Blue Themed Food Table Decorations

Blue Themed Food Table Decorations – When choosing a theme for this year’s birthday party, Zoe didn’t hesitate to opt for a Moana-inspired party. He’s been in love with the movie since we’ve seen it in theaters, so it’s easy, really.

With less than two weeks to plan a family reunion and do all the DIY, we were in a rush to get everything done, but I think we missed it. Come see what Sea Breeze has done to our little party!

Blue Themed Food Table Decorations

Blue Themed Food Table Decorations

The highlight of the party was the small dessert buffet we prepared in my parents’ garage. As you know, we take sugar and party decorations very seriously!

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For our tropical beach party, we started by decorating the walls with DIY leaves and paper flowers as a backdrop. The dessert table dotted with colorful flowers is divided into two, with the ocean on the left and the beach on the right.

Blue Themed Food Table Decorations

For the ocean on the left, I placed a sheet of blue chiffon on the table to create the illusion of waves in the water. In this part I put pearl oyster biscuits, a sailboat

These Pearl Oyster Cookies are so easy to make. I used store bought butter cookies for the shells, scooped out some light green icing for the filling, then added 10mm gold dragee pearls to finish it off.

Blue Themed Food Table Decorations

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The cake as the boat, I just printed the sails and secured them with BBQ sticks. They’re all ready to board!

To set up the beach, I laid out mesh netting for the base. This piece features a small palm tree that we made from toilet paper rolls, brown recycled paper, twine, and green cardstock.

Blue Themed Food Table Decorations

At the foot of the palm trees, three kakamora coconuts stand guard over desserts like grilled fruit jelly and marshmallow cupcakes. Tourists can admire souvenirs on a bamboo boat.

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The centerpiece of the dessert buffet was the 8-inch Moana cake we ordered from Hello! sugar. The cake was a beautiful moist chocolate cake filled with marshmallow frosting and decorated with fondant details. Our favorite cake? Moana, Pua, and Hei Hei are adorable fetishes of course!

Blue Themed Food Table Decorations

Zoe’s dress is very special because it was created especially for her by designer Joseph Aloysius Montelibano. This unique Moana inspired fashion is crafted from polypropylene cord and Indian silk! Zoe loves it so much that she wants to wear it when she wakes up in the morning!

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There are many colorful beads on the DIY jewelry table. Kids should design and make their own bracelets and necklaces.

Blue Themed Food Table Decorations

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We also have a coloring table and a popsicle stick craft table, both of which allow children to be creative and explore the possibilities of their imagination.

Craft activities are a hit! The kids came to the party and for the first hour and a half they had their hands full and went straight to the crafts.

Blue Themed Food Table Decorations

After the kids finished their crafts, they were treated to a special Moana Bento for lunch.

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Sugar Cookies feature these adorable royal icing decorations from Caketopps. I don’t have to worry about decorating the cookies. All I had to do was put the toppers on top of the homemade sugar cookies and they all fit with the theme! It saves me a lot of time in the kitchen!

Blue Themed Food Table Decorations

Along with home-cooked meals prepared by mum and mother-in-law, Zoe’s Ninong Brian has also set up a mini Poke-bar for older guests.

Guests can customize their Gourmet Island experience by filling their bowls with sushi rice, tuna, salmon; toppings of their choice: mango, cucumber, kale, carrot, pickled ginger, kale, nori, panko, bonito flakes, radicchio; and dressing of choice: mustard aioli or Sriracha aioli. Each beautiful DIY bowl is complemented by a thoughtfully curated playlist of South Pacific backdrops, allowing everyone to spend a relaxing, carefree afternoon under the palm trees by the sea.

Blue Themed Food Table Decorations

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The kids had so much fun taking turns with the piñata and everyone ran like crazy to grab presents as soon as they got out of the shower!

DIY house parties are a lot of work, but Zoe’s 6th birthday party was definitely a labor of love. We didn’t employ any caterers or any large suppliers, but everyone in the house helped. All the planning, preparation and hard work will be worth it. Certainly something that kept our six year old happy.

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Blue Themed Food Table Decorations

It was an afternoon of crafts, creativity, delicious food, fun and laughter. Zoe had such a great time and she can’t thank you enough for all the love! Whether you choose “blue” as a shout out to this familiar wedding tradition, knowing that blue represents depth, trust, and loyalty (among other wonderful qualities), or you just love the color—you can’t go wrong with planning. Getting the colors of your holiday decorations wrong!

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Different shades of blue mixed with bridal white and silver accents are a cool and classic combination to celebrate the happy couple’s milestone. So let’s start with some imaginative ideas…based on a realistic budget.

Blue Themed Food Table Decorations

As guests enter the party, they look for a place to put gifts and cards. If you can’t see the gift table and card basket through the door, there are some clever ways to make it stand out. For example, the gift area is easy to understand if you already have some wrapped presents. Keep this in mind when packing: they’ll be first at the party, and if packed in a color scheme, they can also do double duty as decorations.

This is the perfect opportunity to master gift wrapping skills and, ultimately, how to tie a professional bow. Reversible gift wrap is a great option for gifting a set while maintaining the same color scheme.

Blue Themed Food Table Decorations

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Not all of them bring gifts, but most do bring cards. Be sure to designate a place for them so they don’t get lost in the shuffle or get tied up with another gift. For this, you can bring a beautiful basket from home, or buy a keepsake container that can serve many purposes for the couple. This beautiful font was created by our in-house artist and you can use it here!

If the happy couple decides to open their presents and cards at the party, they will likely do so together. You can choose/provide several special seats that are placed prominently or easily moved to one seat. Here’s something to keep in mind when furnishing a room. Chairs don’t go to waste if they decide to save on gifts for the house. You can still use the stylish chairs for group photos – put the couple front and center, surrounded by family and friends.

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Blue Themed Food Table Decorations

Speaking of photos – this is a great gift for everyone to remember their happy moments with amazing photos. But have you ever noticed a lot of people sitting at tables or other random spots around the room that don’t always make for a good photo? It’s easy (and cheap) to fix this by providing a custom background!

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All you need are crepe paper trays in shades of blue, white and silver, mounted vertically against the wall and covered with textured paper pompoms. Honeycomb is also a popular option for adding some great textures (usually $5 for 3) to stay within the budget. Really pop the scene with mylar balloons (attached to the wall) that spell out the message – and add some pompoms and honeycombs on the floor.

Blue Themed Food Table Decorations

The evening will be beautifully documented when you bring some guests to this special place for fun selfies and cute group photos, representing the whole world for two hours.

A modern and functional way to incorporate a cocktail table into your decor is to choose cocktails that match your colors. There are countless recipes for every color of the rainbow (and there are) to be found online.

Blue Themed Food Table Decorations

A Hydrangea Inspired Table Setting —

We pour blue punch into margarita glasses and top with lemon wedges for a fresh and fun twist. This allows guests to give up and leave without worrying about pouring their own drinks—or creating a queue to be served. Depending on the size of your party (and schedule), there are a variety of options to choose from. Roll up some napkins, if you have the time, paper napkins make a great addition to the table.

Why only gift with blue gift wrap when you can use it as a table runner! All you need is a roll (between the dining table and food display) and a white plastic tablecloth to create this classic and elegant look. Cut the center of the wrapper completely off and use half for each table.

Blue Themed Food Table Decorations

Coordinate the rest

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