Blue And Orange Table Decorations

Blue And Orange Table Decorations – Today is my son’s second birthday! We had a little backyard party last weekend with family and friends. I didn’t actually make a new recipe for her party, but thought I’d share the party details with everyone anyway.

I’ve never been a big fan of license-themed parties, but since my little guy doesn’t have a favorite activity yet (he now does…monster trucks), I decided on a color theme. I found a cute tablescape picture of an orange/blue Easter table on another blog and fell in love with it. So everything at our party was orange and blue…even the fruit (oranges and blueberries).

Blue And Orange Table Decorations

Blue And Orange Table Decorations

I hit our local candy store and had good luck with blue and orange gum balls, m&m’s, rock candy and suckers. The craft store sold the most beautiful flowers in spring. They were beautiful at the table. The gift bags were filled with a variety of orange and blue items (bubbles, mini frisbees, whistles, glow sticks, blue lollipops, etc.). The cupcakes were chocolate with matching color frosting. easy!

Event Table Decorations — Fabricate Decor

And finally, I tied it all together with that cute shirt made for the little man. I used a silhouette to cut out the fabric and ironed it onto double sided adhesive paper (I can’t remember the name). After ironing the fabric, I used blue fabric dye to outline the orange fabric. super cute!

Blue And Orange Table Decorations

Get inspired to create your own birthday theme by moving away from the prepackaged licensed characters! Trust me…it’s worth it!

Thanks to my friend Christine from Lil’ Luna everything is great for helping tag cupcakes and gift bags! Every year I love making pumpkin tablescapes, but this year turned out to be completely different from what I had planned in my head. Blue wasn’t in my original plan, but I threw a blue plate into the mix and combined the different dishes to see how they looked together. The result is a tablescape themed around blue and orange pumpkins!

Blue And Orange Table Decorations

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As soon as I saw the blue and orange contrast, I knew I was changing my original plan. I have a lot of blue decor in my home in Highland, Utah, and I mixed a lot of orange with the fall decor colors, which worked perfectly and went well with the fall decor.

When I set the table, I set it without a blue bowl. I loved it, but added a blue bowl to the table and loved it immediately. You can view each version here. which one is your favorite?

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Blue And Orange Table Decorations

Here you can see more orange and less blue. Either way I love the bright colors and the way this tablescape fits together.

A Blue And Orange Thanksgiving Table

One way you can decide how many plates to use and whether or not to add bowls depends on what you’re serving for dinner.

Blue And Orange Table Decorations

For the blue and orange pumpkin-themed tablescape, we started with the place setting. I chose the turquoise charger, then alternated between the blue and orange plates.

I decided to use this paper placemat, which comes in tablet form, because I wanted this pumpkin tablescape to be fun and non-formal. You throw them on sometimes and they are super cute and cheap!

Blue And Orange Table Decorations

Blue Table Settings With Orange Accents

Fall leaf napkin rings and light blue cloth napkins were paired with silver tableware for daily use.

Two faux olive branch leaf garlands were layered over a long burlap table runner to create a centerpiece.

Blue And Orange Table Decorations

I then layered some faux fruit-colored leaf stems, blue and brown berry picks, and some faux sage over the two garlands. Then I settled on a velvet pumpkin with a velvet pumpkin in the center and smaller pumpkins around the wreath.

Orange And Blue Reception Decor

I always think about the details and adding something simple like mixing a salt and pepper shaker is a way to add an extra touch. I’m always looking for cute salt and pepper shakers. I think it’s safe to say I collect too! These cute copper and silver salt and pepper shakers make a perfect match.

Blue And Orange Table Decorations

Another final touch and detail I added was the pumpkin sign on the restaurant wall. Beneath the sign I placed an orange metal container filled with the same leafy eggplant stems I used for the wreath and placed it over an old antique box.

The pumpkin sign is from Teal Barn Signs. I’ll link the symbols and everything else I can below.

