Black Table Decorations For Weddings

Black Table Decorations For Weddings – 26 Ways to Use Black and Dark Details in Your Wedding Decor From Pops of Black to Super Whimsical!

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Black Table Decorations For Weddings

Black Table Decorations For Weddings

Ready to choose decorations for your wedding day? There are so many beautiful options! But before jumping in, you’ll want to determine the overall aesthetic and color palette for your ceremony and reception.

Black Wedding Theme Ideas For A Touch Of Drama

While an all-white wedding will always be timeless, and a neutral palette is certainly stunning, there is such a wide range of color options to make your wedding feel complete.

Black Table Decorations For Weddings

. And for many couples, that can involve a bold look, with lots of black elements in the mix.

Black details can add the perfect chic or glam touch to any outfit. And you can go nothing but dark details, or sprinkle a little. It all depends on you!

Black Table Decorations For Weddings

Simple, Beautiful Black And White Wedding Ideas

Think adding black is the right fit? Read on for 26 ways to use black and dark details in your wedding decor.

White or wood stripes are cute, but black will make it even more of a statement. We love the elegant look of this black backdrop with gold detailing.

Black Table Decorations For Weddings

A touch of black can really dress up a table setting. While the color palette isn’t overly moody, the addition of black-handled flatware makes it a lot more sophisticated.

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Want a very moody look? Go for black spot setting. The combination of black plates, napkins and even the menu is absolutely stunning.

Black Table Decorations For Weddings

Going for glam? While an all-white wedding cake is classic, add a pop of dark decor with a cake topper like one couple did with their initials in black.

They are not very common, but black cocktail tables can really dress up a room. We love the way the tables pop in between the tropical decor.

Black Table Decorations For Weddings

Ways To Use Black And Dark Details In Your Wedding Décor

Whether it’s the only black element on your table or you combine them with other details, black lamps definitely make a statement. Of course, pairing them with other black decorations like lanterns, table numbers and vote holders will enhance the look even more.

Want a touch of dark detail in your ceremony venue? Why not add it to the street! One couple displayed their initials in bold, black font as the perfect way to mark the beginning of the aisle.

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Black Table Decorations For Weddings

Make an entrance with something bold! This black wedding welcome sign definitely made a statement, with white text and white flowers that really stood out.

Winter Wedding Table Décor Ideas

Lanterns are one of the simplest decor elements to add to dress up a room. Use black framed lanterns to add another touch of dark detail to match your table design.

Black Table Decorations For Weddings

Tall center pieces certainly make a statement, but the stone they’re on can also change the look and feel of a room. Skip the gold or white and go for black!

Even the smallest details can be black! Go for custom cocktail napkins with a black base and gold monogram for a bespoke look.

Black Table Decorations For Weddings

Black And White Wedding With Stylish Greenery

Why not really make a statement and ditch the traditional wooden tables? Even better? Leave a tablecloth too! This long black reception table certainly drew attention and served as the perfect backdrop for the other decor to stand out.

Make your sweets absolutely chic with a touch of black. The black stripe and gold detailing on the Macaron is absolutely stunning.

Black Table Decorations For Weddings

There are many options for rent when it comes to bar carts, and many services have designed their carts to perfectly match specific aesthetics. Go for a black bar cart to make a big statement, even if you’re hosting your outdoor reception.

A Stunning Wedding Tablescape

The easiest way to darken your charm? Get out a colored or white tablecloth and go for black. Everything else on the table will be sure to pop against it.

Black Table Decorations For Weddings

A dark or black altar is sure to stand out, no matter the setting for your ceremony. We love the way the altar provides the perfect contrast to an otherwise light and bright setting.

Go for a whimsical backdrop for the band! This dark, abstract backdrop paired with unique lighting was the perfect look for this wedding band stage.

Black Table Decorations For Weddings

Wedding Sweetheart Table Centerpiece With Dark Emerald Green Cheesecloth Gossamer Runners And Mauve Blush Pink Velvet

Do you really want to be noticed? Your cake will always make jaws drop, but a black cake will take it to the next level. Work with your baker to choose a black buttercream, paired with gorgeous flowers to match.

Looking for a unique companion display idea? We love this clever design! With the white background, the black chairs and font really pop on this display.

Black Table Decorations For Weddings

Stained glassware is gorgeous, but black will make an even more statement. Add black glasses or other glasses to serve wine at cocktail hour and with dinner.

