Bedroom End Table Decor

Bedroom End Table Decor – Sometimes trying to keep your home tidy can feel like a losing battle. Spend hours cleaning only to find it’s a mess again 5 minutes later…pets, kids and just life will do that!

While it’s nearly impossible to keep your entire home neat or clean, one small space that can make a big impact is our nightstand.

Bedroom End Table Decor

Bedroom End Table Decor

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Nightstand Decor Ideas That Will Make Your Bedroom Look Professionally Designed

Remove everything from your bedside table and clean it thoroughly. If the table isn’t great on its own, you can consider adding a large tray or bin to it, or even take our DIY concrete side table or upgrade project to give it a new look. Cleaning is tiring, but it’s the best start on how to style your nightstand!

Bedroom End Table Decor

A great bed style doesn’t just happen, there’s usually a well-thought-out plan behind it. Often this plan starts with a color scheme – monochromatic, natural or complementary are the most common. Other times, people start with a style they want to wear, like classic, coastal, or minimalist. Think about the style you want to achieve and start gathering ideas and inspiration.

Unless you have pendants or wall lights, your lamp will likely be the largest object on your bed. Choose the best lamp and place it on your bed so that you can process the small things around it.

Bedroom End Table Decor

Knarrevik Bedside Table, Black, 37×28 Cm

A small stack of books not only looks great, but also helps create height and interest in your bed.

Whether it’s a special birthday card or a postcard from your travels, why not put it in a small frame and place it on your bedside table? It’s about capturing something with sentimental value and presenting it beautifully so you can admire it every day.

Bedroom End Table Decor

Alternatively, use the wall above your bedside table for larger works. Artwork doesn’t have to be centered above your bed—it often looks better when moved and placed above a nightstand or to one side of the bed, especially with smaller pieces.

Torrell Solid Wood Bedside Table

You knew this would be on our list! With the wonderful variety of candles on the market today, they offer more than soft lighting. Look for a candle in a bowl that can be a decoration in itself.

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Bedroom End Table Decor

A succulent, airy plant or fern brings life to your bedside table. Find the 10 best indoor plants right now here.

A vintage or analog clock with character is a great way to add interest and can help keep your bedroom in the digital-free zone.

Bedroom End Table Decor

Exclusive Bedside Tables For Your Master Bedroom Decor

Keep your jewelry safe while you sleep and place a ring plate on top of your nightstand. They can add a little sparkle, an unusual pattern or shape.

There is something special about having fresh flowers in your home. No need to go to the florist every week and invest in a huge bunch of flowers, a flower from the garden in a vase is just as beautiful. We also have expert tips here to extend the life of your flowers.

Bedroom End Table Decor

If flowers or plants aren’t your thing, it’s nice to introduce something else organic to your bed, like coral, shells, marble, or wooden accessories. Adding texture from organic products is one of our top tips for decorating your nightstand.

Style Your Bedside Table Like A Pro Eservice

Depending on the style you want, a touch of gold, copper or brass can add a bit of luxury to your bed.

Bedroom End Table Decor

Pieces you’ve collected from your travels, thrift store finds, or the latest trinkets are a way to infuse your personality.

Ceramic or wood, woven or glass, your bed box serves many purposes – it’s stylish, practical and creates height for a more interesting bed style.

Bedroom End Table Decor

How To Find The Perfect Nightstand Height

If you enjoy a drink before bed, make room for it on your nightstand and make it your own.

If your mattress still feels a little “meh” up to this point, it may be lacking in color. Experiment and have fun, if it doesn’t work you can always delete it.

Bedroom End Table Decor

Layering objects, such as placing a ring plate on top of a book or stacking two photo frames, adds visual interest.

Best Bedside Table Ideas For Small Bedrooms

Depending on your nightstand, you’ll also need to consider what’s going on above the table. A lot of people just don’t have two-tray beds these days – headboards and open-box tables are more popular than ever – so take a look at what’s going on under the table top.

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Bedroom End Table Decor

The style of a large bed is all about balance – height, color, texture and shape. Take a look at your bed and see if anything is missing or needs to be returned.

Here we have listed some ideas to inspire you to design your bed, but remember that less is more!

Bedroom End Table Decor

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Sometimes the most beautiful bedside tables have just a few items, such as a lamp, a vase of flowers, candles and a plate with rings.

We hope you enjoyed these tips on how to style your night stand. What are your best bedside table styling tips? Share them in the comments below!

Bedroom End Table Decor

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Bedroom Side Table Designs You Just Can’t Miss!

We have tested dozens of hand washes or liquid hand soaps in our work. Liquid hand soaps…

Bedroom End Table Decor

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I mean, once your beds are perfectly made, every aspect of your life will fall into place. Just kidding, of course, but decorating bedside tables can be a legitimate concern for people. There seems to be a lot of potential areas to get stuck. How many ingredients should I put on top? Should they match? How can I show them as selected? What size should things be?

Bedroom End Table Decor

Naomi Walnut Bedside Table Marble

Well, wonder no more, decorating enthusiasts, because I’m going to show you how to style your bedside tables to look great. And of course, they look just as beautiful as your reflection!

This is the most important rule of the draw, so I put it first. When designing bedside tables, many people feel compelled to make them mirror images of each other. But honestly, your beds should be sisters, not twins. You want them to look related and similar, but not identical.

Bedroom End Table Decor

Now that we know we’re going to design the bedside tables like sisters, not twins, we need to choose decor that ties them together. The lamp is an obvious choice. I think bedside tables with different lamps on them look weird. Therefore, choose large table lamps for each bed and let the moment visually connect the two tables.

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Bedside Table Ideas That Will Bring A Sense Of Modern To Your Décor

When figuring out how to style the side tables next to the lamps you choose, keep your home’s theme in mind (click here if you’re not sure what yours is). The decor you choose on your bedside tables should reflect the overall style in the home. It’s visually stunning if your interior is Hampton style, with beautiful whites and blues and then a random bright red cat ornament on your beds.

Bedroom End Table Decor

It’s hard to know when to stop decorating your beds. How many items can you place on your desk surface without it feeling cluttered? The rule is three. The lamp is your first, now you have two more decorative moments to sit on the table. Now think about it, you can put everything in order. A pile of books with an ornament on top is a “moment” (because only one thing touches the surface of the table). The lamp is your other “moment”. Now you have room for a moment. A flower arrangement or plant is always a nice idea.

If you are lucky enough to have a large bedroom with large bedside tables, the lighting and decor should reflect this scale. When I teach my clients how to design bedside tables, I always show them small items on large tables. And you can immediately see how dwarf they look. Of course, the same goes for large items in small beds. If you can only fit one lamp on your bed and nothing else, the lamp base is too big.

Bedroom End Table Decor

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When designing bedside tables, you should consider versatility. If your main

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