Best Vinyl To Decorate A Painted Table

Best Vinyl To Decorate A Painted Table – Hello wonderful friends! Today I’m sharing again how I updated my sister’s kitchen set with paint and white stains! This is the best way to paint a table and chairs!

I wish I had a picture of the truth before…before my sister painted all those trims white. He had just drawn it the week before!

Best Vinyl To Decorate A Painted Table

Best Vinyl To Decorate A Painted Table

In the end, I only kept the chairs from this set. He found a table he liked better at the Habitat for Humanity Restore. I convinced her to stop by and see if there were any tables she would like us to refurbish and we were in luck!

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Fast forward to a week later and he decided to stop by Restore to see if it was still there. Luckily it was! This time he didn’t leave without it!

Best Vinyl To Decorate A Painted Table

To start this project, my sister sanded the entire surface with 150-grit sandpaper, followed by 220-grit sandpaper:

I prefer a rotary sander, but it was probably easier to get all those edges with her palm sander.

Best Vinyl To Decorate A Painted Table

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We decided to go with stain for the table top since it will take tons of abuse and look great from now on.

I applied it liberally to get a good coat on it and then wiped off the excess. VooDoo gel stain is water-based, so it dries very quickly. I was able to continue with another coat after about 15 minutes.

Best Vinyl To Decorate A Painted Table

If you decide to use an oil-based stain instead, you’ll want to make sure your stained surface has enough time to dry before sealing, three to four days is usually enough.

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About half an hour later, I sealed it with Dixie Belle’s Gator Hide using their blue sponge applicator:

Best Vinyl To Decorate A Painted Table

Gator Hide is Dixie Belle’s toughest finish, so I use it on high traffic items like kitchen tables. Most other parts will do well with the clear coat.

The pedestal base of this table was pretty easy to paint with a brush. My sister applied three coats of cotton to the base of the table, sanded with 220 grit and sealed with Gator Hide, also using the blue sponge to apply.

Best Vinyl To Decorate A Painted Table

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I was not a fan of these chairs at all! And I even offered to look for replacements for those too, but my sister was determined to keep them.

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She got to work staining the chairs just as we did the table, while I started spraying the chairs.

Best Vinyl To Decorate A Painted Table

I built my large HomeRight spray shelter for this project to catch any overspray. Then I filled my HomeRight sprayer with Dixie Belle Cotton at full strength and started spraying! I used a brand new 32oz can of paint.

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I always paint the chairs face down until all the coats of paint are applied. I gave these two clothes.

Best Vinyl To Decorate A Painted Table

Spraying furniture is much faster! I used to use my sprinkler more often in our old house, but in our new house it beats so much that I don’t use it very often now. My sister doesn’t get much wind in her yard so it works perfectly! Seriously, there’s no other way I’d rather paint all those chairs!

Because the sprayer technically spits out the paint, it can leave the surface not completely smooth to the touch. But since I’m using chalk paint, all my pieces are lightly sanded from head to toe to smooth them out anyway, I still end up with a super smooth surface. Dixie Belle paint works so well in the sprayer, even undiluted. However, chalk paint dries very quickly, so you don’t want to leave the sprayer idle for too long. This tool makes cleaning your sprinkler much easier!

Best Vinyl To Decorate A Painted Table

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I let my sister finish the chairs herself. After sanding, he also sealed them with Gator Hide.

I’m so glad she didn’t listen to me when I tried to get her to replace them!

Best Vinyl To Decorate A Painted Table

He could never find a set he liked better if he tried to buy new!

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I found the coasters and flowers at HomeGoods. The pads were too big, but since they were plastic, we were able to make them fit by cutting a few inches off each. (Also! Napkin rings haha!)

Best Vinyl To Decorate A Painted Table

The pedestal base of this table was what sold me! This was my sister’s first chalk painting project and I have to say she did a fantastic job!!

Since I originally shared this makeover, my sister has had all of her luxury vinyl flooring replaced! She looks amazing with her updated kitchen and dining area! I have to take pictures to share!