Black Wedding DÉcor For A Moody And Modern Aesthetic

Chairs are one of the most abundant things you will need to set up a reception room. Make a splash with black chairs for any wedding.

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Black Table Decorations For Weddings

It’s all in the details! While a dessert table is a minor thing to consider, the stand and serving utensils matter. Choose a dark color or black color to match your overall design.

Skip the lighter linen papers and go for black instead. This menu design, complete with gold detailing, really pops against an off-white linen napkin.

Black Table Decorations For Weddings

Wedding Table Decorations And Centrepiece Ideas

No matter your aesthetic, black velvet tablecloths have a place. They can add such a simple touch of elegance to any room, whether it is used for a welcome table or your reception table.

When considering how to incorporate black elements into your overall decor, think about the little things too. Small black food or dessert signs will look great against a white background, thanks to the beautiful contrast. Black is a bold yet surprisingly versatile and elegant choice for your wedding color palette. There’s a reason black is one of the most timeless and universal colors of all – depending on how you style it, a black wedding theme can be formal, dramatic, modern, romantic or even bohemian. is Wondering how to incorporate this bold color into your big day? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite black wedding decor ideas to add to your wedding inspiration file.

Black Table Decorations For Weddings

If you love the boho style, you can give your wedding a dramatic twist by choosing a moody color scheme. Pair black with more deep, muted colors, such as mauve, navy blue and burgundy, to achieve a classy yet elegant result.

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Whether you’re having a Halloween wedding or you’re into dramatic, spooky details, black is a must-have wedding color for gothic-inspired themes. Red and purple are two accent colors that will complement the overall spooky chic aesthetic.

Black Table Decorations For Weddings

Since black is a timeless color, it’s a great choice for a glamorous or vintage-inspired wedding. For a classic Gatsby-inspired wedding theme, pair black with metallic colors like gold and silver to create a sleek atmosphere.

Ready to see more ways to pull off a black wedding theme? Use these black wedding ideas and wedding decorations from real weddings to inspire your own bash.

Black Table Decorations For Weddings

Pack 20 Inch Satin Cloth Napkins Black/white Striped

Offset the barely-there feel of a pale pink or white wedding invitation with dramatic black inserts. When paired with swooping calligraphy, gold accents, and ethereal laurel wreaths, the black details don’t feel too harsh or stark, but instead add just the right amount of oomph.

Wow exchanges are one of the most special parts of your wedding day, especially if you write your own (here’s an avo template, just in case). Write in a sukhi notebook with a thin black cover to keep your words safe and ready to go for the wedding ceremony. When you look back at your photos, you’ll appreciate the notebook, which is much more stylish than reading from your cell phone or a piece of paper — trust us.

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Black Table Decorations For Weddings

Dare to be bold with your wedding shoes by choosing black high heels or a pair of flats. These sheer lace booties are just one example of how amazing black can look. Additional benefits? Compared to traditional white bridal accessories, black shoes are much easier to wear again and again after the wedding day is over.

Black & Yellow Table Decoration Ideas

If traditional white isn’t quite your style, no problem. A black wedding dress can look absolutely stunning, giving you a quirky edge that’s undeniably cool.

Black Table Decorations For Weddings

Don’t feel pressured to dress your maids in colorful bridesmaid dresses if you don’t want to. Black styles can work for almost any theme or occasion – floor-length gowns are ideal for formal dress codes, while short and midi styles are more casual.

Black leather jackets are one of our favorite accessories for the fearless couple. Get matching moto jackets and recreate that adorable photo op with your partner.

Black Table Decorations For Weddings

Wedding Reception Table Decorations With A Black Lantern With Candle Inside And Purple Flower Trims And Black Table Centre Ribbon Stock Photo

Just because you’re wearing a suit or tuxedo doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your shoes. A pair of embroidered black velvet loafers is appropriate if your dress code is black tie with a twist.

Black chalkboards are great for rustic and casual weddings. This calligraphic wedding welcome sign is a wonderful choice for a relaxing ceremony in the garden.

Black Table Decorations For Weddings

Chairs are a great way to give your basic wedding decor a modern twist. Metal Marais chairs are modern and sleek.

Classically Classy: Black And White Wedding Décor

Lace overlays are an alternative to plain tablecloths if you want to add a lot of black to your wedding tables. It adds a sense of gothic romance to your tables, especially if you stick with a colorful black and white color combo.

Black Table Decorations For Weddings

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