Bohemian Wedding Table Decor

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Bohemian Wedding Table Decor

Bohemian Wedding Table Decor

If you’ve already started the wedding planning process, you know that there are many styles to choose from, from the sleek, clean lines of a modern aesthetic to rustic tables for a farm-inspired day. But if woven decor elements, iridescent florals and lavish drapery are your siren song, a boho wedding could be the key to your heart. Organic linens, earthy details and a variety of floral centerpieces and greenery can transform a traditional setting into a bohemian wedding.

Wedding Reception Table Decor To Die For

For starters, agates and geodes never fail to create a magical indie feel, thanks to their rich jewel tones. Crystals, quartz and rough stones are also dreamy and create a magical effect when scattered around the reception tables. For a more boho wedding decor, check out the ever-popular succulents or large sprigs of greenery. Truly, you cannot get more land than you can produce from the land! While the earth can serve as inspiration for your boho wedding, so can the sky above. There is nothing more dreamy and romantic than a starry night, the constellations and the moonlight. From Milky Way patterns to candlelight sparkles, heavenly spirits are making their way into all kinds of bohemian wedding decor, and we couldn’t be more in love. And speaking of transcendence, incorporating a sense of spirituality and personal rituals can go a long way toward creating a deeply resonant and uplifting tone.

Bohemian Wedding Table Decor

These are our favorite bohemian wedding ideas that contain everything ethereal, earthy and subtle, straight from real weddings.

A teepee altar can bring some magic to a bohemian wedding ceremony. Adorning the modest wooden structure with native ferns and vines is environmentally friendly. Minimal ceremonial decor helps emphasize the uniqueness of the altar design.

Bohemian Wedding Table Decor

Boho Wedding Reception Table Setup Rustic Stock Photo 1225824649

To freshen up your ceremony seating, wrap chairs and hard benches and provide a comfortable viewing area for your guests to enjoy the action. Custom made for Sikh weddings, these seating platforms are made by the father of the bride and decorated with all the comforts of home and super soft textiles.

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A wooden wedding arch with hanging succulents complements the surrounding desert landscape. Candle sparkles and draped fabrics soften the scene for a dreamy exchange of vows in the middle of a rugged terrain.

Bohemian Wedding Table Decor

Wildness and comfort are at the heart of everything bohemian. This simple ideology should permeate the entire design process, from the details to the basic floral theme. Keep the flowers loose and natural with a slightly untamed approach, as anything too tight and messy can look out of place.

Lovely Bohemian Wedding Decoration Ideas

A triangular arch made of copper pipes is surrounded by turquoise gems and creates a wind chime effect. Turquoise is believed to clear negative energy and bring prosperity, but we love the idea of ​​personalizing the design with gemstones that resonate with you.

Bohemian Wedding Table Decor

We’re wishing for starry nights with this galaxy-inspired ceremony backdrop, perfecting the vastness of the boundless sky in swirling blues and golds. Bronze pedestals, soft flowers and diffused candlelight not only create a charming setting for the wedding ceremony, but also attract metallic accents in the background.

It takes our breath away – the seven-meter moon, made of hundreds of corks, creates a whimsical backdrop. This would be a fun DIY project for the more crafty or artistically inclined among us. You can even use corks saved from special moments or collected during your relationship to personalize the creation even more.

Bohemian Wedding Table Decor

Whimsical Pastel Boho Woodland Wedding

Photo: Stepan Vrzala; Mwai Yeboah Event Planning with Love from Mwai; Floral Design Michelle Jones Floral Design, Karolina Garwacka, Fiona Quiambao and Anna Zubova; Flowers G Fresh Flowers; Amida Sam’s hair; Makeup by Nshutiyasa Lin of Maison de la Beauté, Amida Sam and Meagan Edwards of Megan Louise Makeup

Bohemian weddings focus on an easy, elegant style. The elegance of this dress – paired with a soft, loose skirt and delicate floral crown – evokes the nature of a free spirit.

Bohemian Wedding Table Decor

The expansive and scenic view of the couple’s venue for this outdoor ceremony proved to be the perfect backdrop for their bohemian wedding. Play with the natural features of the ceremony space while completing the details of the boho setting. Lush greenery and bare wood textures blend perfectly with the breathtaking landscape.