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Best Vinyl To Decorate A Painted Table

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I shared this makeover in two posts. The first is how I painted these pine cabinets and the second is all the beautiful before and after pictures! Do you need a furniture refresh? You don’t have to buy everything new, just update what you have and literally all it takes is a coat of paint. Several top designers have given us their favorite colors for painting furniture, so if you need some inspiration, this is it.

“Dorothy Draper made no apologies for painting a 17th-century chair white—always white white, never off-white. Her attitude was: I’m going to make antiques work for me. I would paint a large cabinet white with a yellow border and display blue and white china on the yellow side,” says Dorothy Drapre & Co. President/Owner, Carleton Varney.

Best Vinyl To Decorate A Painted Table

“It’s a soft, faded lavender with a bit of blue in it. “I would put it on a reproduction Louis XVI chair, in a high gloss, because that makes it modern, and I would find a fabric for it in exactly the same shade – shiny, like cotton chintz or vinyl” , says New. York interior designer Bruce Bierman.

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“I have a large, very functional Georgian Revival dry mahogany law office. I painted it with this cleanable pale grey-green oil based finish, very thin but not so pale that it dies. The trick is, an old-fashioned desk in an unexpected color. It catches the light and makes the surface more interesting,” says Kerry Maloney, founder of the interior design group, M.

Best Vinyl To Decorate A Painted Table

“I found this chair in Florida on Dixie Highway and fell in love with the high back. It looked drab in brown, so I painted it pomegranate red. It turned out so well, I’m going to replicate it,” says Los Angeles-based designer Ruthie Sommers.

“Find a piece that has good lines and trick it. I picked up a plain pine dresser from a thrift store and gave it a plain cherry finish with milk paint. Start with a blue-gray Swedish base and lightly brush over it with white, pulling back with steel wool in spots to reveal more color,” says Brian McCarthy, New York designer and founder of Brian J. McCarthy, Inc.

Best Vinyl To Decorate A Painted Table

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“If you don’t have a beautiful antique wicker with the original stain, you have to paint it, and Essex Green looks good. It’s deep and dark, as dark as possible and still looks like green and works with any fabric. It’s instant class, elegant, unconventional,” said William Diamond, the New York-based designer known for his wild, bold colors.

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“In a guest room that seems a little quiet, paint the bed. It’s a Ming yellow, like you see in Chinese silk robes, with a little bit of lemon and mustard in it, which gives it more dimension,” says Kim Alexandriuk, an interior designer in Santa Monica.

Best Vinyl To Decorate A Painted Table

“Take one of those five- or six-arm vintage metal chandeliers you can find at flea markets or on eBay and paint it with lipstick red with a glossy finish. Top it off with cream shades and it’ll brighten up any room,” says interior and special events designer Thomas Burak.

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“I always have old dining room chairs stripped and painted – so light and airy instead of the heavy sound of old brown wood. Or just buy new ones from the store and paint them this lovely pale yellow, like the inside of a banana,” said Prince of Chintz, Mario Buatta.

Best Vinyl To Decorate A Painted Table

“One of those cheap, kitschy mirrors with lots of carvings can actually be quite beautiful with paint. I love this deep, muted teal because it’s mysterious. You can’t tell if it’s blue or green. Colors like this with a little gray in them take you to the next level of sophistication,” says Molly Luetkemeier, founder of M. Design Interiors.

“I would paint the base of a sofa if it was a framed sofa, maybe just a strip of wood along the bottom and tapered legs. Paint the entire tree in this beautiful fresh Chinese red. It’s easy to do and that little detail will really make it stand out,” says Katie Ridder, the designer behind Katie Ridder Home.

Best Vinyl To Decorate A Painted Table

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“On a vintage dresser that makes a great nightstand, I accented the handles and Swiss coffee box and painted the drawers winter white. I used flat paint with three coats of semi-gloss clear paint on top – this way you can

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