Beach Wedding Cake Table Decorations

Beach Wedding Cake Table Decorations – I spent last weekend at the beach…not sunbathing or collecting seashells, but baking, frosting and decorating! Sure, sunbathing is great, but if you love baking as much as I do, it’s pretty cool that you have a fun reason to do what you love! I was honored to play an extra “sweet” role in a friend’s ocean side wedding. I’ve been asked to make wedding cakes for friends in the past, but have always been turned down! I have very little experience making and transporting “big” cakes and someone’s wedding cake.

To my taste! But when my friend said he only wanted a small cake and a dessert buffet for guests… I thought I could do it! So last week I baked and baked, packed up my car, and drove 5 hours to Pacific Grove (near Monterey, CA) to set up a beautiful beach themed dessert table and my first (but small) wedding cake!

Beach Wedding Cake Table Decorations

Beach Wedding Cake Table Decorations

I have previously contacted the reception (meeting) to confirm the exact dimensions of the table where the dessert can be placed. So I was able to choose the dishes I needed and prepare mocks at home in advance. I was so happy that it fit as well as I thought!

Beach Wedding Cakes That Are Perfect For Your Seaside Dessert Table

The wedding cake is a simple, rustic cake made of vanilla cake with vanilla almond buttercream, decorated with blue fondant flowers and white chocolate crusts and stars.

Beach Wedding Cake Table Decorations

You may or may not have noticed that all the photos of the table are taken at an angleā€¦

All dishes are from my personal collection of cake stands (and platters). The candle holder on the cake stand next to the wedding cake is a product of Glassybaby. Would you like to tie the knot near the sea? You have our full support. We love beach weddings. We especially love weddings that embrace the venue with themed details like a beach wedding cake. Whether you want to go all out with a true marine dessert or decorate something sweet with subtle coastal flair, we have plenty of beach wedding cake ideas for your party.

Beach Wedding Cake Table Decorations

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Sea treasures such as shells, corals and pearls make for beautiful decorative elements, so why not incorporate these motifs into your wedding cake design? This confection from Jonathan Caleb Cakes uses all three to look like it was washed up in the ocean. But if you don’t want to include these elements, or want to showcase your cakes a little more subtle, turn to the water itself for inspiration for your dessert color palette, from blue and green hues to rippling waves. Of course, a beach wedding isn’t all about the ocean. Many couples are planning destination weddings on islands with other nature muses. So we also added a few tropical wedding goodies to this mix that nod to palm fronds and other exotic leaves.

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When it comes to beach wedding cakes, your choices are as vast as a big blue one. Your next beach snack will be so delicious and surprising that your guests will be eager to dive into it. Borrow one of these wedding cake designs to give your attendees a bit of paradise.

Beach Wedding Cake Table Decorations

Marbled wedding cakes are contemporary, but they also have a seaside feel. trick? Use a sky blue and beige palette like the one found in this Feathers & Frosting candy. Notice how the colors blend to form the wavy details on the lower and upper portions of the dessert.

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Sometimes all you need is an ocean color scheme to create the perfect ocean-inspired look. All of these 2-ply Jenny Wenny Cakes cookies needed a blue and white tinted bottom layer to give them a beach feel.

Beach Wedding Cake Table Decorations

Of course, tropical weddings and beach locations go hand in hand. So why not apply both motives to dessert? Love the Whipped Confections, add an exotic leaf print on one level, and see the sand with a graham cracker crust on the bottom section. Complete your beach combo with a small floral arrangement (this is from Habitat Events).

There are so many natural beach elements to put on your cake. But if you’re hosting a minimal, modern event, you’ll want to opt for muted accents, like the thin dune-shaped bars found in this Graceful Baker dessert. All white cube steps added to the modern vibe of the treatment.

Beach Wedding Cake Table Decorations

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Blue fondant and frosting aren’t the only ways to add a beach vibe to your candy. A gray color scheme will do the trick too. Vanilla Bake Shop included sugar crystals (looks like sea glass) all over that cake. The wavy detail on the bottom drove the theme home.

