Bible Themed Table Decorations

Bible Themed Table Decorations – Rules used to be rules. You followed them, end of discussion: Matching dinner plates and salad plates, preferably ones from your wedding registry china. Fancy cutlery, ironed napkins. This is how you celebrated Thanksgiving. Everything nice. Nothing bold enough to shock grandma.

While an elegant table setting is certainly welcome at the holiday table, the rules these days are written in pencil, not calligraphic ink. Want to combine your fine glasses with ordinary stone slabs? Go ahead. Have you noticed beautiful flowers in your garden? Grab these little guys and make them a centerpiece. Guess what: Grandma might have wished she could do the same.

Bible Themed Table Decorations

Bible Themed Table Decorations

To kick off the holiday season with an open party philosophy, she asked event planner Angela DiVincenti Babin of Angela Marie Events to come up with a range of four signature table designs to suit every style. Yes, you’ll find grandma’s china on some of these tables, but others take a decidedly relaxed approach. After all, some rules are made to be broken.

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For those whose holiday spirit leans toward the casual, Babin offers this fun version of the celebrated Thanksgiving get-together. Fun, I promise, can mean an unforgettable experience—especially with sun-inspired black plates from everyone’s favorite store, Target. And there she found a striped tablecloth, which is the ultimate expression in a symphony of textiles, including woven placemats from Anthropologie and two types of napkins. Individual sized wooden cutting boards serve as reusable business cards. The colorful floral centerpieces—long zinnias, marigolds, and other humble blooms—come straight from Nick and Laura Taylor’s field, while Laura’s painted ceramic pumpkins complete the look.

Bible Themed Table Decorations

Pumpkin spice may be good this time of year, but we’re all following the trend of covering every surface—including our Thanksgiving table—with rich shades of blue. The velvet fabric sets a sophisticated mood for this meal, especially when topped with two types of antique china – Haviland ‘Rajah’ and Noritake ‘Beverly’, both with Capitol Vintage Charm – as well as larger blue stone slabs. The interplay of textures continues with monogrammed light blue velvet and white cotton napkins, as well as wicker chargers and vintage copper measuring cups. The centerpiece is inspired by an old-fashioned cornucopia and showcases the splendor of an autumn garden, from roses and hydrangeas in vibrant colors to artichokes and pomegranates, all pouring from a basket that comes from Michael.

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It’s for the birds! Inspired by Grandma’s vintage EPIAG porcelain “Fantasy Bird of Paradise” plates from her friend and Baton Rouge native Stacy Harvey of Capitol Vintage Charm, this table combines attention to traditional flavors. Babin combined beautiful pieces of porcelain with two chargers, one made of wood and the other made of glass with a gold frame. She introduced two menu card options, a more formal version with beveled edges and another with a more organic feel thanks to the embellished border. The centerpiece combines muted pumpkins with greenery, a set of peach and maple roses, bleached Italian ruscus and dahlias, which are specially spray-painted copper. Other touches include wicker-wrapped Chianti bottles, Anthropologie candlesticks and antique gold goblets. The backdrop to all of this is what Babin calls a “minimalist Southern tablecloth” in a modest, neutral stripe. “I love eclecticism—it’s a mix of new and old,” says Babin.

Bible Themed Table Decorations

Christmas Dinner Table Stock Image. Image Of Dinner, Decoration

The seasonal harvest inspired this earthy table with organic details, including seed wrapper cards, corn still in the husk and small plants embedded in baskets. At the center of it all is a potted plant from Whole Foods — “You don’t always have to make a flower arrangement,” notes Babin — tucked into a terra cotta pot from Target. Throughout, a Southern Living rattan charger from Dillard’s is topped with an embossed green dinner plate and a bird-themed plate, both from Hobby Lobby. Babin covered the table with a sage-green tablecloth and then used the tracks, but not in the expected way; instead, she overlapped the two styles and spread them across the width of the table to serve as large placemats. Moscow copper mud glasses add an unexpected contrast of textures to this natural setting. “The art of design has changed now that we have so many resources at our fingertips,” says Babin. “You can combine high-end with something very cheap and get a completely custom look.”

