Bedside Table Ledge Decorating

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Cash now isn’t that bad. Also, this is a clever space-saving Ikea hack. And while DIY isn’t to everyone’s taste, there’s something very satisfying about taking an item and using it in a completely different way than it was originally intended.

Bedside Table Ledge Decorating

Bedside Table Ledge Decorating

HQ, we love picture ledges, but we love this creative new way to use them even more – as a DIY bedside table! A perfect storage solution for storing some books while displaying plants and picture frames, if you place it around an electrical socket, it can also become a perfect charging station in other rooms. Enhance the trick, free up the floor and give the illusion of a larger room.

Creative Bedside Table Ideas

For more clever, easy projects that even the most inexperienced DIYer can do, check out our other weekend projects.

Bedside Table Ledge Decorating

Determine the correct height for your bedside table and position your lower picture ledge accordingly. Consider what you want to put above or below your bedside table to maximize the space between them.

Attach the picture ledge below first using Ikea’s instructions, just as you normally would. You will need to use the drill and included screws to attach the picture ledge to your wall. It should be the right way.

Bedside Table Ledge Decorating

Picture Ledge Styling & Decor Tips

Place your second image ledge upside down on top of your first image ledge and drill and fix in place.

Attach your light to the bottom of the above picture ledge and secure the wire to your wall for a neat finish.

Bedside Table Ledge Decorating

No bedside table is complete without some flowers, books and a cute button alarm clock. Step back and appreciate how much bigger your room looks without the bulky bedside table.

Chic Bookshelf Decorating Ideas

After joining Real Homes as a content producer in 2016, Amelia has held many different roles and is now a content editor. She specializes in style and decorating features and loves nothing more than finding the most beautiful new furniture, fabrics and accessories and sharing them with our readers. As a new London renter, Amelia loves exploring the big city and wandering around vintage markets to spruce up her new home. Of all the problems that can present themselves in the bedroom, the most life-changing, tragic, is standing. In bed because your night light, glass of water, reading material or whatever will get you through the night is nowhere to be found. That means there is no reason not to have a bedside table. The good news? In this category, your options are virtually endless. Whether you’re looking for style inspiration or need to get creative, you don’t want to spend money or just don’t have room for more furniture, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for twenty alternative bedside table ideas and some simple ones for the traditionalists out there.

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Bedside Table Ledge Decorating

Even a plain old side chair looks cool in the right weather. Here, loose bedding and a makeshift side table accent chair contribute to that casual, unintentional elegance.

With two twin beds against the walls, it keeps things organized and clutter-free with a console table between them.

Bedside Table Ledge Decorating

Nightstands & Bedside Tables

That bedside table (from our Whole Home Concept House) is actually a bar cart! This bedroom from Jackson Paige Interiors proves that anything can be a side table if you want it to be (well, kind of, but you get the idea).

It doesn’t get any easier than this. For a super easy, affordable, chic bedside table that isn’t really a table, stack some books. Continue until you reach the desired height. It sits close to the floor with the bed and sconce in a minimalist bedroom by Hecker Guthrie.

Bedside Table Ledge Decorating

Secure a floating shelf or a small floating table to the wall, saving floor space but still having room to store your nighttime essentials. In this muted monochromatic bedroom by 2LGStudio, a pint-sized floating table breaks up the wall nicely. Tribesigns Nightstand Tall Side Table, Modern Simple Style End Table With Drawer And Shelf, Tempered Glass Bedside Table, Metal Frame, 19.6”x15.7”x27.5” (1pc, Gold And White)

One of the biggest challenges in a small bedroom is finding places to put all your things, as the bed takes up a lot of space. Think outside the box… A window also provides extra storage space for decor, lighting and other necessities when there’s no room for an extra table.

Bedside Table Ledge Decorating

Larger than a bedside table and smaller than a chest of drawers, these are goldie locks for bedside tables. With three spacious drawers and a slim shape, it strikes the perfect balance between form and function. It complements the color scheme and adds contemporary style to the oasis designed by Heidi Caillier.

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Although the ceilings in this bedroom are sky high, it’s too narrow for bulky furniture. Interior designer Emil Dervish emphasized the room’s assets with a built-in niche directly above the bed to provide comfortably placed surface space as well as spatial intrigue.

Bedside Table Ledge Decorating

Backyard Decorating Ideas

If all you need is a slim lamp and a little extra space for glass, opt for a garden stool. Swirls of peach and mint in this modern stool add color to the minimalist environment designed by Tamsin Johnson. The stool, along with the brass lamp, is a welcome surprise that warms up the cool white and gray bedding.

While this tiny NYC abode by Shapeless Studio might not have room for a lot of extras, every nook and cranny is brought to its fullest potential. The architectural quirk turns into a desk, providing a work space for getting ready or a small vanity station.

Bedside Table Ledge Decorating

In classic shabby chic style, every element is unpretentious and has a purpose, such as a low bar stool stool that has a night light. Every last detail in Teresa and Michael Drapkin’s home has been lovingly curated. If you choose a simple wooden stool, consider painting it a fun color.

Side Table Bedside Cabinet Bedside Table⚡cash On Delivery, Furniture & Home Living, Furniture, Tables & Sets On Carousell

If you’re already building a custom bed frame, consider building a side table extension. If you love minimalism, use this design by Emil Devrish as inspiration.

Bedside Table Ledge Decorating

If your bedroom is large enough, use a chest of drawers as a bedside table. This creates more surface area, so you have room for two lights and your buttons. Conversely, if your space is too small to fit both a bedside table and a chest of drawers, choose the latter, as it also offers storage.

Andrew Arick and Michael Hofeman, owners of homewares store Finch, have embraced the country chic bones of their farmhouse, complete with shabby chic interiors and plenty of antiques. In her attic guest house, the side table is really just a repurposed trunk. You can do the same with an old box. The restored pieces are brought back to life through the couple’s beautiful oil paintings.

Bedside Table Ledge Decorating

Modern Bedside Tables Built For Style And Comfort

This all-black bedroom may be moody, but it’s undeniably intimate, sexy, and cozy. A bedside step stool is basically just a makeshift two-tier side table.

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A chartreuse lamp illuminates this master bedroom by Abney Morton Interiors with matching gingham upholstery and bedding. The color is vibrant and cheerful but still feels in the cottage style of the room. A folding bedside table warms it up.

Bedside Table Ledge Decorating

Heidi Caillier chose a sculptural wooden stool/side table in this eclectic bedroom. Rich colors and textured grain add modern and masculine style to classic and romantic floral, plaid and linen cushions.

Wansbeck Wooden Floating Bedside Table

Use a socket! The long, slim silhouette is interesting and unexpected yet classic. Tamsin Johnson chose shiny gold, wide enough to hold books and an overhead lamp.

Bedside Table Ledge Decorating

This bedroom by Leanne Ford proves that less is more. Even though it’s simple, it still looks put together and inviting. All it needs are fresh linens, a small side table and a reading lamp. A Hollywood Regency base adds just enough pizzazz.

The headboard in this bedroom by Arent & Pyke transforms an unusual corner bed into something more refined and polished. Work with an upholsterer to customize your own or recreate a folding screen. And the small two-level side table is the perfect size for the level of the twin bed.

Bedside Table Ledge Decorating

Bedroom Storage Solutions For A More Organized Sleeping Space

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Bedside Table Ledge Decorating

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