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We’re not sure if there’s a better decoration for an ocean-themed cake than watercolor. So, have your baker (in this case, Elise Cakes) sponge some edible gray-blue paint to complement your beach color palette. Add flowers along with seaweed to complete the look.

Beach Wedding Cake Table Decorations

Looking for a way to mimic the natural ripples (and color gradients!) of water waves on your cake? Notice how Katie Grant applied the blue and white frosting to this candy using the brush stroke method. Add a coral-based graham cracker “sand” topping to finish off your maritime-inspired dessert.

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We’re used to seeing flower garlands adorning the sides of cakes, but if you’re winding up on the beach, you might want to think more creatively. Paper Cake Events used “vines” of mussel shells down the sides of this cake and finished the look with a dark blue-black base.

Beach Wedding Cake Table Decorations

Beaches usually evoke a relaxed and casual vibe, but ocean-inspired goodies can still feel very elegant. This 9-layer dessert from Lenovelle Cake feels chic and beachy at the same time. The experts used an ombre fondant layer to recreate the waves on the bottom of the cake, and seashells decorated the top six sections.

Sometimes you can create an ocean vibe without using coral, floral, or sand-inspired elements. Look at this Elle’s Belles wedding cake for proof. There were curvy ribbons, but the murky blue hue still gave it the feel of being right next to the ocean.

Beach Wedding Cake Table Decorations

How To Create Your Wedding Cake Table Decor

Just because flowers like roses can’t be found on the beach doesn’t mean you can’t include them in your cake. The ones in these Just Iced Custom Cakes confections added a bit of romance, and the sky blue and pebbles referenced the couple’s beach location.

If you want to use stones for a nautical-inspired cake, consider placing them on the bottom of the stand. reason? Paired with the blue sections found in this confection from Sugary & Chic Cake Boutique and The Foraged Fern, the arrangement will look like the bottom of the sea.

Beach Wedding Cake Table Decorations

Blue isn’t the only beach-themed color. We love the look of this striped dough-making dessert with splashes of sea-green that mimic the look of seaweed.

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You don’t need a cake the size of an ocean to make a serious impact. designation? These compact treats from Cake Opera Co. use only sugar pearls and real seashells for a decidedly beach-inspired treat.

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Beach Wedding Cake Table Decorations

The Sainte G. Cake Company has perfect nautical-inspired hues for this watercolor wedding cake. result? A beach snack that still feels elegant and sophisticated.

Just because you’re having a wedding near the beach doesn’t mean the cake has to be all shells and sea-green frosting. In fact, this Ma Petite Maison cake design confection featuring a few tropical leaves arranged by the Tumbleweed Floral Truck felt appropriate for a coastal wedding without being too themed.

Beach Wedding Cake Table Decorations

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Check out the waves for inspiration for your own beach wedding cake. The bottom layer of this Vanilla Bake Shop cake looked like the ocean was coming up to the beach.

If you don’t want to get too caught up in the beach vibes, consider splurging on a miniature wedding cake with just a sea-inspired detail or two. This trio of desserts from Bombon Bakery features a single beach-inspired detail. Mussel shell topping topped with the smallest of sweets. The result was understated and elegant.

Beach Wedding Cake Table Decorations

Want to serve your favorite dessert (like ice cream) at the beach, but still want a little cake to share with your new spouse? This single-tiered option from Baker’s Pride is what you’ll want to cut at your beach party. Topped with oysters and surrounded by seashells, these miniatures pack a staple style punch. Sarah Hanlon Sarah Hanlon Associate Editor Sarah is Associate Digital Editor at The Knot, with a special focus on function, pop culture and wedding trends. Before she joined The Knot Worldwide, Sarah was a Bravo contributor at NBC Universal. Sarah has a journalism degree and she lives in New York.

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From sandy beaches to gorgeous sunsets, there’s something magical about a beach wedding. If you’re planning to say “I do’s” near the coast, it’s only suitable for nautical or pretty beach themes, and that includes a wedding cake. Having a beach themed wedding cake is

Beach Wedding Cake Table Decorations

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