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Bible Themed Table Decorations

What made this unusual table even more fun is that both the roller coaster and carousel move and are made of Lego bricks! Big kids playing at the table are (from left) Stephanie Lu, Jen Savery, Alli Sears, Jeanie Cravens, Lego Master and hostess Regina Chiang, Britt Guarglia, Andrea Karow and Jessica Evans.

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Earlier this month, 400 women of all ages packed the Crosspoint Church gymnasium in Bellaire for the 25th annual Women’s Table Service event. The evening’s celebration centered around the stars of the evening… dozens of pure eye candy, stunning, smiling, uniquely decorated dinner tables. Amid many lively conversations, guests are invited to a delicious meal.

Bible Themed Table Decorations

Table Grace was created in the early 1990s by Charlotte Landrum, former director of women’s ministries at West U Baptist and Crosspoint Church and wife of retired WUBC/Crosspoint pastor Barry Landrum. Since the beginning, Charlotte’s good friend Jean Pennington has helped organize Table Grace every year. Mr. and Mrs. Landrum retired in 2010, but luckily the fun continues. Jean was a church volunteer for many years and eventually became the Women’s Ministry Director at West U Baptist/Crosspoint Church. She and her team of volunteers helped keep the tradition alive.

Church Nursery Coordinator Anna Lauren Jeffers is ready to go! Anna Lauren teamed up with Sydney Yeager to create this winning table.

Bible Themed Table Decorations

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The gym, which doesn’t look like a gym when it’s set up, is filled with about 45 tables and decorated by various women in whatever theme they choose. Themes range from traditional, seasonal, crafty, funny, quirky and everything in between. Doors open an hour before dinner is served, so guests can roam the gym and “watch the tables.”

Guests never know what unique theme or decorations they might find. Some of this year’s eye candy and fun bone drags included blue twinkling lights, a college football complete with homemade table-sized goal posts, glass ornaments hanging from golden branches, a moving Lego slide and carousel, reindeer china, Paco chair backs , real ornaments for a five-foot Christmas tree, photos and souvenirs from mission trips, pumpkins made from recycled book pages, things to be thankful for including one table with shiny copper teapots, warm woolen gloves, brown paper packages tied with twine and all among other things, the second position from the favorite song “My Favorite Things!” (Yes, they had crispy apple strudels!)

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Bible Themed Table Decorations

Regina Chiang knows how to bring Joystix back to life with this fun Pac-Man themed table. Regina is on the Women’s Ministry Committee that helps coordinate Table Grace.

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Table Grace is definitely church lady decorating at its best. The two dedicated decorators honored this year are Bellaire residents Aurora Hafer and Rhonda Ward, who each received an award celebrating 17 years of continuous table decorating.

Bible Themed Table Decorations

Another fun tidbit that makes Table Grace unique is that the three-course meal is served by the men of the church. The men volunteer and come dressed in black pants and white button-down shirts and guard all the ladies. Over the past few years, young men from the Bellaire High School Lacrosse team have also volunteered to help out.

Julee Patterson said, “This was the first year the men didn’t sing us an original song written by longtime Bellaire resident John Pickul. We all wondered what happened to the song, but then we discovered that Mr. Pickul wasn’t available this year because he was on a senior cruise!” Julee continued, “I saw Mr. Pickul the following Sunday and told him we missed him. He said, “I’ll be back next year and it’s always good to get them to they want more!”

Bible Themed Table Decorations

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The ladies of the This Is Us Bible Study Group are looking forward to a Thanksgiving themed table. Pictured (from left, clockwise) are Tammy Gannon, Judy Smith, Robin Phillips, Jamie Sandel, Denica Newby, Sonia Nix, Kim McAuliffe, Dana Walker and Kathryn James.

Kim McAuliffe said, “Our beautiful table had a Thanksgiving theme with reminders of thankfulness and gratitude. Everyone at our thanksgiving table participates in Sunday morning Bible classes under the theme “This Is Us.” A lot of our husbands were waiters that night, so it’s fun to watch. Our hostesses sent us home

Bible Themed Table Decorations

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