Big Farm Game Table Of Decorations

Big Farm Game Table Of Decorations – Big Harvest Mobile Farm is a casual farming game from Goodgame Studios. In this game you will come to Uncle George’s farm. It is not easy to make a living in a barren land, but you have to show your farming and business skills. If you love farming sim games like Big Farm then I am sure you will love playing Rilakkuma game. Featuring your favorite teddy bears and other Kawaii characters from Japan’s most popular characters.

You will find ways to produce, organize areas and fields where you can grow and harvest different types of crops. You will also participate in fun events, produce industrial, fresh food and sell it to customers through the market.

Big Farm Game Table Of Decorations

Big Farm Game Table Of Decorations

The game will also allow you to own animals and feed them from time to time. There are many challenges and many secrets and new areas to explore. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to get more rewards in your contract, get promoted faster, improve employee happiness and become the richest farmer in the world:

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Big Farm: Mobile happiness metrics show how happy your employees are. If you intend to reduce production costs, you must increase happiness. But as you progress, you’ll need more workers to build productive equipment. To get more workers, you will need to build new houses or upgrade existing ones. Unfortunately, building and upgrading houses will reduce the happiness meter. But there are a few ways to increase happiness:

Big Farm Game Table Of Decorations

Build jewelry: Click on the solid yellow icon and click on the jewelry box (market icon). Build that jewelry that can be bought with dollars because it is easy to find unlike gold which is the best option. For example: A flower bed can give +12 happiness points (HP) and can be bought for only $400. It is the cheapest design available. You can also buy a tree of song, which costs $600 and gives +13 HP.

Buy seasonal decorations: These are special decorations that are available during special festivals and occasions, such as Christmas, Christmas, etc. It offers more opportunities than traditional jewelry. You’ll need special coupon codes to purchase them. You can find seasonal coupons and special offers.

Big Farm Game Table Of Decorations

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Find jewelry. They also provide HP. You will need an event to purchase it. You can get it for special offers and rewards.

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If you want eggs or harvest crops quickly, you will need to build more than one factory. It takes hours to harvest crops, or get eggs from the barn so the only way to get more of them in less time is to have more production tools so you can get more at once.

Big Farm Game Table Of Decorations

Let me explain it with an example: If you have only one piece of land and you want to grow corn. When you harvest, after a few minutes or hours you will see less corn in the same field. But if you harvest corn from two fields, you will get more corn at the same time.

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Building more than one resource, such as land, will allow you to plant and harvest two different crops at the same time or harvest the same crops at the same time. This way you will see two different plants or many plants of the same type at the same time.

Big Farm Game Table Of Decorations

Every time you refer your FB friends, you and your friends will receive gold when they link the game to their Facebook account. Get more friends and invite them to play this game to get more gold.

Gold is a good currency and can be used to buy jewelry. Make sure you save gold only for jewelry and not for jewelry or jewelry, as they can easily be bought with dollars. Dollars are easy to find, gold is not used well.

Big Farm Game Table Of Decorations

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You may be considering storing your jewelry in a temporary storage cabinet to save space. Well, doing so will reduce your luck score to your total score. In other games, saving jewelry is normal, but not in Big Farm Mobile harvest, because it is valuable and directly related to the happiness of the workers. If you have saved your jewelry, you should immediately return it to your garden. Click on the yellow hard hat, then click on the green cardboard box (temporary storage). You will find your jewelry. Just click “Place” to place the decorations in your garden.

The market allows the sale of agricultural products to customers. You will need to complete market contracts to get rewards like XP and money. Deals can be found by clicking on the truck icon. At the end of the contract, make the required purchases and click the “Submit” button on the contract to receive the reward.

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Big Farm Game Table Of Decorations

You can open additional contracts by collecting required materials such as tiles and bricks. To get these tools, continue to complete the current market agreement. You can also find supplies to feed your dog.

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The “Progress” tab (red star) is located next to the contract on the market. You may want to know what’s going on. Well, they extend your contract to get more rewards.

Big Farm Game Table Of Decorations

You can buy improvements and equipment, which you can get after fulfilling existing contracts or giving food to your pets. You can start shopping for upgrades when you have the necessary equipment:

1. Bonus Site Agreement: Purchasing this update will add an additional agreement. More Free Sites = More Deals = More Rewards. Once purchased, additional space will be unlocked in the market. It requires bricks and electricity.

Big Farm Game Table Of Decorations

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2. Dollar bonus: If you want more dollars on the counter, you have to buy dollar bills. It requires bricks and mortar.

3. Player XP Bonus: Everyone wants to level up faster and buy Player XP Bonus which increases the amount of Player XP awarded after completing the contract.

Big Farm Game Table Of Decorations

Instead of storing buildings, why not buy more fields to accommodate more materials and processing? New land is sold at a certain level. You will need to reach that player level and have enough dollars to buy.

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For example: You can buy a farm for $4500 when you reach player level 10. Reaching new levels will also unlock special features in the game that will help you become a rich farmer.

Big Farm Game Table Of Decorations

As you progress, you will open more farms, get special buildings, and unlock more equipment. You will need XP (blue stars) to level up. Here’s how to get more XP:

Completing challenges is a surefire way to earn XP. Click on the blue book to see a list of available jobs. Complete to get coins and XP.

Big Farm Game Table Of Decorations

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Full deal to get XP. If you want more XP for the deal, just buy the “Player XP Bonus” upgrade.

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You will also earn XP every time you build a new building, buy decorations or upgrade a building.

Big Farm Game Table Of Decorations

How can you do constructive work? I did something in the nursery which means the booster is now in my yard but I can’t figure out how to use it to get more and more yield!?!?!

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How can I get more employees without adding a house? I’m running out of time and can’t keep building houses that limit happiness. 🙁

Big Farm Game Table Of Decorations

To start your own co-op, you will need to reach level 9. Also, make sure you are not in any co-op. once you reach level 9 you can start on your own but it will cost you 375 gold.

We need a new bar on the island! Very slowly. No way to produce faster? I am level 32 and probably earn enough to complete 4 contracts a day. Does anyone have any tips?

Big Farm Game Table Of Decorations

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Uhh… at your level I probably wouldn’t even bother with the island. Actually, unless you plan to spend a real dollar amount on the game, act like that island and the whole “extra” field doesn’t exist lol.

I finished 4 out of 5 chicken raises. How I did it, I don’t know. I really don’t know how to finish. What do I need? Can you help me? I just bought a booster using my money. It doesn’t work. Does anyone know? I only had a manager. I play every day. The other thing is, I don’t know if there are others, I haven’t talked to anyone but 1 person. And I haven’t talked in days. Actually, it’s just me. I don’t care. But, I need help! Thank you

Big Farm Game Table Of Decorations

To grow beans, you will need to be at level 5 and your farm will be upgraded to level 2. Celebrate the rewards of spring among the most beautiful leaves with step-by-step instructions for setting up a spring farm-to-table.

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Big Farm Game Table Of Decorations

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