Blue And Orange Table Decorations

Fall Table Decor Ideas Inspired By Our 2017 Fall Color Palette

The blue pot was available at Target a few years ago and was discontinued, so we’ve linked a few similar options. The orange plate is from Anthropologie. This color is currently unavailable, but may reappear in the future. Here is a link to this cooking line. Christina Riches, also known as the Old Havana Dinnerware Bird, is the founder of She is also a creative mother of two, a published author, graphic designer, freelance photographer, magazine editor and unconditional party lover. Her party ideas and photos have been featured in numerous publications such as, CNN Entertainment, Parenting Magazine, Celebrate Magazine, All You Magazine, Elle Decor and Martha She regularly creates content for brands such as PBS Parents, HGTV, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Pillsbury, PayPal, Mars, Hellman’s, Cultura France and Danone.

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Blue And Orange Table Decorations

The holiday season is upon us and we’re kicking off an elegant yet effortless style of fall blue and orange tablescapes for your Thanksgiving celebrations!

Balloon Arch Garland Kit, Space Balloon Decor Blue Balloon Garland Kit, Royal Navy Blue Orange Blue And Metallic Silver Balloon Arch Kit For Outer Space Party Theme Supplies Baby Shower Birthday Party

This table styling features warm tones and organic elements, complemented by a rich blue color to create a beautiful table that is both cozy and inviting.

Blue And Orange Table Decorations

When it comes to the holidays, I try to make party menus as easy and stress-free as possible!

That’s why I love kicking off my seasonal festivities with a charcuterie board and wine spread. A very delightful, easy and trendy way to entertain family and friends at Thanksgiving or any other celebration!

Blue And Orange Table Decorations

Orange And Blue Fall Inspiration: Fall Tablescape Decor

In this case, I wanted to serve serious wines within reach, so I turned to Decoy for classic, elegant wines that are accessible and delicious.

With Decoy’s range of delicious wines, it’s easy to find the perfect pairing for any holiday occasion! 😍

Blue And Orange Table Decorations

Along with the Thanksgiving charcuterie and cheese board, I served a 2016 Decoy Sonoma County Chardonnay and a 2016 Decoy Sonoma County Pinot Noir.

Blue And Orange Pumpkin Themed Tablescape

Decoy Chardonnay has layers of apricot, citrus and summer melon with hints of fresh honeysuckle and pairs beautifully with pumpkin, camembert, dried fruit and nuts.

Blue And Orange Table Decorations

Their Pinot Noir is very versatile with notes of ripe strawberries, cherries and plums with subtle hints of cola and cloves, and pairs well with charcuterie, cold meats, goat cheese, blue cheese and figs.

To set the charcuterie and cheese board, we chose cheeses and meats that would go well with the wine we chose, then added a few extras like cherry preserves, crackers, honey, and fresh fruit to purify the palate and make the wine pairings even more interesting. !

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Blue And Orange Table Decorations

Fall Table Centerpieces

To assemble the charcuterie and cheese board itself, fig leaves from the garden were overlaid to add visual interest and another textural, organic element to the board.

The floral centerpiece is a vase filled with seasonal orange, white and burgundy flowers that match the fall color palette. A few eucalyptus branches from my garden completed the arrangement, and a few small pumpkins scattered across the table helped inject an extra fall element into the decor.

Blue And Orange Table Decorations

For this fall tablescape, we kept it simple yet elegant by placing a pastel blue table runner on top of a classic white tablecloth.

Fall Table Decor Inspiration

Each place setting features natural hyacinth chargers, white and blue-grey dishes, and royal blue linen napkins.

Blue And Orange Table Decorations

A white plate is great to take with you all year round. They literally give you a blank canvas for your food to shine, reinvented with colorful accent plates and linens to suit any occasion.

My starter plate has a perfect blue tone and subtle fleck design, giving the table earthy and autumnal charm.

Blue And Orange Table Decorations

Gorgeous Round Table Wedding Décor Ideas

The white and gold flatware added elegance, and a mini wooden cutting board in the form of a bread dish added warmth and whimsy to the decor.

Plus, I added royal blue water glasses, classic white glasses to complement the wine, white-painted gourds, and floral printable business cards I designed for each place setting.

Blue And Orange Table Decorations

I always love sending guests home with little gifts at every party I host, especially on Thanksgiving! After all, now is the perfect time to tell these friends and family that we are so grateful to have them in our lives.

Wedding Table Decorations Fresh Flowers Lights Stock Photo 1284717643

A “thank you basket” is a meaningful and simple hostess gift.

Blue And Orange Table Decorations

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