Belle Party Table Decorations

Belle Party Table Decorations – When our little boy turned six, he wanted something for his birthday. Beauty and the Beast’s third birthday. He’s obsessed with the “new Belle,” aka Emma Watson, and wants a more grown-up Belle party. Since we didn’t have a tea party, I thought, why not keep it simple? Full tea, sandwiches, cakes, cookies and mini teacups.

First we need some tea accessories. So I borrowed a beautiful gold teapot from a friend and got these shiny gold plates at Party City. Because Belle loves books, we bought a book at the Dollar Tree and cut out the pages and used them as table runners on each table. Hot glue + paper = cute and cheap Beauty and the Beast birthday party decorations.

Belle Party Table Decorations

Belle Party Table Decorations

The centerpiece was just a pie plate with some greenery and a Beauty and the Beast pink decorative box. (See more center ideas here!)

Mini Kids Birthday Party (call To Schedule)

Every princess needs a beautiful cake! So we settled on something simple, a beautiful golden beauty and the beast birthday cake. (Here’s how to do it, it’s really easy!) I added Wilton red roses and the Beauty and the Beast figurines I bought for her birthday. Of course, I had to get Belle and the Beast!

Belle Party Table Decorations

I actually ran out of snow at the end, (I made a double recipe, Yeee!) So Belle and the pictures hide my fake hiatus. Can’t say, right? When you mess up, wear it!

We also made Susie these adorable beauty and beast cookies from Turner Sweet Treats. Every tea party needs cookies, right? I love to bake, but feel the need to simplify, and this year all I can handle is cake.

Belle Party Table Decorations

Beauty And The Beast / Birthday

The house is decorated with red roses, obviously! When the girls arrive at the tea party, the first task is coloring! It’s always fun (and cheap!) to print out coloring pages, regardless of your theme, to give kids time to get to know each other.

More book runners to make the table look festive with red roses. It’s because of Belle and Roseā€¦.

Belle Party Table Decorations

Then there is the fun project of painting teacups. Or fancy coffee mugs. I picked up this beautiful gold rim coffee mug at the Dollar Tree. They look beautiful and the girls really enjoy painting and creating. Parents are told to cure them in the oven if they are dry! We use oil based ink markers and they work great!

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Balloon Filled First Birthday

Then it’s time for the main event, the Beauty and the Beast Birthday Tea Party! We serve sweet peach tea, lemonade, vegetable straws, sandwiches, cookies and whole strawberries. They enjoyed the service and the participating mothers were very helpful.

Belle Party Table Decorations

The most fun and stress-free party of all is a Beauty and the Beast birthday party. I can’t believe my son is six!

I hope these ideas inspire you to create your own Beauty and the Beast birthday party. Think outside the box and have fun, they smile right? We’re counting down the days until Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast movie, and what better way to celebrate than with Beauty and the Beast tea? party? Planning a party doesn’t have to be overwhelming or expensive, and today I want to show you how you can easily create a beautiful Beauty and the Beast party that your guests will love!

Belle Party Table Decorations

Guide To Create Beauty And The Beast Birthday Party

Belle’s tea party is a great way to celebrate, because all little princesses love tea parties and the teacup and teapot are the main characters in the movie.

I started with a long table, then added a yellow tablecloth on top that I bought for another party a few years ago. A beautiful pink ruffle dress tied for the back.

Belle Party Table Decorations

Since Belle loves to read, I created a very simple table runner made from torn paper pages. It’s very easy!

Beauty And The Beast Party Decorations

I went to a dollar store, bought a book, and tore out a handful of pages. I used my trusty glue gun to add a few dots of glue to each page, then stacked the pages randomly to create a beautiful table runner that any kind reader would appreciate!

Belle Party Table Decorations

Lumiere is a great character and friend of Bell, so I want to represent him on the table. I found two black candelabras that World Market sells every year at Halloween and I have used them for many Halloween parties. I know they will be perfect in gold!

In each place there is a doily, a saucer, a small piece of silverware and a teacup with a lovely fragrance inside. Since roses are another important part of Belle’s story in Beauty and the Beast, they are a beautiful and meaningful addition to the party.

Belle Party Table Decorations

Princess Belle 7th Birthday Balloon Decorations

Roses are also added together in small dishes to add color and beauty. A few roses are cut from the trees and they are the best addition to the dish.

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I used the most beautiful roses from VivaRoses! They are absolutely beautiful and have such a wonderful story behind them which you can read on their website. Hint… It’s the perfect story for Valentine’s Day!

Belle Party Table Decorations

In the center of the table was a large three-level plate with gold details that I used in my Downton Abbey tea.

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As Beauty and the Beast takes place in France, the top tier offered are colorful French macaroons.

Belle Party Table Decorations

I love how the Beauty and the Beast party turns out. It’s simple, but very beautiful and elegant. Breeding at home is also easy for you!

Roses from VivaRoses bring the party to life and add so much beauty and color to the table.

Belle Party Table Decorations

Beauty And The Beast Party Ideas

My roses were delivered in a sleek black box with the VivaRosesĀ logo printed on the outside and pink stripes similar to a Victoria’s Secret design.

In the box, they were lined up for the car safely, which got them nice and right on the way to my door.

Belle Party Table Decorations

If you love these roses, you’re in luck! Now you can save 20% on their new signature collection just in time for Valentine’s Day! Use code: VIVAVDAY. The offer is valid until February 13.

Disney Princess Beauty And The Beast Mini Table Balloon Column

I hope you enjoy our Beauty and the Beast Tea Party! Are you excited for the next Disney movie?

Belle Party Table Decorations

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Before you invite all of your child’s friends to be your guest at a fancy birthday party, you need to decide on the perfect cute and animal-inspired decor. Whether your little one has been in love with Belle for years or the new movie has unleashed their inner beast, there are many options to bring the magical birthday party of their dreams to life.

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Belle Party Table Decorations

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Belle Party Table Decorations

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Belle Party Table Decorations

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Belle Party Table Decorations

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Belle Party Table Decorations

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Beauty And The Beast Belle Birthday Party Balloon Supplies Decorations

It was one of the first Disney movies we watched together and Belle has always been one of his favorite princesses since the age of 2.

Belle Party Table Decorations

We love the live beauty and beast stage show at Hollywood Studios! We are very excited to see the live action Beauty and the Beast movie coming to theaters

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