Blue And Gold Dinner Table Decorations

Blue And Gold Dinner Table Decorations – Stumbled upon my post on social media? I hope you enjoy the wonderful settings of the area. Learn more about their creation and how they relate to the amazing food we share. Let’s explore the story and design of my blue and gold dining table decorations.

Once a month I have dinner with some of my girlfriends. I broke down the wonderful flavors and tried to make a special meal. It’s time we understand and support each other. For me, it’s a way of showing love and gratitude with a little indulgence. Trying to be stylish without breaking the bank means you have to get a little creative. We all know we love to be creative.

Blue And Gold Dinner Table Decorations

Blue And Gold Dinner Table Decorations

I started the table design for dinner last month with these beautiful blue plates. If you remember from previous posts that I collect a lot of tableware at thrift stores, this is the story of the plates. I got them for about $1 a piece since they were just six plates on their own, not part of a set. And so begins the story of blue and gold dinnerware.

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I chose these blues and linens that I see layered below my Plasmatics collection. I didn’t want blue, so I opted for these gold plastic chargers that you can find at the dollar store. I love gold so much. I never use gold.

Blue And Gold Dinner Table Decorations

So I put everything together as if I were putting it together, a bunch of different pieces, dumped it on my table and started slicing. I have a gold studded table runner and a gold plate…gold plastic silverware…for the gold finish that I bought from Trading Hope.

I’m thinking of covering my white dishes with gold foil. But I didn’t find anything. Then I thought of this golden Christmas scroll. But I never worry about anything on the table being unsafe to eat. So I dismissed the idea altogether.

Blue And Gold Dinner Table Decorations

My Pink, Blue & Gold Easter Brunch Tablescape

The blue placemats aren’t the same shade as my blue plates, but instead, they helped me get rid of my brown and blue plate, which served as something between the two. Dessert plates with little blue rosettes also look special.

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With barbecue tacos on the menu, I decided to ditch my usual cloth napkins and go with paper. To inspire them, I copied this fun package I found and put them in plastic gold and silver containers. Very beautiful! I’m not a real fan of eating with plastic silverware, but there’s no way I’m going to buy gold-toned silverware that I barely use! (My birthday is coming up, if you want to buy one.) It looks great in the picture, and then I bring the regular silver as a different look when guests come over.

Blue And Gold Dinner Table Decorations

I’m scratching my head about the central idea. Blue or gold flowers are hard to find. I was putting out greeting cards for my guests, so instead of using a centerpiece, I decided to make a small bouquet to go with them. There was plenty of food on my small table.

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Wanting to add some gold, I decided to cover my little mason jars that I used as vases. I could have just covered them with gold wrapping paper, but I snagged these shiny gold support boxes at Hobby Lobby. They make a great sturdy base for my greeting cards and the flowers in my yard to rest on. The little dresses for the cards were tied with blue ribbon left over from my daughter’s wedding.

Blue And Gold Dinner Table Decorations

As I said before, there aren’t many opportunities to find blue and gold flowers, especially if you’re cheap and harvesting them in your backyard. But the bouquets are really the stars of the show. Each bouquet is slightly different and adds a nice contrast to the two-tone dinner decorations.

Did I say tacos? These aren’t just any tacos, these are Asian Caramel Pulled Pork Tacos with Pineapple Snow Pea Salsa. Yes, baby! Great! I served them with Rice, Sauteed Zucchini and Corn and these Sweet Pepper Party Poppers.

Blue And Gold Dinner Table Decorations

Unique Ways To Display Christmas Ornaments At Home

I almost forgot the dessert! Lemon Orange Garlic Cake is still perfect. But I served it in little blue sockets. I removed the blue dessert plates and then placed the white plate on top of the gold charger with the smaller dessert plates. This cake is so delicious and one of a kind! Keep that in mind in the future.

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I hope this table design inspires you to create something beautiful with whatever you have on hand!

Blue And Gold Dinner Table Decorations

Even flowers from your yard can make beautiful bouquets! You’ll be surprised how the pieces can’t be put together. Making a smaller bouquet means you can have shorter stems with fewer flowers and a fuller bouquet. I have flowers and roses mixed with May Night Salvia on my desk, and I even have hollyhocks that have just finished blooming. May night salvias are overgrown, but cutting back the dead parts keeps them looking fresh. Cloves are slightly greenish-green.

Banquet Wedding Table Setting With Blue Napkins, Gold Cutlery, Crystal, Fresh Flowers And Candles. Wedding Decorations. Soft Selective Focus Stock Photo

Happy eating and decorating everyone! Or you can just enjoy the eye-catching dining table decorations in blue and gold.

Blue And Gold Dinner Table Decorations

Fun fall table decorations with food Valentine table with green plate table design, folded napkin envelopes and paper heart flowers. elf).

This year, when I asked her what colors she wanted for Christmas, she immediately said, “Blue!” he shouted. Sing an Elvis song. Bring the white and blue Christmas decorations.

Blue And Gold Dinner Table Decorations

Simple Ways To Incorporate Blue Table Decorations On Your Tabletop

It’s actually great because ever since I put together a white and teal wreath for Mother’s Day, I’ve been dreaming of a traditional Christmas with greenery in our dining room.

When I was growing up, my mother started stocking Blue Willow dinnerware and now, decades later, has expanded her collection to vases, teapots, even clocks, and especially white and blue items.

Blue And Gold Dinner Table Decorations

My childhood home was covered in white and blue porcelain, so it always felt like home. As a child, I didn’t appreciate it as much as I do now.

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Whenever I see a piece of Blue Willow in an antique store, I think of her. (There’s a sweet story depicted in China, too.)

Blue And Gold Dinner Table Decorations

This is for mom. 💙 She let me borrow this season’s collection to mix in some of my holiday decor because it’s my favorite.

I’ve put together all of these Christmas decorating ideas in case you’re interested in trying them out yourself.

Blue And Gold Dinner Table Decorations

Navy White And Gold Tablescape Birthday Dinner.

I know I say this every Christmas, but this year is my all-time favorite dinner party. It’s simple enough to get a green vase and a couple of candles, but sometimes simple really is best.

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Dining room decor can be so overwhelming and over the top that it sometimes gets in the way of the most important details. I love that this dining table still has enough elegance while being practical.

Blue And Gold Dinner Table Decorations

Best of all, it’s a perfect setup for use any time of the year. Replace the flowers with winter greens, remove the Christmas tree, and the dining room becomes spring or summer. I’m a firm believer that home decor should be multi-seasonal and on top of trends.

Blue, White And Gold Wedding Table Dining Set Decoration Over White Tablecloth, Golden And White Plates With Floral Arrengement Stock Photo

This simple blue striped table runner would be great to use for the 4th of July as well (a decoration that can be used on many holiday rocks like this one).

Blue And Gold Dinner Table Decorations

Every time I visit I see white and blue vases in antique stores (some thrift stores over the years). This is normal food.

I just used some of my mom’s Blue Willow salad bowls in my off-white dinner, but it proves that you don’t need a whole new set of flavors to work with this color scheme.

Blue And Gold Dinner Table Decorations

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Look for second-hand small dessert plates as accents to use your existing dishes, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Substitute a bright white candle for the blue candle. You can get some color when you light a candle, right?

Blue And Gold Dinner Table Decorations

Usually the way we change up the color scheme of our Christmas decorations every year is to keep our neutral decorations in silver, gold and white.

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Then, it’s easy to add a pop of color with ribbon, and if you want to go a little extra, a bunch of colorful trim. SOMEBODY

Blue And Gold Dinner Table Decorations

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