Beach Mason Jar Table Decor

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Do you love mason jar crafts? I’m obsessed with countless ways to decorate mason jars; here are some DIY projects using glass jars that I love.

Beach Mason Jar Table Decor

Beach Mason Jar Table Decor

Want to try creative DIY ideas? Of course you are – they’re all the rage right now! There are so many things I love about mason jars, and one of the biggest is that they’re so easy to make.

Altered Mason Jars

Many people are intimidated by any type of work with glass, but there is no reason to be. It’s basically the same as working with other craft surfaces, just be more careful as the chance of breakage is obviously higher.

Beach Mason Jar Table Decor

Mason jars are great for decoration and gifts, two of my favorite uses. Decorating with mason jars is pretty awesome, especially if you can take the jars out of the trash (hello, free!).

I also like to give gifts in mason jars, because the packaging is also a gift. I love giving and receiving mason jar gifts. If you feel the same way, you’ll love our Christmas mason jars, by the way.

Beach Mason Jar Table Decor

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Mason jars tend to get greasy fingerprints on the outside from so much handling, so I always recommend washing them with mild soap and water and letting them dry. You can also use rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball to clean the glass if necessary.

You can paint the mason jars before cutting the top. If you’re using paint, it should be either a spray paint (like a primer) or an acrylic paint made for glass.

Beach Mason Jar Table Decor

This means that the paint must be an enamel or multi-surface paint. You absolutely have to clean the pots before painting if you want it to stick.

Creative Beach Craft Ideas To Try During The Summer

You can also PAINT mason jars with Mod Podge and food coloring drops. Here’s how. I also have an article so you can learn how to modify Podge on glass.

Beach Mason Jar Table Decor

Mod Podge is an acrylic product, so it works great with or over acrylic paint. You can also use chalk paint or milk paint. You can see painted mason jars in the projects below. We have a guide to painting mason jars that you will definitely want to refer to.

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You can use almost any Mod Podge formula with mason jars. Glass is shiny in nature, so Gloss is most often used to decorate mason jars. However, you can always go with a matte or satin formula if you’re looking for a slightly different finish.

Beach Mason Jar Table Decor

Amazing Beach Wedding Centerpieces

You can absolutely use tealights for mason jar lights – real or battery powered. Remember that the Mod Podge must be on the outside of the box if you plan to use real tealights.

The glass acts as a barrier and although the can can get a little warm, it is thin and nothing will melt (PS – Mod Podge is non-flammable, but it can melt when exposed to direct flame or heat) .

Beach Mason Jar Table Decor

Remember that the top and bottom of mason jars are curved. If you want to line Mod Podge mason jars, you will need to place darts in the paper or fabric (similar to a sewing pattern).

Unique Summer Mason Jar Crafts

Adding a dart involves cutting a triangle out of paper or fabric and then bending it. You can see in the image above.

Beach Mason Jar Table Decor

Other than the above, you don’t need to do much other than experiment and have fun! Putting Mod Podge in a jar is easy and there are plenty of options.

Make mason jar table decorations using Mod Podge and other simple supplies. Perfect for a party or a wedding.

Beach Mason Jar Table Decor

Easy Diy Seashell Mason Jar Beach Craft

Learn how to make your own sea glass lanterns using glass paint and mason jars. They are really simple and have a big impact.

Learn how to paint mason jars with matte finish chalk paint! This is the perfect project for decorating a farmhouse or rustic jar.

Beach Mason Jar Table Decor

Learn how to make a sewing kit from a jar – which you can give as a gift! It’s perfect for birthdays, Christmas, or any other time you want to celebrate your sewing-loving friends. Free tags included.

Mason Jars For Wedding Decorations: Rustic, Beautiful, & Cheap!

Mason jars are great for home decor, especially unique storage! Learn how to make this wall organizer that you can use in any room.

Beach Mason Jar Table Decor

Make this mason jar night light with this easy tutorial! This is a fun project for kids or adults.

Applying a photo to a mason jar makes a great home decor – just add flowers! Also perfect as a hostess gift.

Beach Mason Jar Table Decor

Mason Jar Christmas Lanterns

These mason jars are a great idea for all kinds of applications: kids’ parties, room decor, craft rooms, and even gifts. Will I have them in the office? This too.

