Baptism Table Decor Ideas

Baptism Table Decor Ideas – If you’re envious of the beautiful party tables on Pinterest and don’t know where to start, follow these 5 simple, budget-friendly steps to decorate a great table and look like a pro:

That’s how you start. Once you’ve set your theme and color palette, you’re free to move on to the next steps and start grabbing your decorations. Feel free to mix and match your theme with some pattern to add visual interest and style to your party setting! Make sure your design has a well-rounded color story.

Baptism Table Decor Ideas

Baptism Table Decor Ideas

They add beauty, color and volume to any table or decoration so don’t miss out!! Choosing the type and color of flowers will depend on your theme and color palette, as you need to coordinate them to get a harmonious result. If you’re not sure how to make flower arrangements, keep it simple and only put a dozen similar flowers in one vase.

Sweet Butterfly Party Baptism Party Ideas

In terms of size and quantity, it should follow the size of the table, vases and decorative items. Make sure you have at least 2 tall flower/foliage arrangements. Feel free to set aside medium and smaller arrangements if you have flowers left over (groups of 3 vases always look better than 2 or 4!).

Baptism Table Decor Ideas

You can also add flowers or foliage to a balloon bouquet or along with a background composition. In the photo below, for the forest animal birthday party theme, foliage of different sizes and types was chosen to decorate the table, mixed with a bouquet of balloons and used to create the center of the background with the number three made of cardboard covered with fresh leaves picked in the forest. Simple and effective!

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It is very important to add dimension so that your table does not look flat and boring. Try to create a composition of elements at different heights and be sure to balance it through your table. The main elements of creating volume for the table are: flowers and vases, assorted cakes and sweet treats presented in various cake stands and plates, a box or other recipients and decorations related to the birthday theme.

Baptism Table Decor Ideas

First Birthday Dessert Table/full Month Dessert Table/baby Shower Dessert Table

Use a cake stand (if you don’t have one, buy a neutral reusable one) for the birthday cake. And to display cupcakes, cookies and all other sweet and delicate treats use trays (or smaller cake stands), any pretty ceramics or neutral plates you already have. These can be placed at table level, just remember to follow your color palette, add cupcake toppers and scatter them to cover “empty” spaces on your table.

If after doing this you think it still looks too flat, you can try simple but beautiful upside down boxes or plates and place your trays or plates on top. A nice looking or decorative box used open or half open with cookies inside can also give a nice touch to the decoration.

Baptism Table Decor Ideas

They are the easiest background you have and look beautiful. Same tip here…follow your color palette and get creative! Create a stylish display by hanging multiple products together (pom poms, balloons, foliage, wreaths, wall decals, origami, the possibilities are endless) behind the main table. If you want to create a great effect, we recommend focusing your decoration in one room or one area rather than spreading them out.

Baptism Decorations For Table Baptism Banner Baptism

A beautiful table does not have to add to your budget! Always look around your home and see what fits your theme and colors and add a special touch to your table. Party bags are also a great way to decorate the main table or console in the background.

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Baptism Table Decor Ideas

If you are organizing a children’s party, there are also many fun items (such as party hats, masks, piñatas, etc.) that can also work as decorations when not in use.

Don’t forget to check out our full collections, with matching plates, napkins, cups, toppers, party bags and some mix and match options that will make you look like a stunning and stylish hostess without the usual stress that party planning can bring. White bits are now one of my favorite baby shower ideas for boys. Debbie from DebDen Designs created this elegant display. From tree branches and burlap to pearls and candles, everything was perfectly coordinated.

Baptism Table Decor Ideas

Baptism Dessert Table

Cupcakes: used as a delicious snack for guests, and as a beautiful decoration, cupcakes were arranged on the central table. Debbie made individual cupcake holders out of thick white paper. Each one says “Children of God” and is cut into a fun design. (Notice that the text is light blue, helps pull the whole room together.)  (One day Debbie hopes to have an Etsy Paper Goods shop that you can access through her website.)  Then, to pull out the shoes, make a cross with the child’s name Place on top of each cupcake. It is secured with a toothpick and features small pearls in each corner of the cross. Several cupcakes are placed on a tower, so they are at different heights.

Decorations: festive tree branches create an elegant and beautiful look for the table. The branches include pearl “berries”, which are wrapped in white paper to secure them. The branches also have white and blue ribbons tied in bows and placed throughout the design. Some ribbons have crosses with the name of the guest of honor or the names of his parents and godparents, while others have paper with the words “Children of God” clearly printed on them. Finally, individual cupcakes hang from some of the branches. These are secured with long strings of pearls, attached to their holders.

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Baptism Table Decor Ideas

Centerpieces: The beautiful tree branches not only decorated the center table, but also served as a centerpiece on the guest tables. Around the mini tree, Debbie dressed three tall simple candles in a glass container with white wire and blue ribbon. To each she attached a personal paper cross with a silver ring.

Showers & Baptism — Dress Up Your Party

Favor: Cross-shaped cookies make the perfect gift for guests. These sugar cookies are covered in a beautiful white frosting and placed in small cellophane bags. Then tie each bag with a light blue ribbon. Favors are placed on tables where guests are encouraged to sit. White candles tied with a blue ribbon and crosses with the child’s name are placed between the cookies. It creates a unique essence.

Baptism Table Decor Ideas

Debbie did a great job with all aspects of the baptism. She was generous enough to let me show her amazing photos. Check out their website for more inspiration.

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