Wedding Decor Rustic Style, Table Decoration, Boho Style Stock Photo

More and more bohemians are using unique color palettes in their bouquets. In this particular style, the flowers are arranged more naturally for an earthy aesthetic, but the deep, inviting colors and surprising pops of dusty hues are a real show.

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Bohemian Wedding Table Decor

Flowers epitomize the bohemian wedding style, so when finalizing your table centerpiece ideas, don’t think about your flower arrangement. A melange of individual stems in eclectic veins can have as much visual impact as a single large center piece. Here, an array of red hues of flowers complement the golden details in each room.

This place has simple beauty written all over it. Succulent accents add a touch of earth to a sleek and stylish trivet in classic blue and gold. Bonus: these plants are pretty hardy, so you don’t have to worry about them succumbing to different climates.

Bohemian Wedding Table Decor

Autumn Harvest Boho Wedding Ideas In The Woods

A succulent centerpiece and sage green team with a macrame runner for some chic indie vibes. A truly boho display is all about the right mix of colors and textures, which this arrangement perfectly captures.

The couple chose a backdrop that accentuated the organic and ethereal vibe of their day. The solarium with vines in the middle of the lush botanical garden filled our hearts, and the stunning reception set inside took our breath away.

Bohemian Wedding Table Decor

Photo: Mike Larson; Please Bash Event Planning; Floral design by Marigold; Rentals by Theoni Collection, Bright Event Rentals, Found Rentals, La Tavola Fine Linen, Frances Lane and GotLight

Modern Boho Neutral Intimate Wedding Shoot

Be sure to start the reception off on the right note by greeting each guest with a bouquet of palo santo sticks. Fragrant and mystical, aromatic “holy sticks” are said to release negative energy when burned, purify the air and cleanse voids.

Bohemian Wedding Table Decor

At its core, bohemian ideology is a celebration of all things earthly and divine. These stone card holders not only connect guests to the ground, but also literally put the cards in place so they don’t blow away in gusts of wind.

What could be more poetic than a moonlit path leading guests to their destination? These beautiful hand-painted metal crescents shine almost as brightly as the moon in the sky and create a very original and decorative sofa set.

Bohemian Wedding Table Decor

Florist’s Beachy Boho Wedding In France · Rock N Roll Bride

Our nature-loving hearts are in love with this companion card. Handcrafted from reclaimed wood, the backdrop features a colorful palette of agate slices with table names and numbers in gold.

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Speaking of agate, these stones had gold calligraphy of each guest’s name and served as escort cards. When it comes to earthly treasures, these stones truly embody all the beauty and romance that can be found in nature. They also come in a variety of colors that can match any wedding theme.

Bohemian Wedding Table Decor

Some say love is written in the stars. A heartwarming quote on a starry background adds an unexpected touch to the venue and your guests will be starry eyed like the day you met your sweetheart.

Boho Wedding Table For A Newlywed Banquet. Stock Photo

Quartz paperweights spice up plain paper greeting cards for a bit of earthy sparkle. A little foundation, a little soil, a pinch of sparkle and a lot of spiritual healing – what more does a boho wedding need?

Bohemian Wedding Table Decor

There’s nothing like being surrounded by nature during an outdoor reception. The airy and ethereal design for this installation creates a light, breezy outdoor reception area. There’s nothing better than a flutter of white, fresh pieces to hit all those lovely summery notes.

Simple, comfortable and pleasing with its rustic simplicity, this beautiful bar will not go unnoticed. Two wine barrel racks, a wooden board and maybe some dried herbs are all you need to make this bohemian winegrower’s dream come true.

Bohemian Wedding Table Decor

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Between the importance of the ceremony and the details of the reception, cocktail hour is treated as an afterthought. Its innate casualness offers the perfect playground for a bohemian flair. This living room creates an aesthetic with bold fabrics, plush cushions and rich color accents. It can even serve as a space for intimate conversations for anyone who needs a break from the action at the reception.

Marble table numbers with bold gold calligraphy add sophistication to the rich botanical table. Earthy, organic materials like wood and stone give it a natural indie feel. Marble stays true to this while adding a touch of charm to the space.

Bohemian Wedding Table Decor

Flowers tend to take everything

Cheese Cloth Gauze Table Runner For Rustic Or Boho Wedding

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