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If you’ve ever wanted to start an herb garden, you can! It’s easy to make in mason jars. This project also includes a custom tray.

Beach Mason Jar Table Decor

I love that you can make these beautiful lamps in any color you like! Assembling the lamp is easy and you’ll love experimenting with different jar styles and colors.

Rustic Wedding Ideas: 30 Ways To Use Mason Jars

Learn how to tint mason jars with Mod Podge! It’s very simple and you can customize with any color you like. Perfect for parties or gifts.

Beach Mason Jar Table Decor

Making mason jar candles couldn’t be easier or more rewarding – especially when they smell great and look great too! These are great gifts; you want to do a lot.

Try this mason jar wind chime, just in time for spring and outdoor decorating. This project is great as a hiding place for the beads and charms you have hidden away. The glass will be cut and drilled, but don’t worry, you can do it!

Beach Mason Jar Table Decor

Mason Jar Decor Table Centerpiece Flowers Optional Antique

Use etching medium, Mod Podge and lace to create this beautiful die-cut mason jar display. Ideal for a vintage or shabby chic decoration.

The great thing about this project is that you can make it with any size or number of jars you like. Create the perfect storage space for you.

Beach Mason Jar Table Decor

Here’s how to easily make a painted mason jar candle holder – you can customize this project with any color you like.

Easter Mason Jars

Bring the outdoors in with this simple mason jar herb garden you can hang. Vintage seed packets add a farmhouse touch!

Beach Mason Jar Table Decor

Make this pretty pot with tissue paper and a pattern of your choice. I really like the shapes you chose for these decoupage jars.

This DIY rustic mason jar wall sconce is a lovely way to add coziness and farmhouse charm to any room. Keep them on all day and all night!

Beach Mason Jar Table Decor

Something Blue: 45 Rustic Blue Mason Jars Wedding Ideas

There are beach themed jars and then there are amazing jars for the beach! I would say this project falls into the latter category. I love the mesh wrap.

Here’s how to easily make a mason jar soap dispenser! Even if you’ve never used a drill before, this project is easy for beginners to complete.

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Beach Mason Jar Table Decor

Ashley attached the scraps of paper with a sewing machine, then cut them directly onto the pot. This paper joining method is so unique and I love it for Mod Podge mason jars.

Tropical Beach Birthday Party And Crafts — Pacountrycrafts

Learn how to make a faux terrarium using vintage glassware and succulents. Create unique, inexpensive home decor in a jar – in minutes!

Beach Mason Jar Table Decor

More stylish than a Kleenex box, these Mason Jar tissue holders will look great in your home! They also make great gifts for a hostess or neighbor.

Update your home for spring with a simple farmhouse spring potted planter. The perfect way to add spring color to your home!

Beach Mason Jar Table Decor

Decorate Candle Holders With These Ideas

Use Rit Dye with Mod Podge to give mason jars a denim look. Simple and unique and ideal as a gift.

Combine Mod Podge and drops of food coloring to paint the cans, then add the solar lights on top. The perfect garden decoration or a gateway to the house.

Beach Mason Jar Table Decor

Linda painted her jars with Mod Podge and food coloring and also aged the lids with some ingredients.

Adirondack Chair. Outdoor Planter, Drink Holder, Beach Buddy, Table Ce

Tired of sitting outside and hanging out with all your insect friends? They are great for keeping bugs away and look good too!

Beach Mason Jar Table Decor

Where is the restaurant games book? Who knows! Make sure you always have them on hand (and can light them up) with this easy project. Ideal for camping.

Here’s how to inexpensively transform a master bathroom fixture into a farmhouse-style fixture using mason jars and spray paint. It’s easier than you think!

Beach Mason Jar Table Decor

Mason Jars Diys For A Wedding

Grab your card prints and your Mod Podge and make the cutest mason jar ever – a card lantern! This is a fun and easy DIY idea.

Use music tapes or book pages to decorate the outside of a mason jar – perfect for a party centerpiece or a beautiful vase for a wedding.

Beach Mason Jar Table Decor

Learn how to create a unique house number from wood chips and a mason jar – that’s it

Easy Diy Glass Cloche & Mason Jar Decoration Ideas (that Look Beautiful)

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