Black Silver And Red Table Decorations

Black Silver And Red Table Decorations – Do you ever feel like there is always such a difference between people on Valentine’s Day? Either it’s Valentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day, with mugs and warm red and pink talking candies, or it’s the opposite end of the spectrum, on Singles Day, with all things anti-Valentine. Among them, there is no appreciation of the problems of the other side (and yes, there is conflict on both sides!).

I often feel like this highly commercialized holiday has made this image romantic: if you’re in love, everything’s good, and if you’re not, things are bad. The truth of the matter is that it is a battle for those in and out of love. The struggle to find love, or the struggle to keep love, has dark and hard sides all around. And it is natural that where there are dark and confusing things, there is a bright light that illuminates happiness.

Black Silver And Red Table Decorations

Black Silver And Red Table Decorations

These steady balls of balance and tension in the field of love are what inspired this month’s situation. The beautiful black and red table setting is decorated with crystal accents inside. This wonderful Valentine’s Day table decoration can be enjoyed by all and, despite its dark appearance, it will be a refreshing change to the traditional Valentine’s table decoration.

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There is a lot of drama created in this combination of black and red colors, but I think that the floral design of the center and the compliments of the diamond and petal table really bring out the beautiful look of this home table.

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Black Silver And Red Table Decorations

Cover the decorations scattered on the table. Petals and diamonds, what could a girl want?

As my challenge continues to create a monthly plan for my home office, it’s important to keep money in mind. Using lots of coupons at my craft and hobby stores, along with some good finds at my thrift stores, this gorgeous black, red, and crystal Valentine’s Day Table Centerpiece cost me $62 to make. Here are all the costs:

Black Silver And Red Table Decorations

Table Wedding Decor Red Black Tones Stock Photo 1357316762

These items bring the total cost of a beautiful, black, and crystal Valentine’s Day table decoration to $62. A little more than I wanted to spend, but considering that it’s a month away and considering the impact and drama that this event creates, the price is worth it. Plus, I have lots of ideas for how to calculate these items in the following tables! As I said last month, I’m sure there’s a good chance you probably have a lot of these things on hand or can find them easily. It’s all about finding the right places!

I’m sharing the table style between patio parties and also with Rustic & Refined and Blue Sky Kitchen.

Black Silver And Red Table Decorations

This is the second month of my challenge to create a beautiful home space every month. What do you think about this February table decoration idea? Today’s festive table style is based on red, silver, gold and shiny glass. This Christmas table uses only a few items, but through the use of decorations, the warm and bright light of the holiday gives a sense of elegance and richness. Enough with the chit-chat and catalog description, let’s take a look:

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Christmas Table Setting With Holiday Decorations Stock Photo

You may recognize some of these table items from past Christmas table decorations. Since this table used moss and live branches, I wanted to create something that would last the entire holiday season without constant maintenance.

Black Silver And Red Table Decorations

So I used a serving piece as a table centerpiece instead. It is filled (very nicely I might add) with decorative mirrors in red, silver and gold with added sparkle from the accent marks around the plate. Using the same glass ornaments, red birds, and lights, I made a holiday tree out of branches to put in the corner and hide the fact that I haven’t put any art in the kitchen yet. Let’s look at some expressions:

I (and my bank account) personally like to reuse Christmas decorations from years past. The table runner and napkins were from Target in 2010. I’ve amassed a collection of glass ornaments mostly for less here and there at Goodwill. I have a glass object, but I also have a cat and a child… Need to find my glass decorations way cheaper, dirt cheap. On a cheap note, I used a napkin placed under the table runner to add some red and pattern to the table.

Black Silver And Red Table Decorations

Red, Black & Silver Sweet 16 Birthday Party

The candle holders were a gift at my wedding. I have to admit that at 23 I was like WTH? it has these lamp bases think-schmancy. However, the 23-year-old himself was bad! I have used these animals many times. Nothing beats the sparkle of crystal, silver and gold.

My favorite thing about this table decoration? Even if I remove the layout of the place and just leave the center in the runner and decoration, it works well with our daily meals, and I don’t forget the moss every day.

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Black Silver And Red Table Decorations

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