Basketball Table Decorations For Graduation

Basketball Table Decorations For Graduation – You’ll score big with your guests when you host a basketball birthday party. All comments and photos are from Paula from Party Like Paula. She hosted a fun 7th birthday basketball game for her son Jake, fit for a sports superstar. Here are some photos of her slam dunk:

Outdoor Basketball Decorations: It is a great idea to welcome your guests with porch decorations. These bright balloons with a basketball on top will really let attendees know they’ve come to the right place. A floral pattern with mini balls, with initials in the middle, is such a unique door decoration.

Basketball Table Decorations For Graduation

Basketball Table Decorations For Graduation

Basketball Table and Centerpiece Ideas – Once at home, there are many unique table decorations that Paula used. The black and white tabletop, which resembles the referee’s uniform, is a great base for displaying the rest of the basketball theme.

Graduation Party Ideas & Decorations You Haven’t Seen Before

Orange is the dominant color, which makes sense because it matches the color of basketball. The plates, napkins and balloons and the box in the middle are different shades of orange. Shoes encased in an orange box are a fun idea for a centerpiece, as are custom basketballs with Jack’s name and age.

Basketball Table Decorations For Graduation

Paula chose to hang above the orange balloons. Who needs helium? You will also see pictures hanging from the ceiling. These are pictures of her son at different ages.

Basketball Food – The color orange carries over to food with meatballs, cheese snacks and orange Gatorade. She also made basketball name tags for each one.

Basketball Table Decorations For Graduation

Grad Party On A Budget

This scoreboard is amazing and completely handmade. Paula tells you how she makes it on her. It’s the perfect backdrop for a cake table and turns the room into a basketball court.

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The basketball cake looks delicious, but it’s the stand made with the mini basketballs that is the star of the show.

Basketball Table Decorations For Graduation

Basketball favorites: Each guest was sent home with a basketball cup filled with treats. What a great way to thank your guests for attending the party.

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More Basketball Ideas: I’ve only scratched the surface of ideas from Paula. He goes into great detail about it and even sells printables. Be sure to check it out for information on how to make this party. This store is owned by Collective Bias, Inc. and compensated by this advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #HoopMadness #CollectiveBias

Basketball Table Decorations For Graduation

Who’s excited for the big college basketball tournament? we are! March is finally here and we couldn’t be more excited!

I have always loved basketball, it was my favorite sport growing up (even more than football). I loved it so much that my dad even laid down a little track for me when I was young. Remember, this was before today’s portable hoops, so he poured cement for my range and installed a permanent freestanding hoop so I could shoot every day after that. School was those days! Family is fun too, we don’t have a basketball court, but we do have some fun outside the door and we have little tournaments every now and then. 🙂 So to get everyone ready and excited I decided to throw a fun Munch Madness basketball party with food, our favorite drinks, some decorations, food and more food!

Basketball Table Decorations For Graduation

Balloon Decorations Llc

Every party needs decorations! Starting with a background is always a good idea and it helps set the tone for the party. I used our little basketball hoop as the main focus, it fits nicely in my chalkboard frame. To keep the ball in place, I simply weaved some string around the bottom of the net to keep it closed.

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Then you decide on your colors! Maybe you want to support your favorite team or just choose neutral colors. I chose to focus on sports, not a specific team, so I gathered all my orange and black party supplies and my team marquee letters for the table. I made fun basketball cupcake toppers and added a few basketballs to the favor cups. I also topped orange mason jars with black foam rubber and with felt and more foam rubber I made a similar banner.

Basketball Table Decorations For Graduation

You can’t have a Munch Madness party without lots of goodies! When deciding on your menu, make sure you have a large selection for your guests and plenty of food to go around. No one wants to leave a party hungry!

High School Graduation Party

After deciding on my menu, my first stop was at Sam’s Club stocking up on Munchies, Sprite and Coca Cola. I was able to find all the fixes I needed to make my favorite dish! I filled color coordinated party cups with all of our favorites. I served with ranch dip, buffalo chicken meatballs, crab macaroni salad, pineapple BBQ pulled pork sandwich (recipe below), sliders, popcorn, cupcakes and cookies. We washed it all down with our favorite soft drinks, Sprite and Coca-Cola. To continue the theme and make the food even more delicious, I used black and orange cupcakes and topped my cupcakes with orange sprinkles. I also added fun orange and black burst options to my sliders and pulled pork sandwiches. I added some black and white ribbon to the orange drink holders and black and white straws to our Sprite bottles.

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Basketball Table Decorations For Graduation

Party favors can be easy! Mini basketballs and foam fingers are all you need for a fun basketball party!

Don’t forget the parentheses! One of the best things about a big game tournament is picking who you think will win. Download my free bracket to get started! Print as many as you want for your guests.

Basketball Table Decorations For Graduation

Tips For Decorating Your Next Party.

My family loves finger foods on game day and my Pineapple BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches are always first. Not only are they delicious, but they are super easy to prepare in a crock pot.

Start by placing the onion in the bottom of the crock pot. Then place the slices on top of the onion and top with the whole glass of pineapple slices.

Basketball Table Decorations For Graduation

Don’t forget to stock up on Sprite and Coca-Cola at Sam’s Club! You’ll find Sprite 4-pack 2-liter cans in the soft drink aisle. While you’re there, be sure to throw everything you need at the Munch Madness Basketball Bracket Party!

Decorated Basketball Cookies

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Basketball Table Decorations For Graduation

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