Baseball Table Decorations

Baseball Table Decorations – We continue our baseball week blog today with a look at the first Rookie of the Year themed birthday party! I have a confession to make: I may or may not have started preparing this part before the baby was even born. When I knew we were going with a vintage baseball nursery theme, it only made sense! It also helped with the budget because all the decorations were literally pulled out of their decorating place, so I’d say I was used to it, haha!

The preset is important. Since we knew very well what the theme would be, I thought of a timely first birthday photo of her a few weeks before the party, and added a branch to the party. So when the printed party photos came out, I knew to add to the decor theme! A HUGE shout out to our sweet friend Joy at Cannes Photography for capturing both the year-long photos and the party!

Baseball Table Decorations

Baseball Table Decorations

The invitation follows. I arranged this as a ticket to watch a baseball game, of course!

Maliba Lodge Conferencecentre 13

And then I had to work on my Silhouette. I was sure I’d cut it with all the stuff, but I couldn’t help it – I’m having too much fun! All the signs you see around the food tables, the welcome sign, the crazy flags and the hall of fame signs are all made on my Silhouette Cameo. I love this machine!

Baseball Table Decorations

For the guest book, I printed an iPhoto book with photos from Noah’s first year so all the guests could leave messages for him on the inside covers.

Of course, we had to serve up our favorite All-American ball park classics: hot dogs, hard hamburgers, fries and fresh fruit!

Baseball Table Decorations

Awesome Baseball Birthday Theme Ideas The Will Be A Home Run!

The Christmas table centerpieces were my design. We bought a large roll of astro turf from Home Depot for about $25 and cut it into the driveways. I cut the baseball diamonds in my Silhouette machine and boom, instant baseball field! Here’s an event planner trick to save some money on centerpieces – when you have a container, like a galvanized container that needs to be filled, first fill the bottom with rolled newspaper or something similar. This cuts down on the amount of actual filler you need to buy (in this case, peanuts). Save some money, and you won’t have 40 pounds of peanuts to deal with later!

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I had a lot of fun coming up with the table. Here is a summary of what we had:

Baseball Table Decorations

All-American parfaits that consisted of jelly, whipped cream and cranberries (Did I mention my son was a Fourth of July kid? We sure had some love! with “grass” frosting, baseball gloves made of tootsie rolls and baseballs made of fondant.

Sports Room Decorations Stadium Paintings Major League Baseball Pictures 5 Piece Canvas Wall Art

UPDATE: You can download my FREE food labels here and here! I also made a blank so you can create labels for any food not listed above! (I used the free font “Brannonball” from Dafont – you can download it HERE)

Baseball Table Decorations

A word of caution if you try these cupcakes… I had no idea how quickly the tootsie rolls would melt! Ha! Our party was in July, so the mind was H-O-T to go all out, even though the party was inside, and the puppies started to melt after sitting for like 30 minutes. Let’s learn! They taste good too!

And of course we had our guests on the road with the classic 7th inning snack – Cracker Jack! (with custom balloons for the littlest guests) If you are having a baseball themed party, I have food and decor ideas to keep the memory alive!

Baseball Table Decorations

Diy Baseball Party Centerpiece

When I found out the boy was expecting, I knew his first birthday would be a baseball party. My husband played baseball growing up (and even in college) and going to MLB games was one of our favorite vacation activities.

If you’re planning one, I hope these baseball birthday party ideas come in handy! Be sure to check out the Baseball Cake recipe I posted too!

Baseball Table Decorations

You know I love PRINTABLES! This free printable baseball banner from HaleGrafx was so perfect! And, did I mention free? Provide the entire alphabet and print only the letters you need. I wish it also came in a mini version with a cute 4 page banner.

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Batter Up! It’s Baseball Season!!

Since my husband grew up playing baseball, and his mom kept everything from his childhood (HeMan’s castle, Star Wars space, and every baseball he played anyway), I was able to dig up a bag huge full of old baseball skins. they use all the plastic trophies and use them in the costume.

Baseball Table Decorations

I love that baseballs are thrown and used. The solid colors gave the pieces a vintage feel. I filled a large cylindrical container with baseball and covered it with a baseball mitt. Old trophies add the perfect touch, don’t you think?

I hung my husbands old baseball flags on the wall in the corner. His father traveled a lot for work at a young age and bought children whenever he went somewhere. Below them, I added a few of my husband’s Louisville Slugger bats.

Baseball Table Decorations

News — Franklyn Care

For the dining table I made a fool’s map. I bought a $.97 white plastic board from Walmart and used red paint and a foam brush to paint the seam (not too close, it’s not perfect).

At the center point added a baseball mitt, some bases and a trophy. I really wanted to have a frame of fake grass in the center but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I had seen before and grown wheat grass like me for this part.

Baseball Table Decorations

Here is a nice shot of all the flavors we offered to our guests. I also thought about making nachos, but just added them with the classic hot dogs.

Dane’s 1st Birthday Party!

If you live in Utah, you’ve probably heard of JDawgs. They are a gourmet hot dog shop and their hot dogs are great fresh from the oven. Cross cut dogs are what makes them so good. If you arrive, they leave it raw and leave you all the condiments, a bottle of secret sauce and a cup. If you haven’t ordered from them, you should – this is the part to do!

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Baseball Table Decorations

I served fries in this Easter baseball basket. Perfect, right? He just wrapped the handle in the basket, covered it with a cloth and poured the chips inside.

My boy loved his cake pops, he actually grabbed the frosting with both hands while we sang to him. When I took a piece of his own, he had frozen mouth all over. Within minutes of me placing the red velvet cake in front of him, it was everywhere (he put some in his mouth). He was a lucky man!

Baseball Table Decorations

Season Opener: Baseball Party Ideas

It was such a fun party to put together and a bonus was that the game that night was between the Cubs and the Mets and the Mets won, now heading to the World Series!

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Baseball Table Decorations

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Awesome Baseball Themed Birthday Party Ideas

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Baseball Table Decorations

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