big budget party, but we chose something that would make the most visual impact in the area and keep the theme.

Baptism Cake Table Decorations

When I think about this baptism, the “inspiration” comes from the beautiful bag and the classic pearl beads. I will show you how I combined this item, as well as the choice of main color Talina soft pinks and gold, which inspired the details of the party.

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Diy #diycenterpieces #safari #firstbirthday #animals #party#tabledecorations Jungle Theme Birthday, Safari Birthday Party, Safari Theme Birthday Party

One day, Claire’s mother, Talina, saw a sale of hand-dyed silk bags. Me too! I had never used Bellenza before and was very pleased with the quality of the bag. Even they completely lined up! The flowers, leaves and foliage in the design are perfect.

Baptism Cake Table Decorations

I bought a rosary bracelet from anecellar. There are many to choose from, but the quality and careful design stand out.

Both work together and have a good foundation for baptism. It doesn’t matter that they both have silver accents instead of gold – they contrast well and brighten the look. Don’t be afraid to bring in other colors or elements…try using other things you use. I usually mock up the house party before the party and I can have Bellenza send me a sample to try before I buy.

Baptism Cake Table Decorations

Marble And Gold Baptism Decoration Marble And Gold Baptism Decoration

Graphic prints are a great place to start with creating a cohesive design, and it’s a cost-effective way. Printables are digital files that are instantly downloaded or emailed to you. Etsy is full of beautiful designs that you can buy and personalize for your event. Alternatively, you can work directly with a designer like me to create a “custom” design just for you. You can use the files to print at home or at your local office supply store.

Graphic print scanners can be used to create banners, backdrops, food tents, water bottle labels, menus, favor tags and some interesting signs. So you are only limited by your imagination. You can add in many places, take up space or block out unsightly objects in the process!

Baptism Cake Table Decorations

The designers at Plum Box Press used an Ash color palette and beautiful bags with delicate leaves and foliage to create beautiful designs for use at all parties. Combine it with a beautiful script font and a simple golden cross. very elegant.

Baptism Gift And Party Ideas

As a background I first introduced the design, Ashtyn designed a simple circle using leaves with Claire’s name and baptism date. I kept it simple with a light pink fabric background (2 drapes! Photo background in a frame) so it would stand out and represent the baptism.

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Baptism Cake Table Decorations

There’s no way I’m going to cut this by hand! I took it to the printer and they cut out the outline using the computer. From there it is easy to secure (stop), I tape the ribbon back, loop around the background frame and pinned back to the end of the circle.

It includes all corners of restaurants that feature Italian scenery! From there, the design is used in various forms (as a circle, a simple punctuation above a word, or as a border) in other areas of the baptismal font. For example, signs and banners, holding the alley.

Baptism Cake Table Decorations

Pastels & Florals Christening

To further emphasize the theme, I used a plain white border and added pearls for the frame. Adhesive pearls used – pearls are divided into two and are flat adhesive. The best thing about it is that it can be easily removed and reused after the party.

As I said, the dessert table is the center of attention and that means people will collect it and look at it rather than something they don’t know about. So I want to be impressive and I want to use desserts that I can combine through theme decorations. For example, hand-painted flowers, delicate 3D flowers and pearls. For the hand painting concept, I wanted to have a watercolor feel that kept the design relevant. Thus, any gold will also have a painted and mixed feel.

Baptism Cake Table Decorations

I have worked with Roni (pasta and cookies) and Sarah (cake) many times before and they never disappoint. Each cookie and macaron was hand painted by Ronnie for this baptism! There is a layer of soft white ice like stitching on the lid, edible flowers and tiny edible pearls. As Sarah carefully added mini pearls and crosses to each cake pop. The results were spectacular and became the talk of the town.

Teal, White & Silver Dessert Table For Baptism

The center to end all centers! This gorgeous beauty hails from LA and is made by Red Flour Co

Baptism Cake Table Decorations

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